“It’s Baby Time” Giveaway Event


Do you have a little bundle of joy or know of a new momma who would love to own these fantastic baby essentials? Well, today you will have the opportunity to win all of them in on our “It’s Baby Time” Giveaway event.

Not only do I own all of these amazing items but I”m giving them away to one very lucky new momma-to-be. I just LOVE, LOVE all these products and I highly recommend them to mommas. That is why I wanted to bring you this opportunity for you to win my favorite baby essentials!  This event has been meaning to happen way sooner but I wanted for baby Junius to be here so I could experience these items with him.  Thanks to our grand prize sponsors like Orbit Baby, 4moms, Lily Jade, & The Honest Company who generously offered to participate on this amazing event.

Having the best baby essentials when my baby was born is one thing I searched for. The 4Moms mamaRoo has to be the greatest invention ever. My 3 month old son, sleeps on his MamaRoo and enjoys its more that I could of imagined. It is also also help me entertain my baby while I’m busy with crafts, preparing his bottle, preparing dinner or even cleaning. Read the full review here.

The Orbit Baby g3 is my favorite of all the strollers out there. We currently have the Orbit Baby g2 and we always receive many compliments of how stylish and awesome the stroller is.  Orbit Baby g3 is a great investment that can be modified and grow with baby. Read more about it here.

Having a good diaper bag is also a must for me. Lily Jade makes incredible, stylish bags that not only serve as a diaper bag but the “baby bag insert” can be removed and used as a night out bag. Lily Jade Madeline diaper bag serves beyond baby years. Read the full review here.

Make sure to stop by to read reviews about the baby products in the below links.

“It’s Baby Time Giveaway will include the fabulous prizes:
Orbit Baby G3 Stroller System
4Moms MamaRoo
Lily Jade Diaper Bag
Honest Baby Bundle
Freshly Picked Moccs of choice
Blooming Bath
Willa Kate & Co Blanket
– Little Bunches Diaper Clutch Set
– Whistle & Flute Onesies

This giveaway ends ends 4/15/2014 at 12am ET. void were prohibited. US Residents Only. Note that this giveaway will also be posted on Little Inspiration’s Instagram and entries will be combined.

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  • Miranda Welle

    While pregnant, I absolutely LOVE once I can start feeling baby kick. Once they are here, every milestone seems so amazing but sitting up on their own is especially exciting to me because then they seem to enjoy playing on the floor more.ReplyCancel

  • Jessica

    I’m not a mom yet (39+1 today) so I will be any day. I really loved being pregnant and cannot wait to meet the little one!ReplyCancel

  • Mom of two. I love stolen kisses, unexpected ‘I love you’s, and endless giggles!ReplyCancel

  • Keri B.

    Loved every minute of each of my pregnancies/births! Now I enjoy watching the new discoveries from my youngest walking his first steps to my oldest learning to read.ReplyCancel

  • Tamika Taylor

    I love watching my kids grow and the enjoyment the get from the simplest things.ReplyCancel

  • I love the night routine of books and kisses! Also, love watching them learn.ReplyCancel

  • Amy d

    Everything! Love the sweetness and kindness of my little guy! Love watching him learn new things!ReplyCancel

  • callie b.

    I am expecting my first next month and could not be more excited/anxious/nervous! It took quite sometime to get baby Bowers here and I just can’t wait to be his momma! Love feeling him kick, hiccup and grow! Both he and I are crossing our fingers for this fabulous giveaway! Sure love your blog! xoReplyCancel

  • elizabeth

    watching my children play with each other nicely makes all the parental difficulties worth it.ReplyCancel

  • Cassandra Eastman

    I love being a mom, it’s more than I ever could have dreamed it’d be. I love the hugs and kisses, and seeing there little personalities bloom at such young ages.. it’s amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Katy

    My 3 month old just started burying her head into my shoulder when she is feeling shy- I love it! It’s just so stinkin’ sweet!ReplyCancel

  • I loved everything about being pregnant, every milestone, and I’m really loving having short conversations with my 2 year old daughter!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley P.

    Nothing beats the early morning snuggles and giggles! I love being a mom and am excited to be the mom to 2 in just 2 1/2 short months!ReplyCancel

  • Maria L

    The first time I hear the word “mama” melts my soul! Favorite milestone!ReplyCancel

  • Kimberley O

    I will be a mom shorty and am looking forward to all of the “firsts” first smile, first laugh, first steps! So much excitement to come! 😀ReplyCancel

  • Lanae Christiansen

    I am a mom of a 18 month old girl and I have another girl due in June! I am so excited for another baby. Being a mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I waited a long time for my first baby. I had 2 miscarriages before giving birth to my little angel and I think it just made me appreciate motherhood even more than I would have had I not had those heartbreaking experiences. I am in love with this giveaway. There are so many amazing products. I especially love the mamaroo. I have been crushing on it for awhile now. Thanks for the opportunity to win!ReplyCancel

  • Kristy

    I am pregnant and I am most excited to seei the face of the little human I’ve been housing. It never gets old, and neither does that newborn scent 😉 (we all love it ladies) I’m also currently a mom, and my favorite thing about that is the unconditional love and grace you get, no matter how undeserved. You may feel like you’re doing things wrong, but in the eyes of your babies you’re everything!ReplyCancel

  • Right now my favorite part of bring a mom would have to be waking up the morning and just relaxing. My kids are the happiest when they wake up and it’s just fun getting them out of the bed to start the day. I just love to love on them and that is one of my favorite things.ReplyCancel
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    • Kristine

      Love bedtime…we snuggle and rock and I look at her chubby cheeks and puckered lips.ReplyCancel

  • Sonya Morris

    I love all the snuggling, the firsts and when at times I am the only one they want.ReplyCancel

  • Heather

    I’m a mommy of a wonderful curly headed, blue eyes, baby boy. He is 7 months and we plan to have another baby soon.;) being a mother has been the most wonderful experience of my life and I am SO happy to be able to watch my babies grow.;)ReplyCancel

  • Starla B

    The simple things that make them happiest. Endless snuggles,kisses, and luh yous.ReplyCancel

  • Haleigh

    I am so excited to watch our little one grow up! I have no idea how I already love something so much with only seeing it via sonograms!ReplyCancel

  • Danielle Mizuno

    Haven’t had the opportunity to try all these brands but these item loom awesome!ReplyCancel

  • Kristen

    I love the moments when my sweet littles let me know I’m doing just fine by sweet hugs and kisses when I wonder how bad I’m doing at the time.ReplyCancel

  • Cindy Llamas

    Being a mom has been an amazing blessing. I love every moment shared with my daughter. Enjoy playing in the dirt with her as much as I love playing “makeup”. Can’t wait till her little brother enters the world and joins us.ReplyCancel

  • Alexis Steele

    I’m pregnant! I can’t to see my little girls face and hold her in my arms in 17 weeks!!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Robb

    I cannot wait for all of our family traditions to include our baby & to begin new traditions.ReplyCancel

  • Fayelle

    Fave thing about being a mom: watching these sweet children grow and change and develop into who they’re going to be. It’s tough and beautiful all at the same time. Every day brings a new facet of their little personalities and I never get tired of meeting that new quality that continuously shows up!ReplyCancel

  • I’m loving the milestones my 3 month old is going through right now! She’s exploring her voice, showing so much expression, starting to play with toys, and smiling up a storm!ReplyCancel

  • Destiny

    I’m most excited to meet our baby!ReplyCancel

  • Brooke Thomas

    I love everything about being a mom! I love how my 4 yearold is growing up so much and love the look of amazement in my 4 month olds eyes!ReplyCancel

  • Jade bradburn

    I love watching my babies learn and grow every day! Best blessing ever ❤️ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Lovett

    Being a mom is the Best feeeling in the world, I love when my little girl just looks up at me and smiles the biggest smile ever!ReplyCancel

  • Would love the Orbit!!ReplyCancel

  • Andrea N

    I love watching my daughter discover new things. She is 18 months old and is at the stage where she is constantly doing something new. It’s the best!!ReplyCancel

  • Kayla

    I think I was made to be a mother, I love everything about it! From the sloppy kisses, to all the extra ‘help’ that turns into triple the mess for myself to clean, to those sweet cuddles when you just lay on the couch for two hours doing absolutely nothing because your little babe actually is slowing down and giving you love.ReplyCancel

  • Yadira

    I’m pregnant with my first child and I am so excited about this whole stage in my life .ReplyCancel

  • Irene

    I just love all of the items in this giveaway! I believe they are all on my registry! I’m a first time mom expecting my son next month. Winning this would be amazing! I also have friends that are expecting, so if I ended up with duplicates, I would love to give them as gifts. Crossing my fingers!ReplyCancel

  • I am about 15 weeks from being a mommy for the third time and I love how much my little ones love each other! And experiencing everything through their point of view! Thank you for this opportunity…all of the items are gorgeous!ReplyCancel
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  • meg

    just found your blog and love it! always good to find a place for reviews & yours is so well done!ReplyCancel

  • I loved watching my niece first learn to roll over!ReplyCancel
    Jessica w recently posted..Fixing Cuffed ShortsMy Profile

  • Natalie

    My baby is in a really fun stage right now, she’s almost 18 months and she is taking up a storm! I love to watch her babble and mimic everything we do.ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Wilkinson

    i’m pregnant with our first and so excited to finally see what he looks like!ReplyCancel

  • Taylor-Ann

    I just found out I was pregnant last week. We gave everything away after baby 2 thinking we were done- now I need all new and this would be totally AWESOME!!!ReplyCancel

  • Mireya Garcia

    I am a mother of 5 my youngest turned 1 month today. Waking up each morning and knowing there is 5 amazing soul’s that love me unconditionally is what I love most about being a MomReplyCancel

  • It is so rewarding being a mother. I’m a first time mom, so I’m learning something new every day. I love my baby and love caring for her. I couldn’t imagine life without her!ReplyCancel
    Jazmin recently posted..bumGenius Cloth Diaper Review & Side-By-Side Comparison with BumkinsMy Profile

  • Lisa T

    Amazing giveaway – we have twin boys and would love any of this! Thank you for the opportunity!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa T

    Favorite baby milestone is definitely hearing the word, “mama!”ReplyCancel

  • My favorite milestone is when my little one starts to smile at me. Just melts my heart.ReplyCancel

  • I just found out I’m 6 weeks pregnant with our 2nd child and I’d probably DIE if I won this for him or her!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Okay so I realized after the fact I didn’t really answer the comment you wanted!!! I love being a mother to my son! My favorite milestone to watch (yet) has been watching my son walk. He has been so proud of himself walking by himself it’s so sweet! I can’t wait to do it with H2! {our nickname for baby #2)ReplyCancel

  • Julianne Johnson

    Snuggling my son right now as he sleeps.ReplyCancel

  • I’m expecting #3 & am so excited! It’s been over 6 years since I’ve been pregnant so I can’t wait to have another little baby in the house 🙂 awesome giveaway!ReplyCancel

  • Ashe-Monique Yap-Chung

    I enjoy nursing the most. Knowing that I get to provide my baby with the best nourishment possible makes my heart so full. I love the bond we have when he looks up at me with those big bright eyes. He’s my everything!ReplyCancel

  • Lindsay T.

    I love the first weeks after birth when the fall asleep on you and snuggle! And I love nursing!!! (still going strong with my 12 month oldReplyCancel

  • Jessica

    I love watching my daughter grow and learn new things.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Dye

    I love breast feeding 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Terry Maigi

    It is hard to narrow down a ‘favorite’ thing about being a mommy! There are so many favorites! I love the giggles, the hugs and slobbery kisses, hearing “momma!”, the pitter patter of little feet running through the house! Mommyhood is the best thing I’ve ever done 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Patricia

    My favorite part of being a mom is definitely all the extra snuggles and love. Not to mention all the sweet giggles I get from my little guy everyday.ReplyCancel

  • Erica Gammon

    Such an awesome giveaway!! This would be perfect for my husband and I…we are expecting our first baby this November!!ReplyCancel

  • Seir Cruz

    I would love to win this giveaway. It would put my mind to rest worrying about all that need for my new baby girl.ReplyCancel

  • Kamella

    I love watching my little 2 month old discover new things. The way she’ll just stare at them absorbing the information and then will look back at me as if to explain it, which I do. I also LOVE the way she stares lovingly at her daddy and then smiles. It melts my heart every time.ReplyCancel

  • Katherine HW

    We have a three year old boy and just found out today that we’re expecting another little boy! A fun milestone was watching my son hear the baby’s heartbeat at the doctor and recognizing that there really is something in mama’s tummy. So cute!ReplyCancel

  • Jacquie Rhodd

    Expecting my sweet boy Max in July. I love feeling him move around and having fun getting his nursery all fixed up for him!! Thank you for hosting such a wonderful give away:)ReplyCancel

  • with our first baby due in July, all of these items would be such a blessing for this momma to be!ReplyCancel
    Stephanie recently posted..Baby Gap Sale BestMy Profile

  • Stephanie

    I never answered your question! The best part of being pregnant with our first was finding out that we are expecting a sweet baby boyReplyCancel

  • Not expecting yet…but I hope to be soon! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Angelique b

    I’m a mom and my favorite thing is knowing ill forever have a bestfriend ! Someone that will always love me and someone who always needs meReplyCancel

  • What an amazing prize pack! As a photographer, I imagine these adorable baby items turning up at many shoots! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • christine jessamine

    I am so excited to hold my son for the first time! Only 8 weeks leftReplyCancel

  • JR

    I am currently 7 months pregnant and have a 1.5 year old. I can’t wait to have another little one to shower with love. My favorite thing about being a mom is watching this little person becoming their own person with a personality and habits. Just blows my mind. My favorite milestone is walking. The look on a kid’s face when they realize nothing can stop them now, is just pure gold.ReplyCancel

  • Diana Cote

    Asides from the unconditional love, I love watching her grow and unfold into the person she is and is becoming more and more each day. I love that i get to share her experiences with her, seeing life through the eyes of a child is amazing and also humbling. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Summer Urbanczyk

    I’m dying over these! Baby Urbanczyk #2 needs these!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle

    I love every moment I get to spend with my son and watching him thrive and grow.ReplyCancel

  • Gabrielle De La Rosa

    Seriously love all of this! Crossing my fingers!ReplyCancel

  • Jillian

    I am most excited to meet my little one in August and begin this new chapter of my life. I can’t wait to cuddle and snuggle!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa Rmz

    i’m a first time, single, working mom and my favorite part it’s waking up with her, see her sleeping so peaceful and waking up with a smile make every sacrifice worth it.ReplyCancel

  • Emi Sorensen

    A milestone I am enjoying so much right now are all of the new words my LO is spouting off. It’s the cutest thing ever when he says, “please!”ReplyCancel

  • amy pugmire

    I really love waking up to they’re smiling happy faces every morning. The little things in life make them happy and i learn so much from them everyday.ReplyCancel

  • Jen

    Love this giveaway!ReplyCancel

  • Leah

    My favorite milestone is first stepsReplyCancel

  • Tina Marie McCallum

    What do I love most about being a mom? I love just waking up and realizing she’s really here. It took 2.5 years of infertility and 2 miscarriages to get her here. Seeing her little smiling face just warms my heart. For the first few months when I brought her home, I literally would wake up and be happy it wasn’t a dream. I really was a mom.ReplyCancel

  • Karina

    I love how they are growing up together and developing their relationship, I do love my bugsReplyCancel

  • Ashli

    My husband and I are in the process of adopting our first child. We are so excited to be able to hold and love on our little one. I am soooo excited and really look forward to the first time I hear momma!!!ReplyCancel

  • michelle

    This is awesome 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Hannah Lake

    Would love to win! So need these goodies!ReplyCancel

  • Janie Salaz

    I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with my first child. My favorite part of being pregnant is the kicks that I feel with him. I know he is with me all day but it is always so nice to know that he is with me and those kicks are reminders of the bond that is already present.ReplyCancel

  • I have a 6 year old son and a 5 month old daughter. Completely on different wave lengths but it’s the best when they interact with each especially like tonight. My son came running around the corner to say goodnight to his baby sister and he startled her. Instead of a cry, she let out one serious laugh. It’s heartwarming to know that her very first laugh is because of him. I love the brother/sister bond even with such a big age gap.ReplyCancel

  • Tina Tapia

    I loved having them grow inside me. Feeling there moves, kicks and hiccups! Now I get to watch them grow, create memories, sing, nurture and read to them. I love when they laugh and seek me for refuge and comfort. There is no greater love, than the love between child and mother.ReplyCancel

  • Shelbee Cortes

    I’m a mom to two amazing little boys, almost 3 year old and a 1 year old. Boys are totally fun, I love being able to watch them get dirty-since I was such a tomboy. I loved getting to see them learn to crawl and walk, but my all-time favorites are when they learn to kiss-you know the open mouth kisses-, the high fives, and my oldest telling me I’m his best friend (something I bet every mother wants to hear).ReplyCancel

  • Jamie

    My favorite thing as a mom is hearing “I lub you mommy”. Melts my heart.ReplyCancel

  • Jelisa

    The most exciting thing about becoming a mom is being a mom. This is my first and only baby and she has been such a joy. The experiences of holding her and bonding with her has just been absolutely amazing.ReplyCancel

  • Kristina Khomich

    Being a mom is one of the most difficult, challenging jobs in the world; but it’s indeed, the most amazing job! I LOVE being a mom because it is also the proudest thing I have ever done — giving life and raising another human being! You get to help this curious, enthusiastic, vibrant new little human being unfold and blossom like a flower, and see her grow into her potential. Beyond that, there are those times she leaps into your arms and hugs you with all of her being. Who could ask for more? 🙂 I love how I feel like my kids are teaching me to be the best version of myself that I can be. As a mom, I need to be more patient, kinder, gentler, sweeter and more rational than I generally am able to be on my own. They motivate me to be a better person in general, as I try each day to be a good mom! My favorite thing about being a mom is that my daughter can make any moment special. To see her learn, explore, grow, smile, laugh and even cry can make any moment memorable. And i’m so Thankful to God that i have another chance to go through all these special moments once again since i have another angel- our little boy Mark Andrew, who entered this world almost 3 weeks ago!
    I also wanted to Thank you for this unbelievable Giveaway!!! Its amazing that you’re giving one of us a chance to win this!!! I would honestly be the happiest person if i would win this giveaway, since i don’t have a stroller for my baby, plus i was always dreaming of a 4Moms MamaRoo and Blooming Bath for my child; and all other stuff are also amazing!!! Fingers crossed!!!
    best regards from mamma with 2 kids, older daughter- 21 months, and little boy- almost 3 weeks old!!!ReplyCancel

  • Zahra

    What an amazing giveaway!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Juelg

    Due in two weeks with number 2, can’t wait to experience it all again, this time with a girl and all things girly!ReplyCancel

  • Emily Damon

    My favorite part of being a mama is watching my sweet girl do things for the first time! Giggling, rolling over–melts my heart!ReplyCancel

  • Karla

    I love when my kids pile in my bed and snuggle in the a.m.ReplyCancel

  • sanaya

    Have a baby on the way and this would be a great blessing to us. Hoping I win.ReplyCancel

  • Jannelle

    There are so many precious moments that happen daily when you become a mother. That first baby smile, kisses, learning new words, playing and using their imagination. It’s funny, you start to miss the things you never imagined you would, like rocking a newborn all night, or a curious-into-everything crawler. Each day brings new joy. I’m looking forward to watching my son become a big brother, I can only imagine how it feels to love two little humans as much as I love him.ReplyCancel

  • jaydi rodas

    i love being a teen mom ! my daughter is the biggest blessing god could have gaven me ! 1’26’14ReplyCancel

  • What I love about being a mom is being able to play with my kids and seeing them needing me. I love it when they say polite words and when they’re just being silly. It’s hard being a mom but it is well worth it.ReplyCancel

  • I enjoy the newness a baby brings…the simple joys of life are beheld when my newborn is in my arms!ReplyCancel

  • Lyndsey Cosgrave

    I’m a mom to a sweet little girl and mommy to be to another princess in September. I love when baby starts giggling and walking.ReplyCancel

  • Court A.

    I enjoy everything about being a mom. From the challenges to the smiles. I could be having the absolute worst day ever but when I see that smile or hear that laugh, as cliche as it sounds, it turns everything right-side up. I could go on and on about the joys of motherhood or talking about my child but that would turn into a book. Lol. I’m truly blessed and can’t wait for my second!ReplyCancel

  • Hailey

    My favorite thing about being a mom is watching my boy grow and learn new things. He soaks things in like a sponge and amazes me with what he already knows!ReplyCancel

  • Courtney

    This is so cool! I love this giveawayReplyCancel

    • Courtney

      I love being a mom because I get to daily snuggle with my little munchkin and that is my favorite part of everyday.ReplyCancel

  • Chanel Aho

    Pregnant with my 3rd and would love to try all these products !!!!ReplyCancel

  • I am currently pregnant with baby #2 (: I cant wait to experience those baby moments again and watch little brother and big brother become friends! (: my favorite thing thus far with being a mom is watching my son learn new things and having the ability to teach him myself 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Erica Gammon

    Awesome giveaway! Would be perfect for my hubby and I…we are expecting our 1st baby this fall ReplyCancel

  • Tina W.

    Looking forward to the snuggles and smiles.ReplyCancel

  • Vanessa

    I’m in my ninth month of pregnancy and can’t wait to be a mom to a baby boy. I already have a three year old girl so seeing siblings interact is my greatest joy!ReplyCancel

  • Dorian Taylor

    I love the first time they look at you and Smile the real smile and not the gas smile.ReplyCancel

  • Amber

    I lost my first baby during pregnancy, so being blessed once again is beyond exciting! I am most excited for the little moments of bonding as a momma. I already am overwhelmed at the amount of love I feel for this little one, I can’t imagine how I will feel when this peanut arrives! My heart might just explode!ReplyCancel

  • melissa

    Pregnant with #2!!! Hoping for a girl but I will take whatever is healthy!! Would love to win. Starting with nothing after my husband said no more and then I talked him into #2!ReplyCancel

  • Chelsea

    The thing I love about being a new mom is watching my baby girl all her little milestones.ReplyCancel

  • Dakota Jacobi

    My favorite milestone was when she said momma for the first time. Melts your heart…ReplyCancel

  • Bethany

    So excited for my baby girl but she’s gonna need stuff! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • my favorite thing about being a mom is that i have a front row seat to these three amazing people’s lives….ReplyCancel



  • I just became a mom and I love it! I love when he wakes up and I go into his room to get him and he is so excited to see me.ReplyCancel
    elise p recently posted..Baby Shoe SizesMy Profile

  • kelly S

    My kids are grown now, but my favorite thing about them growing up was the way they changed as they grew and now seeing them as the adults they have become. Makes a mom proud. Also, im going to be a first time grandma! Cant wait!ReplyCancel

  • Angela R

    I am a mom to a 2 year old, and also newly expecting! Right now, my favorite part about being a mom is seeing how fast my daughter learns and grows – there seems to be new words, sentences, newly mastered skills every day. And she still loves nothing more than to “hold you” and cuddle. It melts my heart! I am so, so thankful that I work from home and can witness her milestones daily!ReplyCancel

  • marizol

    these past months that ive been a mother has been the best expirience if hadReplyCancel

  • Whitney Rosenberg

    This would be awesome! I’ve got my first coming in July!ReplyCancel

  • Laurissa

    My favorite milestone so far has been the giggling! There is nothing better than listening to your baby laugh 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Kaitlyn S.

    I am a new mom and the love I have for my baby girl grows immensely every day. I never thought I could love so much! It would be so great to win something like this. Crossing my fingers! Eeeeep!ReplyCancel

  • I am a new mom and I never thought I could love so much. She is such a blessing and helped me to become a happier person. This would be so amazing! Crossing my fingers!ReplyCancel

  • I am expecting my first little one in November! I cannot wait to see how much a sweet, tiny human can look like me and my love!ReplyCancel

  • Cris b

    How much I love my little one!!!ReplyCancel

  • I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and I am looking forward to holding my sweet baby and finding out the gender. We are waiting to be surprised in the delivery room!ReplyCancel

  • Pregnant with my first and I just can’t wait to see what he looks like, will he look like me? Or my husband?ReplyCancel
    Aimee recently posted..Bountiful Baskets Haul Week 2My Profile

  • samantha♡

    I love everything about being a mom! Watching her grow & figure out new things. & especially waking up to her smile every morning♡♡♥♥♥ReplyCancel

  • I love coming home & having the kids hug & kiss you. What a way to welcome you home! Also, being pregnant, I love the kicks!ReplyCancel
    Vi recently posted..Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick ReviewMy Profile

  • Destre

    This is my first pregnancy and I love feeling my baby girl move around and kick all the time!! I also can’t wait til the day I get to meet her!!!ReplyCancel

  • jackie

    Not a mom,but i know a new momma who would love tho have these things.And it would bring me great joy to help her get themReplyCancel

  • Casey H

    Slowly gearing up for the first one- this would all be amazing to own!ReplyCancel

  • Sharice

    I love everything about being a Mom! I have 3 boys ages 9,2,and 2 months old and they all have their own personalities ! I wake up to smiles , laughter, and diaper duty!!! ReplyCancel

  • Tegan

    I am pregnant and I am most looking forward to the first time my husband holds his first child. He will be an amazing dad and I cannot wait to see the look on his face when he holds our baby boy.ReplyCancel

  • Sara Castillo

    Baby #3 due July 4th! We will be welcoming one more boy ReplyCancel

  • Monica

    I’m the luckiest mommy alive to be able to have watched my baby grow. If I win I would give this set to my best friend of 12 years & my cousin are expecting there first baby girl this July 🙂 & these are must have products!! Anyone would be lucky to own these.ReplyCancel

  • I love how my little girl has changed me for the better and that when I am having a hard day all I have to do is lay down next to her while she falls asleep and just look at the miracle that she is.ReplyCancel
    Jessica N recently posted..Grand Opening GiveawayMy Profile

  • Lauren S

    Awesome giveaway! I am expecting in just a few months and I would love a chance to win some much-needed baby gear! Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • Alexandra Brauch

    I love looking into my children’s eyes and seeing all the love<3ReplyCancel

  • Sara

    I love snuggles and kisses, and watching my baby sleep.ReplyCancel

  • Anne

    I love being a mom and seeing my daughter learn new things and just getting to experience how her personality is developing. Currently expecting #2- 26 weeks and can’t wait to do it all again.ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Moreno

    I love everything’s about being a mom, the little “I love You’s”, singing in the car with my daughter, dancing with her. I love that she is so excited to help me with her baby sister on the way:)ReplyCancel

  • Kayla

    I can’t think of one thing about being a mom that’s better than the other. I love it all! And every milestone my little man reaches amazes me. It’s true that you don’t realy know true never ending love until you become a parent 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Kristen R

    I love baby’s first claps and waves! so sweet!ReplyCancel

  • Sara S.

    I am most excited about.. everything! We are expecting our son this June, and just his little kicks and wiggles make my heart melt. I cannot wait to meet him!ReplyCancel

  • Nicole

    the laughs!

    my boys always make me laugh!ReplyCancel

  • Melodie

    What a great giveaway! Just had baby #2 and oh my how gear has changed in 4.5 years since my first was born!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel

    Wow what a great giveaway! I am looking forward to snuggling my new baby and rocking him or her.ReplyCancel

  • Amy Lumley

    I love the cuddles and the excitement on the little ones face when I come into a room!ReplyCancel

  • Lauren N

    I have two under two and I just feel so blessed! My favorite part of being a mom is watching my children laugh and giggle. Makes me feel like I’m doing something right from time to time.ReplyCancel

  • Gabi M

    Mom of four (outside of the womb), pregnant with number 5 to debut in about six weeks. By far, feeling each one of my kids move within me has been the most amazing feeling ever. Will miss those intimate moments!ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Jones

    I’m most excited about getting to know what kind of person my baby is and having lots of fun with them as they grow up.ReplyCancel

  • Rachel H.

    I love the snuggles. And the little voices saying, I love you Momma.ReplyCancel

  • Kinsey

    I am 31 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby! I already have a little girl who is 4! This one is a boy! We are so excited!!!!ReplyCancel

  • kitsie

    I’m 30 weeks pregnant with our first baby! i absolutely love when my husband sings, talks, or merely puts his hand on my belly and our little lady gives a good kick like she knows it’s her daddy! melts my heart, and i cannot wait to hold her! …i am most excited about seeing my husband as a father, i know he will be amazing and i can’t wait to raise our daughter together!ReplyCancel

  • Theresa C.

    My first baby milestone is thr first smile.So priceless!!ReplyCancel

  • leslie

    seeing my little ones face for the first time!ReplyCancel

  • Jen

    I am due in just a few weeks and definitely most excited just to meet our little one and see his precious little face!ReplyCancel

  • Monica Gonzales

    I love every single thing there is about being a mom! It’s so fun to see my daughter learning new things and seeing her grow and flourish!ReplyCancel

  • Meghan

    I love the unconditional love from my little girl and baby kisses.ReplyCancel

  • Kristie

    Love everything! I would love to get this before the little guy arrives.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Luu

    I love when my little stinky monkey looks at me and coos and smiles. It melts my heart!ReplyCancel

  • nicole

    nothing is better than their very first smiles!ReplyCancel

  • Beth L.

    I’m excited about meeting my son for the first time!ReplyCancel

  • I am a mom and pregnant with my second. My favorite milestone is talking. Toddlers say the funniest things!ReplyCancel

  • Jeannette

    I am pregnant with my 3rd little blessing. I absolutely LOVE being a mom. Hearing, “Mommy, I love you” and getting lots of hugs and kisses and just simply knowing how huge of a responsibility I have in my hands (raising the next generation is a pretty big deal) brings my heart SO much joy. I love seeing my kids “get” things..especially when it has to do with God and the Bible…truly heartwarming.ReplyCancel

  • Emily

    I think one of my favorite things is waking up with my son and the first thing he does is smile! That and being a working mom I also love how excited he gets when I walk in the door to pick him up!ReplyCancel

  • Samantha Brown

    I am already a mama of one. I am currently pregnant with baby #2. I am so excited to to see how my daughter reacts when meeting her brother for the first time come July. I can’t wait to see how they bond!!!ReplyCancel

  • Kim M.

    I am due with baby boy #2 in June. I am so excited to meet our new boy and see the similarities and differences from his brother! I think I’m most excited to see what he looks like. My husband has dark hair & dark eyes and I have blonde hair & blue eyes. Our first son totally took after me, so were interested to see who this one will look like!ReplyCancel

  • Sara W.

    My favorite part of being a mom is the “I love you’s” and kisses from my 3 year old and how happy my 5 month is to see me in the morning :). I seem to say every stage is my favorite because watching them learn new things and change is so much fun!ReplyCancel

  • My husband and I have battled infertility for the past 2 years, we are young 24-25 and never thought this would be an issue. After countless procedures and surgeries we called trying to conceive quits. We are now in the adoption process! We cannot wait to welcome our little one home, after all the heartbreak we have felt to win this would be such an honor.ReplyCancel

  • I have a new baby at home and love love the smiles and giggles. My favorite milestone is the rolling and rocking. I love watching the babies try these new things on there own. The look silly, happy and confused all at the same time. It’s pricelessReplyCancel

  • LOVE those onesies!ReplyCancel

  • JLin

    Mom of a 3 year old, favorite milestone was when my daughter said “I love you mommy”ReplyCancel

  • Wei

    Milestone smiles from my daughterReplyCancel

  • Rachel

    Being pregnant I’m most looking forward to cuddling my sweet baby before she gets too big to want to cuddle. That time goes by way too quickly.
    On being a parent, I love spending every single day with the person I love most in this world.
    Favorite milestone is smiles and hugs.ReplyCancel

  • Cheyenne

    I’m a mom of 3, although it is the most challenging thing I’ve ever done, I love to see the happiness and love they have for any and everything. They love to learn new things, explore and discover, and I love watching it happen. Wouldn’t trade it for the world!ReplyCancel

  • Carrie H

    As a mom, I love watching my children explore the world and develop their personalities. The snuggles are great too.ReplyCancel

  • Ren

    milestone watching my baby grow and learn new things everydayReplyCancel

  • Katie

    Not a mom but soon to be an auntie for the first time and I’m so excited to seeing and holding my niece for the first time!ReplyCancel

  • Jina

    With our first, we were so overwhelmed by all the baby things, we lived bare minimum. But I’ve always eyed all the items in this give away & wonder if it would make life a little easier with tthem! 🙂 hope to win!!ReplyCancel

  • Suzy

    This is awesome I would love to win!ReplyCancel

  • Doyna

    I’m a mother of 3, and I love looking at the baby nurse, it’s something amazing that makes me feel like a good mommy!!ReplyCancel

  • Brittany C.

    I’m a mommy of a 1.5 yo girl and pregnant with a baby boy. I love being pregnant, all the little kicks and movement is so wonderful even when it’s keeping you awake at night. I also love learning more about my little girl everyday and watching her discover and learn. I love when she runs up to me and says Mommy! in such an excited way; even though I’ve been with her all day. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Amber

    I love that my 20 month old gives me kisses!ReplyCancel

  • Emily

    I have a two year old son and expecting a little lady in June. My son inspires me everyday & I can’t wait for the day we meet our little girl !ReplyCancel

  • Amy Matthews

    My favorite thing about being a mommy is watching my three year old interact with her baby sister. She talks to her, reads to her, and wants to hold her constantly. I imagine as time goes on they will be thick as thieves, which may or may not be good 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Aleah

    Mom to be! Love feeling her move. Can’t wait to meet her.ReplyCancel

  • Samantha Lapid

    I am 34 weeks along and I am so excited for our little girl to arrive! I am most excited to compete my little family. My husband and I have been together for over 7 years now and it’s just so fabulous that we get to meet the missing piece to our little puzzle! I can’t wait for her arrival!ReplyCancel

  • Danielle Geisweit

    I am a mom. Of 2 lovely babies. I’m in love with so much. I think my favorite milestone is when your baby reaches his/her arms out for you. I get the chills just thinking of the first time my son did this.ReplyCancel

  • Nadine Hodges

    our babygirl has just started to recognize faces, is laughing and playing and started to talk. : )ReplyCancel

  • holly doble

    I love watching my children grow and helping them with the small things that make them think they are so big.ReplyCancel

  • Mary

    I love my children and watching them learn and grow. Most of all I love how God is sanctifying myself through motherhood.ReplyCancel

  • Sweta Sonulkar

    I am mom of one one son and expecting second in September this year,My best part of being pregnant is the life growing inside me and kicks,movement,reactions happen when light or travelling.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer

    I loved the first time I heard Sophia laugh. Being a Mom is the most rewarding thing 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Trisha W.

    I’m a first time mom due on July 4th and I’m most excited to meet this little one that’s been kicking me a ton lately! I can’t wait to hold him/her and give lots of kisses!!!ReplyCancel

  • I am a mom and expecting number two- I love their proud faces, snuggles and little ways they show their love. I love how curious they are about everything!ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie Brotherton

    There is nothing better than a babies laugh, no matter what mood I am in my heart just melts immediately at the sound of my sons laugh. I have my third on the way now and I can’t wait to hear all three laughing together, it’s truly the best feeling in the world!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Douglas

    I am most excited about raising a loving open minded child who will know what it means to truest love and show love to the world.ReplyCancel

  • Melissa lines brown

    I love feeling the baby move kick and respond. I have high risk pregnancies which make things very stressful. So I value each moment.ReplyCancel

  • Courtney

    This is baby 3 for me! When I’m pregnant I love feeling them move around. The best part of being a mom is how everything is new and amazing for my kids!ReplyCancel

  • leidy mendez

    Best giveaway ever!!!ReplyCancel

  • I love (almost!) everything about being a mom (I could do without seeing them in pain, that’s for sure!) but what I love most is when I’m away from her, whether in the other room or out doing something, and she sees me “again”- that look on her face, the recognition and understanding that I am here, I exist for her. That’s pure happiness.ReplyCancel

  • Julie

    Seeing our little one for the first time! It’s exciting but scary all the things we need to learn!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa

    I love the time we share nursing. My favorite milestone has been his smile, I can’t wait to hear his laugh;)ReplyCancel

  • Lana Novak

    I am expecting a Baby Boy- Due any day now!
    I can’t wait to hold him in my arms, stare into his sweet little face!ReplyCancel

  • Naomi

    Love the bonding & cuddling we get to do while nursing!ReplyCancel

  • Megan

    Watching them grow and learnReplyCancel

  • Michelle Butler

    I am expecting! Any day now, and I am just so excited to see his little face!ReplyCancel

  • Adilene

    I love waking up every morning and look at my son little faceReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Shaw

    I love when my kids are being nice to each other. RAREReplyCancel

  • Brogan

    I love feeling connect with my little one during pregnancy. As a mom to a 1 1/2 year old I love seeing him grow and change every day. It’s miraculous to be able to catch every single milestone in their littlest lives.ReplyCancel

  • Bayli

    I love it all! From the pregnancy/birth to the cuddles, kisses and laughs. Being a parent is such a joy!ReplyCancel

  • Suzi Q

    My children’s hugs are the best part of being a mom!!ReplyCancel

  • Preggers with my 3rd baby…although you would like we are prepared with #3, we’re not =\. Got rid of all of our baby essentials thinking we were done at two. I’m taking it as a blessing is disguise though =P…there wern’t half or all of these amazing products with my first two girls…hoping I can enjoy these neat ones with baby #3 🙂ReplyCancel
    Libby A. recently posted..Brave Birthday Party, the Big FIVEMy Profile

  • Shelagh

    Awesome giveaway! So excited about trying these products as a first time Mommy due this Fall.ReplyCancel

  • Corinne Rodriguez

    Omg this giveaway is awesome! Would love to win.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer D

    I am a mother and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Sure there are bad days and hard times, but just the simple I LOVE You Mommy simply just melts my heart. I am also expecting baby #2 and really excited for the newborn snuggle time again 🙂ReplyCancel

  • I LOVE being a mommy! I have a the best lil’ 9-month old around (although I’m pretty sure I’m biased). 🙂

    Each and every day I am amazed by how much he is able to learn and do. I love his cuddles. And I love seeing him with my husband. So sweet! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Jana Strong

    Im looking forward to seeing what type of person he will be and what it will be like with three kids.ReplyCancel

  • What a great giveaway. I would love to win so I could donate the Mamaroo to the babies in the NiCu at our local hospital. It would be such a blessing for them. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Corinne mariko

    Going to be mom of two and can’t wait for the girls to play together. I love it when 2 yr old snuggles with me, since now that she’s a “big girl” she doesn’t do it as often.ReplyCancel

  • Kristen Perfetti

    Our little miracle baby is coming in August and would be so LUCKY to receive these!!!ReplyCancel

  • dania cioffi

    I love making my baby laugh, so preciousReplyCancel

  • Molly

    I am most excited to read with my baby! We already have a large stash of books ready for bedtime stories, even though baby isn’t due for another four months.ReplyCancel

  • Yohan

    I was G2 user for my daughter.

    Can’t wait for G3 for my second child next year.ReplyCancel

  • Laura

    I Have a 7 yr old son and He has taught me so much and love being a mom. I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and I’m so impatient wanting to know if I’m having a little boy or girl!!ReplyCancel

  • I’m so excited for my little guy to meet his baby sister for the first time. He’s already so cute with her in my belly! I love her precious kicks and I love his precious cuddles!ReplyCancel

  • 21 weeks pregnant with my 3rd. Excited to nurse again. Nothing better than that bond with baby.ReplyCancel

  • Hannah B

    LOVE when they start talking and babbling!ReplyCancel

  • New mom alert! No two days are the same and every one sweeter than the one before because of my little guy!ReplyCancel

  • Kristyna Fenocchi

    I am a mother to a 19 week old (12 weeks adjusted) and I am also 6 weeks pregnant again!

    I love being a mom because my son reminds me everyday that miracles happen. EVERYTIME he eats, plays, coos, laughs and smiles it reminds me that GOD is so good, he have me a tiny miracle to love for the rest of my life!

    I love being pregnant and and excited to meet my second child because I am excited to see my kids play together, to see these beautiful little humans that my hubby and I brought into this world.ReplyCancel

  • Jordan Martin

    There are SO many things to love! I love waking up to her bright eyes and smiling face, bath time, play time & our night time cuddle sessions! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Stacey R

    My favorite milestone was when they first smiled and when they said mama!ReplyCancel

  • Suzanne

    When he falls asleep in my arms!ReplyCancel

  • Aislinn

    I’m due in August with our first child and I’m so excited about it all! After fighting for a year and a half to get pregnant, I’m excited to finally meet our son and see him grow into his own person.ReplyCancel

  • Fayth

    One of my favorite things is hearing my little man laugh!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah m

    I love feeling baby move and grow/ and getting random hugs and kisses from my toddler.ReplyCancel

  • Michelle P.

    As a mom, I enjoy seeing the world through my child’s eyes. Also, seeing him hit his milestones has been a blast. This week he learned how to walk. I’m pregnant with our second child, and I’m most excited about feeling my baby move. I miss that feeling.ReplyCancel

  • laura revilla

    love watching my kids growReplyCancel

  • Wendy stahlnecker

    I looking forward to meeting my little boyReplyCancel

  • Meghan

    I’m preggo with my very surprising third pregnancy and I’m so very blessed to have another child! The first moments after they’re born, meeting them and finally seeing your baby and not just feeling him/her- that’s the best.ReplyCancel

  • Em

    This is my first pregnancy and the best thing so far was feeling my little girl kick 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Sarah trusky

    Mmmm think of all the nice long walks in that stroller!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Vallejo

    I have two daughters, aged 3 and 10 months, and I love watching them become their own person. My 3 year old has such a fun personality and sassiness to her, and my baby has proven to be very hard headed and determined. It’s a really wonderful experience.ReplyCancel

  • Rachael D

    I am awaiting the arrival of our first baby in July. I’m looking forward so much to seeing and holding my baby for the first time.ReplyCancel

  • Mary

    I love when my three year old son throws his arms around my neck and says, “Mom, you’re the best girl ever!”ReplyCancel

  • Courtney

    I am currently pregnant and just seeing my baby move on the ultrasounds have been such an exciting part of my pregnancy. Having another human being growing inside me is such an amazing feeling!ReplyCancel

  • Michaela

    I am pregnant, due in May. I am so so excited to hold a little baby girl that has features of my husband and me. I have always been excited to be a mommy and can’t believe it’s happening!

    Thanks, Little Inspiration for having such a great giveaway!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel S.

    I am a mom to one with another on the way. The best thing about being a mom is the unconditional love!ReplyCancel

  • Andrea Jordan

    Being pregnant I love feeling baby always moving and responding to different thing you do! Can’t wait to meet the little one but will miss the feeling of baby!ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth

    I love when my son hugs me and gives me kisses and also being pregnant I love feeling my baby girl move around.ReplyCancel

  • Asha

    I’m 33 weeks pregnant, and I’m also mom to a 4yo. I’m most excited about giving my son a sibling! He wanted a sister and that’s exactly what he got. It will be so nice to experience raising a boy, and a girl. I’m going to love witnessing the bond between the 2 of them.ReplyCancel

  • nick

    I luv the first smile!ReplyCancel

  • ashlee zeronik

    I love cuddling all three of my kids, especially my 6 wk old.ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Borrelli

    My son is just starting to give kisses ❤️ Melts my heart every time!ReplyCancel

  • Karen McAdams

    I may sound weird, but I love the “whoosh” immediately after the baby is born, and that feeling of space in me again. 🙂 and of course, those precious baby features.ReplyCancel

  • Magali Harper

    I am a mommy of a 6 months old boy. He’s my first baby so I would say that I mostly enjoy everything 🙂 but especially his smiles! It makes my day and feel so special.ReplyCancel

  • Lauren B

    My favorite milestone is when they find thier toes!ReplyCancel

  • what i love most about being a mom is watching and being a big part of seeing you kids grow, not to mention giving and receiving unconditional love =)ReplyCancel
    patricia recently posted..“It’s Baby Time” Giveaway Event My Profile

  • Karolina

    Amazing giveaway! Fingers crossed (on both hands). Baby #2 due in August, would love to try all these products!ReplyCancel

  • Blair K

    I would love to win these awesome
    Products! I am becoming a first time mommy in June to a baby girl! These products would be a great help!:-)ReplyCancel

  • Suze

    I love watching the joy on kids faces as they experience things for the first time!ReplyCancel

  • Allison Fielder

    I am excited to welcome a sweet little girl into our family in July. I can’t wait to see her sweet little face.ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Temple

    I love the cuddles and watching them grow up. Love watching him proud of things he does and learning sweet words!ReplyCancel

  • Angela

    I love seeing my son learn new things. He is discovering everything in this world for the first time, and it is such a joy to watch!ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca VIlinsky

    i love when my 7 month old smiles and laughs. I love It when he cuddles wIth me!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah

    Those first smiles cannot be beat!ReplyCancel

  • Kates

    Im a first time mom and I really love it! At first i was afraid because Im just a teenager. But when my baby came I was the happiest mom in the world, Im sure all moms felt that way when they first saw their little munchkin! As my baby grows nothing beats all the FIRST times of an infant. First word, first laugh, first kiss, first hug almost everything and that is so priceless! I really enjoy every moment when she’s still this young because she will never go back to this stage of life. By the way my baby is 9 month old now and she’s very pretty! 🙂 ❤️ReplyCancel

  • Our first little one is due in June. Pregnancy has its ups and downs, but overall I love the experience. Even when her movements are keeping me up, it’s an incredible feeling! We can’t wait to meet her!ReplyCancel

  • I love helping my kids learn new things.ReplyCancel

  • Danielle Clifford

    I love all the baby kisses, cuddles, & hugs, & the toddler, “I love yous!”ReplyCancel

  • Mom to a toddler and currently pregnant with #2. I’m most excited about meeting our little girl in July and seeing how we transition into a family of four. I can’t wait to see my son become a big brother!ReplyCancel
    Sara McCarty recently posted..A Letter to My Daughter – 22 WeeksMy Profile

  • Jessica Huston

    Love when they try to mimicking the sounds you make.ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Webb

    My second is a week old. While pregnant I loved feeling my kids move around. I loved watching my daughter grow and change and can’t wait for the same thing with my son.ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Fleming

    We just found out we’re pregnant with our 2nd child after 7 years of waiting!! 🙂 our daughter is so excited about becoming a big sister… She’s waited a LONG time for it!!ReplyCancel

  • Allison

    I am 22 weeks pregnant and a mom of a 2.5 year old. My favorite pregnancy milestone is after the first trimester and the all day sickness is over and then when you can feel movement and others can feel from the outside as well. I cant wait to share that with my toddler!ReplyCancel

  • Bernadette N

    My favorite baby milestone is when they first smile and laugh!ReplyCancel

  • Brianna l

    I love watching my son learn new things. The way he thinks fasinates me. The excitement over new things and the way he looks as he decides if something is exciting, just OK or scary never gets old.ReplyCancel

  • Bailey L.

    I’m looking forward to becoming a mom to my second son in 12 days 🙂 I LOVE being a mom and watching my baby grow!ReplyCancel

  • Im 26 weeks and I am most excited about getting my baby home and living with him, feeding him, changing diapers. It will be a big adjustment for me and my husband but definitely looking forward for the new exciting chapter of our lives. 🙂ReplyCancel
    Ja Lasala recently posted..20 Weeks! Halfway There!My Profile

  • Elyssa

    I love when my little one smiles when she sees me…best feeling in the world!!!!ReplyCancel

  • rebecca

    Very excited to hold our baby for the first time.ReplyCancel

  • Natalie S

    I am a mama to 3 boys and I LOVE it! I love everything about it although there are times when I am tired, frustrated, over worked, sleep deprived, etc. The kiddos grow up much too fast! I love playing with them and seeing the world through their eyes. Such good times we are in! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Mandy

    I’m pregnant and I’m most excited about always having a little pal. My husband is a medical student and gone all the time, so I’m excited to have a friend with me all day!ReplyCancel

  • Monica L

    favorite baby milestone happened just yesterday- our little guy puckered up and gave us each a kiss on the lips… melting! kids are the greatest! <3ReplyCancel

  • Erin Matteson

    The best part of being a mom is watch a little tiny person grow, develop and learn right in front of your eyes and the snuggles are great too 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Leach

    I love the first giggles! Baby girl is only 2 1/2 weeks now, so I cannot wait!ReplyCancel

  • Marta Rodriguez

    Extremely long days, sleepless nights, sick visits to the doctor, 100’s of dirty diapers and what not… When your little guy hugs you, kisses you on the cheek and says “Thank you mommy, I love you”. That’s what’s makes everything worth while. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Nicole U

    I can’t wait for all of the cuddles 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!ReplyCancel

  • Abbigale Erwin

    Pregnant with our second so maybe I’m excited to see how my daughter will welcome our new babe… Just praying I’ll be enough for both of them since Poppa will be leaving soon for 6 months of work out of state :/ Excited/nervous lol!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa P

    Pregnancy was so exciting…then you win the lottery & are blessed with the biggest gift ever! My daughter is my greatest joy!ReplyCancel

  • Dana

    I love being a mom already and I can’t wait to meet my second, a baby boy coming in June! My favorite milestone with my daughter has to be the first time she called me “mama”. She’s 19 months now and I love receiving her constant hugs & kisses.ReplyCancel

  • Amber L

    I just love seeing my child happy and smiling!ReplyCancel

  • Maia McDonald

    I’m pregnant with my first and would love all the items for my new baby!ReplyCancel

  • Cassaundra Thompson

    I just became a mom. My daughter’s 6 weeks old. I love watching her transition from newborn to infant. My favorite part is the intense unconditional love that I have for her that just comes naturally for no other reason than that she is mine.ReplyCancel

  • Kelley Larsen

    My favorite milestone is one my newborn recently reached- smiling for a reason other than gas!!ReplyCancel

  • Deborah Koenig

    I love feeling the baby kick and seeing baby’s first smile.ReplyCancel

  • Alisa Chase

    Would absolutely love to win these things for my littles ❤️❤️ReplyCancel

  • Lindsey

    I am most excited about meeting our third daughter who is going to complete our family!ReplyCancel

  • Noelle Lamb

    My favorite part of being a mommy are those times when the whole house is still and you are snuggle with your little one. It might hard to wake up and get the baby, but once they are quiet in our arms it is heaven.ReplyCancel

  • Johnny Rachel Miller

    We just had a little boy. He is 5 months old, now. He is so smart. And, such a happy baby. So far he’s hit all of his baby milestones ahead of schedule. He’s just now cut his first tooth. And, he’s about to start crawling.

    Being a mom has been the most wonderful experience. And, the most rewarding.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Oster

    I love being the one she wants. Her smiles, kisses and cuddles are all mine!ReplyCancel

  • Ciara T

    I’m a new mom & I love everything about it! The progress my baby girl is making being in the NICU because she is a preemie is just absolutely amazing!ReplyCancel

  • April Swisher

    My little Lucy would love all these things!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica

    We are expecting our first little boy in July, so this would be AMAZING! Love all of the perfect baby stuff in this giveaway!ReplyCancel

  • suzette

    I love playing with my son and also giving him kisses!ReplyCancel

  • Nancy Edwards

    I love being a mom to my 2 yo and can’t wait for our second due in 6 weeks, a girl! I love watching my son grow & learn & become such a sweet caring little human. I can’t wait to see what is in store for us with our little girl & who she will be.ReplyCancel

  • Sophea Cornelius

    I really love breast feeding my babyReplyCancel

  • Louise Sullivan

    I still hate waking up early, but the best part of my day still is when he wakes up with a big smile on his face. I’ve got so much love for this little person, it’s unbelievable.ReplyCancel

  • Suzanne

    the thing i love about being a mom is seeing their joy when I go to pick them up from their rooms in the morningReplyCancel

  • Jaci Martin

    We are expecting baby #2 at the end of summer! There’s so much to love about being a Mommy (although there are tough times of course) but I think my favorite so far is when she hugs us and knows that we are her Mommy and Daddy and that we can comfort her no matter what’s wrong. It’s an amazing feeling to know that they rely on you to feel better.ReplyCancel

  • ES

    Love it when they start to laugh!ReplyCancel

  • Karen lee

    Would love to win!! Awesome prizes!!ReplyCancel

  • Kristin Wolke

    I love coming home and hearing him laugh and nursing!ReplyCancel

  • Alyssa

    I love, love, love when my baby girl laughs. It’s one of my favorite joys of parenthood. I’m currently pregnant again and I’m excited to see what life with two littles will be like!ReplyCancel

  • so incredibly kind and thoughtful of the companies and you for offering this giveaway! Anyone would feel like a million to win this kind of giveaway! Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • McKinsie Dunn

    I Love everything about being a mom (even the hard times because I know they won’t last) but my absolute favorite thing about being a mom is the sweet unconditional love kids have for there mommy!ReplyCancel

  • Alyssa

    Great giveaway! Crossing our fingers!!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel

    As a photographer, I am SOOOO excited to have my own little lady to take pictures of. I’m 27 weeks and can’t stop dreaming about her beautiful face and tiny toes.ReplyCancel

  • Christine Arevalo

    I love baby’s first laugh! it bring so much joy!ReplyCancel

  • Angela T

    Pregnant with #2, have to say I don’t like much about pregnancy (terrible symptoms throughout for both of mine). But I love being a mommy because it has given me the opportunity to love a part of myself with no limit, and see the best parts of me and my husband come out more often.ReplyCancel

  • Samaria Brady

    What I love about being mom is looking at the world through my child’s eyes. And looking at everything they learn each day.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Moore

    I have a 4 month old and I’m loving all of the new things she’s learning to do every day!ReplyCancel

  • Libby K

    My favorite milestone is blowing a kiss!ReplyCancel

  • serena

    I’m just so excited for everything. We got married late and it took a lot of work to get to where we are so I’m absolutely thrilled and thankful to be here.ReplyCancel

  • Mayra

    My most favorite moment with our Daughter was the first time she giggled. All of a sudden a tiny personality arose from what was this tiny helpless baby ! Best feeling in the world!!!ReplyCancel

  • Dominika

    I love it all, I especially love when my daughter says “momma”…melts my heart each and every time!ReplyCancel

  • Katie field

    I absolutely love the way my little lady lights up whenever she see me or hears my voice.ReplyCancel

  • Meagan

    I am most looking forward to cuddling with my sweet pea!ReplyCancel

  • Jenna Davis

    Love seeing my 4 year old and 4 month old interact and make each smile 🙂ReplyCancel

  • lana

    i love seeing my children run towards me and call me mommyReplyCancel

  • Anna Quinn

    I love when my daughter giggles. Laughing is the most important milestone so far !ReplyCancel

  • Regina Wright

    I love the fact that my girls love me unconditionally.ReplyCancel

  • I am expecting my third child in July. I’m looking forward to all the sweet-smelling baby cuddles and celebrating all those special “firsts” again.ReplyCancel

  • Jessica

    Love that she is here and healthy. Being pregnant sucked.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Grissom

    As a mom, I love the small moments. The smiles, the joy, the hugs, and snuggles.ReplyCancel

  • Esther

    I love it everything about being a mom when they look up at you it just melts my heartReplyCancel

  • Courtney

    I am most excited to experience love like I never have beforeReplyCancel

  • Sondai

    I love the baby smell, the chubby thighs, and all the cute noises that come from their mouth. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Neticia

    Halfway through my first pregnancy and super excited to be a mom with my own baby girl!ReplyCancel

  • sheena childs

    I love being a mom and one of my favorite moments are just when he learns something new. He’s starting to stand on his own!ReplyCancel

  • Zina

    Excited to share all these amazing items with my baby girl 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Zina

      I love to see her discovering the world and her reaction to things that happen. Beautiful Gummy SmilesReplyCancel

  • Blanca

    Great giveaway! Who wins is very blessed!ReplyCancel

  • April F

    I cannot wait for the first time they put my child in my arms & realize that all my dreams have come trueReplyCancel

  • Shin

    I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and I am looking forward to my 4 year old daughter meeting her little brother. She has been waiting for him for a long time.ReplyCancel

  • I love watching my daughter love on her new baby brother. Seeing her be such a caring big sister makes me love her even more, and I didn’t think that was possible!ReplyCancel

  • One of my favorite things about being a mom is snuggling with my little guy! I know the snuggles won’t last forever so I trying to enjoy each one!ReplyCancel

  • Naomi

    We just found out we will be adding a little girl to our family this August. We can’t wait to meet her!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Peterson

    I love being a mom because it’s the most rewarding, difficult, amazing thing I’ve ever done. Creating them inside my body, feeling them grow, birthing them earth side, then raising and watching them blossom into little individuals. It’s just amazing.ReplyCancel

  • Antonieta Rosales

    I’m a Mommy of one 10 month old baby boy but would love love love to win for my sister! She definitely deserves it!ReplyCancel

  • Greia

    Being a mom has been the biggest blessing in my life. I love watching my son learn new things everyday and especially love hearing his sweet little voice say new words as he expresses himself. Nothing beats hearing him say, “ya youuuu”” (toddler translation: “love you”).ReplyCancel

  • Kassie Reed

    Currently a mama of a 2 year old wild child and expecting baby #2 in July!! I’m loving thinking about what kind of big sister Charlotte will be to her new baby brother Henry!! And just seeing how much I enjoy being the mom of a daughter I can’t wait to experience having a son as well!!!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle

    I think my favorite milestone is when they can hold up their heads. They are just so proud of themselves, and they really start noticing the big world around them!ReplyCancel

  • Lindsay

    I’m so happy to see all the mama love out there! What great giveaway!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica O

    I am already a mom and pregnant and I love feeling the baby move in my belly! When they are born I love every little milestone they reach!ReplyCancel

  • ElysaG

    There are so many favorite milestones but one of the best is laughing.ReplyCancel

  • I love sweet, sleepy cuddles.ReplyCancel

  • ali

    Oh. My. Goodness. This is the most amazing giveaway ever! I look forward to actually getting to snuggle, smell and endlessly stare at my new baby. It is so amazing to have a new little person in our home and to see the interaction and love between siblings.ReplyCancel

  • charla g.

    I am excited to see my daughter interact with her baby brother.ReplyCancel

  • THF

    I love watching them learn and experience something new everyday. One of my favorite things about being a mom is having your kid smile at you or comes to you for a hug or cuddle.ReplyCancel

  • Mel H

    We have a 6 month old and are talking about number 2, would love to try some of these items!ReplyCancel

  • Norma

    I’m a mommy of 2 and love watching them play together! I love being the one they run to for comfort and snuggles when they’re scared, hurt, or sick 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Kara

    As a mom of 3.5 boys, I love watching them learn new things… Anything from crawling to riding a two wheeler. It’s sheer joy!ReplyCancel

  • Shayna Yockman

    My husband and I are expecting our third and last baby. We have two boys and we are excited to give them a little sister this May. We are young and we are gonna be done having children. It makes me kinda sad and I’ve been enjoying every part of this pregnancy. I want to meet her so badly but I also want to continue to feel her inside my tummy.ReplyCancel

  • Morgan Cornelius

    I think my favorite thing about being a mom is being able to stay home with my 2 year old girl and have that chance to spend every moment and cherish every milestone with her. I love when she needs me, whether it is a kiss on a boo boo, another pair of eyes to look at something she found or did, or the simple cuddling moments in my bed. She is the biggest joy in my life.ReplyCancel

  • Tian A.

    I’m 23 weeks pregnant and can’t wait to see my daughter’s face when she meets her sister for the very first time. She loves to kiss my belly and to talk to her sister-to-be.ReplyCancel

  • The best part of being a mom is my son tell me I am the bast and ramdomly tells me he loves me every chance he gets mealts my hart I cant wait for number two coming in octoberReplyCancel

  • I love everything about being a mom! <3ReplyCancel

  • Pui I lam

    Mom of one baby girl, who learns different tnechniques every week. Always so excited by seeing her growing up.ReplyCancel

  • Emily F

    Having just recently become a new mom (babyJ is almost 4 months) after a few years of trying I can only say that this baby has been more than an answer to our prayers. Every day I love waking up to his sweet face and cuddles. When he is awake his sparkling eyes and sweet coos and squeals tell it all, and you’ve got to think you’re doing something right when he bursts into smiles even when he’s sleeping. Motherhood is so rewarding already. This giveaway would be such a treat! #fingersandtoesarecrossed !!ReplyCancel

  • Shirisha P

    I love to see my daughter grow and learn.ReplyCancel

  • Court A.

    Not sure if my answer posted but I love everything about being a mom. Every moment, every milestone, every challenge, every cry, every smile and every hug and kiss. It never gets old 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Kendra

    What a great giveaway! These items would be awesome for our baby in June!ReplyCancel

  • Audrey

    Loving my babe’s first smiles!!ReplyCancel

  • Aura

    I love when my babies start cruising. They’re happier because they can get places themselves but can’t climb yet and get into too much mischief. And as naughty as my kids can be they always make me so happyReplyCancel

  • Renee C.

    I love my baby’s hugs that he gives me when we make eye contact. And his giggles. It melts my heart! Also when he sleeps on my new baby bump, like he knows his little sibling is in there.ReplyCancel

  • Sylvia Bass

    My favorite milestone is sitting up. They stay where you leave them and are so content seeing the world from their new angle.ReplyCancel

  • velder dixon

    having my baby son-something of my ownReplyCancel

  • Monique Robles

    Being a first time mom is amazing! The feeling I get when I see that my baby is happy and comfortable is important! Winning these items would be a great!ReplyCancel

  • Mariaelena

    I love all their “firsts”, specially first words!ReplyCancel

  • Kylie fuller

    I love watching my sweet boy learn new things everyday. It makes me so proud when I hear him name the colors of the flowers when we walk by. Or count the stairs as we walk up them.ReplyCancel

  • Carli

    My favorite part of being a Momma is the paycheck. Nothing can beat baby smiles and toddler hugs!!ReplyCancel

  • I love that I get to see the new things babies and kids learn as they grow. I love that my son runs to me when I get home and my oldest baby kisses me good bye every morning even though she is 10ReplyCancel

  • B Bird

    I’m due with #3 in May. I’m most excited for the sweet snuggles, that newborn baby smell, and watching baby stare up at Mama!! Can’t wait to meet this tiny person. And this amazing prize pack would make it all just a little sweeter!!ReplyCancel

  • This is our third baby, and he was a complete surprise when we found out we were expecting another. I’ll be most excited to meet him and to watch him grow, and to see how our other two will react to their little brother.ReplyCancel
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  • Gina Hiskes

    What do I love being most about a mom? Well, I’m never lonely. I’m never bored. I’m never without a hug if I need one, or someone to smile at me if I need it, or even little eyes to look at me like I’m crazy if I’m crying for a silly reason! I love my kids. They really are my life.ReplyCancel

  • I love being able to spend every single minute with my little baby girl. She makes my hurt burst!!!ReplyCancel

    • I love being able to spend every single minute with my little baby girl. She makes my HEART burst!!!ReplyCancel

  • Megan

    I think my favorite milestone so far was when my little one learned to say “mama”. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Melissa Khounphachansy

    My husband and I are in the process of planning baby #2. We are both excited and I know I’m looking forward to seeing how our 2 year old bonds. It’ll be the sweetest kind of love 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Katherine Fletcher

    I love the cuddles and I love seeing what a bright, beautiful girl my baby is growing up to be.ReplyCancel

    • Liz N

      What I love most about being a mom is watching my 2 little boys grow and learn new things.ReplyCancel

  • Meghann P.

    I’m currently pregnant and very excited to breastfeed and bond with my baby. To look into his eyes as he stares at mine. It’s one of the most amazing feelings a mother could ever experience.ReplyCancel

  • Sami

    The best part about being a mother is learning how much your heart can love. It is like the day your little one enters your world, your heart grows 10x. Then they start smiling and laughing… thats when you feel like your heart is going to burst.ReplyCancel

  • Lily

    I would love this for my next kiddo. We have a 16 m old now but thinking about second one. Our first stroller is a total mess. And I would love to try out the honest company products.ReplyCancel

  • mandy f

    I am pregnant now and love the feeling of when i feel my baby inside me move around knowing its a miracle. I am also a mom and love hearing my son say the words “i love you mommy” i know i am doing something right 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Monica avelar

    Mom to two amazing boys (6 year old and 8 month old) I love watching them interact everyday. Their love for each other is amazing.ReplyCancel

  • Gracie Solis

    I’m pregnant now and the thing I’m most excited about is seeing my little angle’s face. This is my fourth pregnancy and they all have been very special and such big blessing to my life. My pregnancy for this little stud has been very difficult but such a big blessing. So just seeing his little face when it’s time is going to tell me that we both made it. That we proved the doctors wrong together.ReplyCancel

  • vilma

    im a mommy of 4 and a grandmother to 1 beautiful girlReplyCancel

  • Danielle D

    I’m excited to meet our little one! To know the gender, what they look like, what they are like, all of it! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Blanca Wilson

    I am a first time mom I love that she brings me back to the simple life. It really is about the little things. I try to remember the hardest and sleep diprived days one look at her face its all worth it.ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie

    I’m a Mama to an amazing 9 month old boy and a beautiful daughter in Heaven. Can’t wait for baby #3, watching the two of them bond, and the love they will have for each other.ReplyCancel

  • Alyssa Duff

    I’m pregnant with our first baby, a little boy, who is due in August! Since it took us a while to get pregnant I’m just so excited to have a baby and be a mommmy!ReplyCancel

  • Veronica Cramer

    I’m 16 weeks and just absolutely excited to be a first-time mommy. We’ve tried for almost 5 years and already accepted that it may not be in the plan for us, then…..bam! We’re pregnant! It was unbelievable and I was happy and worried all at the same time. Now that I’ve come this far I just can’t wait to hold my precious angel in my arms. This giveaway would be so amazing and helpful, so I hope I can win. Thanks for considering me!ReplyCancel

  • Mallory

    I love all the kisses my babe is just now starting to give out! Makes us feel so loved!ReplyCancel

  • Renee Smith

    I love being a mom-I have 6 girls! My favorite milestone has got to be that first smile-the smile when you know it’s just for you.ReplyCancel

  • meg m

    i am not a mama yet, but i have a friend is a new mama and she would love love love these products!ReplyCancel

  • Hollias

    To be able to pass down all the family secrets and silly traits !ReplyCancel

  • Monica Sepulveda

    When I’m close enough she will reach out and hold my face and smile. Oh, how I melt!ReplyCancel

  • Lara

    I can’t wait for those new baby snuggles. They are the best!ReplyCancel

  • Amber

    Mommy to one baby girl and another baby on the way! Excited to see them together!ReplyCancel

  • Alexandra Pitcher

    I love the hugs and kisses I get from my toddler and the sweet looks I get from my newborn; being a Mommy is amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Brooke

    I never knew what to expect when I was “expecting” I’m a first time mom…and wow, I wish I could explain how amazing it is. And also, for moms to be…buy the more expensive things!! Bc they last longer, and will last through more children! I want to win a lily jade diaper bag for that reason. I’ve gone through three so far. And how cute is everything else?! They too are a must have!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer candundo

    I have wanted some of these items for so long now!! This would be a dream come true to win this!! Especially the lily jade bag!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Cathy

    I am pregnant and a mom :-). I love watching my 3 year old develop more of a personality everyday…and I can’t wait to experience those newborn cuddles again!ReplyCancel

  • Sam C

    I love watching my children grow and learn! My little guy is beginning to move around and explore his surroundings! His excitement on finding new things is fun to watch!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Hayes

    i love seeing my LO learn and growReplyCancel

  • Amber Clark

    I love feeling my baby move inside my belly. Theres so much excitement and anticipation! Once they’re here, I love their giggles and silly faces!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Barrick

    My very favorite milestone was “Mama”! I love when my little guy comes crawling to me with my new title! Warm fuzzies! ReplyCancel

  • Bethany H

    I am a mom to 2 little boys, and nothing beats the hugs and sweet little “wuv you mommy”ReplyCancel

  • Kara

    What a great giveaway! Thanks!ReplyCancel

  • Misha G

    I’m a FTM and have been coveting many of these items! I also have some new products to look into tags are part of the giveaway. It’s been a lot of fun learning about all of the great baby products available.ReplyCancel

  • Danielle Bonngard

    I would really love to win this for my daughter. She is having her 2nd son due in May 2014 and the lily jade bag I would really love to help her better organize than what she has now with her 1st son. I just really believe she deserves something that I just couldn’t afford to buy her but could win for her. Her and those boys are my life. Thanks for this opportunity to win all this lovely stuff.ReplyCancel

  • Rachel

    I love when babies start imitating faces and sounds!ReplyCancel

  • Katie E C

    New mom and the baby smiles are the best! Only thing that cures the sleep deprivation crankiness.ReplyCancel

  • My favorite milestone so far in this pregnancy is being able to feel her so move so early at 16 weeks.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah

    I’m a mom of three and my favorite things are when they’re all playing and giggling together and all the snuggles of course. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Erika

    My favorite moments are just holding my baby, looking at him and him looking back at me. I also love when his 4 year old sister lays on the floor with him and they cuddle.
    I’m also really excited that my sister-in-law is having her second baby in May.ReplyCancel

  • Laura Russell

    I am expecting my first baby, have a c-section scheduled for April 15th! 🙂 It’s so hard to believe it’s really happening….after 2 infertility related surgeries and 2 rounds of IVF…..feels like our journey is almost at the end….but, it’s really just begun! I’m looking forward to everything, especially traveling and showing her the world! 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win this amazing giveaway! Best of luck to everyone! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Smyth

    I love feeling my babies kicking and moving while pregnant. As a mom of two kids, I love watching them grow up together and growing into the best of friends ReplyCancel

  • Audrey Mullen

    I am most looking forward to our newest addition getting here and seeing him interact with his big sister. We are going to have so much fun this summer playing at the park, going for walks and enjoying the sunshine! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • David

    A dad here, but I am looking forward to teaching and enjoying our kids growing up.ReplyCancel

  • Alicia

    I am so excited to become a mom so I can hold my baby girl! Thanks for the giveaway!ReplyCancel

  • Caroline B

    I am excited about this brand new chapter of my life!!!ReplyCancel

  • Melynda

    My baby just started laughing and I loved that milestone!ReplyCancel

  • I am 14 weeks pregnant and so excited I can barely stand it. My husband and I just went baby “window shopping” and would be over the moon if we won this!ReplyCancel

  • Colleen

    I have three kids…3, 5, and 6. I love blasting the radio and singing with my 3 year old; I love watching my 5 year old wave his wand and do magic tricks; and I love cheering my 6 year old on at speed camp (he wants to be fast). They amaze me with their fearless energy and they challenge me to try new things every day.ReplyCancel

  • Kristen Varner

    I love my kids laughter. It can turn any situation good. TheReplyCancel

  • Kristin M.

    My favorite thing about being a mom is the late night cuddles. I may be sleep deprived but when my sweet little man is cuddles in my arms it is so worth it!ReplyCancel

  • Jutta P.

    I’m already a mom and I’m pregnant with #3! So excited to meet our surprise baby in about 2 weeks. I love all the milestones. Watching my kids grow is soooo much fun!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer

    I love my babies. the cuddles, the milk breath, watching them learn and grow!! i love the silly antics of my toddler and the squeaks of my newborn!ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie M

    I just became a mom and I love the way he cuddles with me and just holds on so tight its the most amazing feeling being loved so much!ReplyCancel

  • Ekaterina

    The most excited is the idea of giving birth to another human, your child, and seeing him/her grow into that wonderful person he/she is!ReplyCancel

  • Hanna J

    Im a mom of 3 and #4 due in june, i love watching my kids grow and learn new thingsReplyCancel

  • Amberg Timm

    I love hearing my two toddlers playing nicely together!ReplyCancel

  • Fatimae C.

    I am 13 weeks pregnant. I am excited to be a mom! I get to experience that special bond with my baby that I haven’t yet met, but already love 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Lacey J

    My absolute favorite baby milestone is the first belly laugh, it always scares the heck out of me at first though!ReplyCancel

  • Kate banks

    There’s nothing better than those first real smiles.ReplyCancel

  • Amy Truman

    I’m a ftm of one sweet baby boy who is almost 4 months! The best thing about being a mom is the cuddles and unconditional love!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Nutter

    I love being a mom. First goggle. Blowing bubbles. Roll overs and sit ups are all amazing.. Im lovin it’ReplyCancel

  • Rochel S

    Love watching my kids learn new things every day! And seeing their excitement over the simplest of things!ReplyCancel

  • Lauren West

    I’m blessed to have two beautiful little girls! There are so many things I love, but I think one of the most amazing things is helping to shape the people they become. I love seeing my three year old pick up new words, put them into whole conversations… I just love seeing her blossom and I love seeing her and play with her baby sister so sweetly!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Fletcher

    I love everything! I love watching my baby turn into a little girl! Its amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Calee m

    I’m a mom of two little ones and what I love most about it is the sound of their voice no matter if it’s squeals or words it makes my heart happy. Watching them learn and discover is amazing I can never get enough off them.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Michelle Ora Kreisler

    I have 3 boys. My youngest is 6 months old and my oldest is 4. I love seeing how my boys teach eachother. Being a mom of children who are so close in age to truly enjoy being eachothers’ best friends and watching this friendship bloom is beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Katie

    I’m have 3 kids. 5,3,4months. I love my kids more than anything in this world. I’m sure all mothers say that. But I do. I love to watch them play and learn and grow and how the need me to help them grow and learn. It’s the best feeling in this world. A lot of things have happened lately in my family where I haven’t had money to get nice things for my youngest baby. He doesn’t have a swing, stroller diaper bag. I feel like such a horrible mother even though I know its not my fault I can’t help but think that way. It would be such a blessing to me and my Babyboy. So I hope that win this, it’s amazing what y’all are doing!!ReplyCancel

  • Janel

    I love the fact that babies love unconditionally. As a new Mom I am learning along the way. And while I don’t have it together every day, when I look at my son and he beams back at me and squeezes me tight I know that he loves me and it reassures me that I’m doing a good job!ReplyCancel

  • Kaytie

    I love my three children with everything I have. My favorite part is watching my kids grow. It’s so amazing to see them learn all kinds of stuff. I love how the need me to help them grow. It’s such an amazing feeling. I’m stuff has gone on in our family lately so has been hard to purchase things like this. My 4 month don’t have a swing, diaper bag and it would be amazing if we won this! It’s amazing what y’all are doing!ReplyCancel

  • My favorite thing about being a mom is seeing the joy and happiness the smallest things bring my boys. They are so innocent. Seeing them happy makes me extremely happy.ReplyCancel

  • Jill

    Not a mom yet but hoping to be one soon through adoption, we are so excited for the day we will finally get to meet our little one!ReplyCancel

  • joanna garcia

    I am pregnant for the third time but expecting my first boy! I am so excited for the birth and for the girls to meet their baby brother!ReplyCancel

  • Teresa Honores

    We are currently expecting and i love to feel the baby move inside me and cannot wait for the birth of our son! this is such an awesome giveaway thanks for the chance!ReplyCancel

  • Mandy

    I am currently have a 6 year old and 4 year old, both boys. I am also currently pregnant with #3 and due September 2nd. Since it has been awhile since I have been pregnant, I have not had an experience with any of these new fantastic products and would love to experience them with the new baby. Even though I get pretty sick with my pregnancies, it is all made with it when you feel them start moving inside you and when they are born and your eyes meet for the very first time. Being a mom is just as great as with each day something new happens as they grow. I love every bit of pregnancy and being a mom and would do it a million times over if I could. There is no love like that of a mother and their child.ReplyCancel

  • Ewa Laskey

    I am a mother Of a 23 month old and expecting in June. I cannot wait to see my girls play together.ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie B

    I just became a mommy three months ago and it is great. I’m dying to get my hands on one of the lily jade bags though!ReplyCancel

  • Kay

    I love everything! Being a mom is absolutely the greatest gift God has ever given me. Each day there’s something new that becomes “my favorite memory!” 🙂ReplyCancel

  • gianna borden

    well i am pregnant but already a mum of three! i am most excited about seeing what baby girl is going to look like and see if she’s going to look anything like her 3 sisters! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • I love the way my baby looks up to me like i’m all that matters… and touches my face while he’s nursing…ReplyCancel
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  • teresa null

    I am a mother of 2 and grandmother of 9.. I was always so excited about hearing the first cry and seeing their little eyes for the first time looking back at me.. I have witnessed the birth of every grandchild and the amazement and emotional part of it has been just as great with each one of them..ReplyCancel

  • Natali borek

    Everything…the good and the bad! Lucky enough to have two precious little boys (13 months and 2 weeks old!) wouldn’t trade this job for the world’s biggest treasure.ReplyCancel

  • Natalie Ottoboni

    I am a mom of a 2 yo boy and due with a baby girl in August! I love being a mom and love watching my sons language blossom right now. It feels like a little window into what he is thinking and how he feels about the world. His thoughts are sweet and innocent and I just ole hearing him speak!ReplyCancel

  • Kari Meeker

    i’m a mom and i’m pregnant. 🙂 favorite milestone is when they get a little bit more mobile (but not quite walking!!) and they really start to giggle and interact with others.ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Pals

    I am not a mother yet but am most looking forward to seeing my baby’s face for the first time and seeing my husband be a father.ReplyCancel

  • Shalaina S

    My favorite part about being a mom is the growth and changes I see in myself and my children. I love the nature of our relationship to each other develops as my kids do. I also love how I learn more about myself as a person in trying to cultivate them into respectable persons.ReplyCancel

  • Gina

    I’m most excited to see my baby!ReplyCancel

  • The first words and steps!ReplyCancel

  • Kristin Jones

    My favorite thing about being a mom is holding my baby and watching them grow.ReplyCancel

  • Jessica

    Pregnant now…looking forward to kisses, snuggles and finally meeting my little one!ReplyCancel

  • lauren michele

    this giveaway is amazing! i would definitely keep some of it for my almost-one-year-old, but my sister is expecting and all the younger stuff would go to her!ReplyCancel

  • I have a 3 month old, a 22 month old, and a 3 year old! I love being a Mom to my babies. I’m tandem nursing and I also work as an OT. My babies have brought me so much happiness, I often wonder what I did with my time before I had them. This package would be great and every item would be well used and appreciated, thanks for the chance!ReplyCancel
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  • Sharea

    One of my favorite moments ever in life was hearing my daughters first breath of life her cry and holding her in my arms.. I get teary eyed thinking about doing it a second time this year, but can’t wait for baby number two and the moment we meet <3ReplyCancel

  • Meg

    I am pregnant with my first (I am SO excited), and my husband is so great with other peoples’ kids, and so I can wait to watch him play with ours. I can wait to meet our little babe!ReplyCancel

  • Sharayah

    My favorite milestone is when my son starting saying “I love you”. Still melts my heart every time!ReplyCancel

  • C R Williams

    I love that I can have a powerful impact on my child.ReplyCancel

  • Annietleach

    I love that everyday is so unique. My daughter is such a character, she never ceases to amaze me.ReplyCancel

  • Amy O

    38 weeks pregnant! We can’t wait to meet our little one, although I don’t know how it’ll feel to no longer be pregnant…ReplyCancel

  • Kat

    I’m pregnant with our first and excited about experiencing things for the first time.ReplyCancel

  • Anna

    I love being surprised at the learning and development in my babies!ReplyCancel

  • Katie Bilak

    I am so excited about being a mother! Everything excites and scares me at the same time. At such an early stage in pregnancy I couldn’t believe how attached I was already to the miracle that was starting to grow inside of me. I am so excited for everything to come!!ReplyCancel

  • Jodi

    I love being a mama and we are expecting round 2 , I can wait to show our daughter what a baby can bring to life. She’s such a joy now, I can’t wait to see her as a big sister.ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Bell

    I have a 2 year old and a 6 week old. I love when babies can sit up on their own but not crawl yet =)ReplyCancel

  • Jessie

    Favorite milestone? I have two: when they learn to laugh and give kisses. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Martha

    Both 🙂 I am expecting again and cannot wait for those adorable first little smiles.ReplyCancel

  • Alicia Bliss

    I love watching my two boys grow and learning to play with each other! Nothing better than two happy boys laughing with each other!ReplyCancel

  • Lauren

    I am expecting and can’t wait to hold my little bundle and give her tons of kisses and snuggles!ReplyCancel

  • Adrienne Gordon

    I love watching my kids interacting with the world.ReplyCancel

  • Jossie G

    I love everything about being a mom. I especially love watching this tiny human that grew inside of me grow into their own. Hands down, my favorite milestone is when they finally smile for the first time for something other than gas. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Tamar

    I cannot wait for them to start talking.ReplyCancel

  • Im a mother of 3 littlr ones and I love how my heart melts when my babies hug me.ReplyCancel

  • Ashley

    I am so excited about my little man becoming a big brother. I have enjoyed every step of my little mans life and I can’t wait to experience more with baby #2!ReplyCancel

  • Jaqueline lauritzen

    I’m 36 weeks and every time I feel a kick I get so happy. I’ve felt my baby kick really early at like 18 weeks and me and my hubby just lay and watch my belly dance! Definelty gonna miss that!!ReplyCancel

  • I love seeing their smiling faces.ReplyCancel

  • Heather

    I am a first time mama. I love knowing that my baby boy needs me more than anything or anybody else in the whole world. So precious.ReplyCancel

  • Some of my favorite moments as a mother are the quiet moments when we’re reading together or snuggling in the morning. Those moments are so precious and full of love!ReplyCancel

  • Laurel

    I love watching him study the new world around him.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer

    I love being a mom!! My daughter definitely is my little sunshine, although there are also tough days. However, everyday I know she is growing and learning more and more. She makes my whole heart full of love. My favorite milestone so far is her learning new words. Peeeaaas… tank uuu, lob yiu. (Please, thank you, love you.)ReplyCancel

  • Hailey

    My favorite part of being a mom is seeing my son love on my newborn daughter. It is so precious:)ReplyCancel

  • I am loving being pregnant. Honestly the most comfortable I have ever felt in my skin!!ReplyCancel

  • Allyssa

    The thing I love most about being a mom is watching my son learn and grow. He has a neurological disorder which has caused severe developmental delay. So when he does learn a new skill I want to shout for joy! He’s truly amazing and I’m so lucky to be his mom.ReplyCancel

  • Aimee

    I love it when my 18 mos old says “mama play” and “baby sistah” to our 4 week old 🙂 Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • I love the feeling of unconditional love that washes over me when I look at my babies.ReplyCancel

  • Tenille

    Would love to win this! Such amazing stuff!!!ReplyCancel

  • Tenille

    Oops pressed post to soon … I have an almost 2 year old getting ready to start trying for our second and I love the cuddlesReplyCancel

  • Ana

    I love being a mom! My son brings me so much joy! Now that he talks and tells me I love you melts me everytine! Expecting baby #2 in May! I’m so excited and also a little overwhelmed running after my toddler! Hoping to win this it would be so awesome 🙂ReplyCancel

  • jenny c.

    Paper pregnant right now, and i can’t wait to be a mommy! looking forward to snuggles and lots of firsts 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Kimmy Ripley

    My favorite baby milestone was when my baby first started talking and using words.ReplyCancel

  • Denise S

    I like all the cute moments that happen being a mom of five.ReplyCancel

  • Laura Wieschel

    I am in love with all of these products and would love to win them for my first child coming this September! 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Laura Wieschel

      And as a new mom I am most looking forward to spending family times together and building great memories with our newest addition!ReplyCancel

  • I don’t think I could ever choose a favorite milestone… I enjoyed each milestone so much. On second hand- I think sleeping through the night was my favorite milestone, lol!ReplyCancel
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  • i love watching and making my babies laugh 🙂 the sweetest thing eer!ReplyCancel

  • Vikki

    Would love to win this for my baby girl EJ 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Vikki

    My favorite thing is hearing her giggle! It’s the most beautiful sound in the world!ReplyCancel

  • Katherine

    I loved it the first time they laughedReplyCancel

  • Heather Delaine

    My husband and I are late bloomers in the world of marriage and babies, but we are SO excited to finally become parents this year!!! I am looking forward to so many things – dressing him/her up in darling outfits, feeling the joy that only a parent can feel when their child giggles for the first time, seeing them discovering the world around them with wide-eyed wonderment. I think I’m most excited to see my husband become a father – the moment that he holds that sweet baby in his arms for the first time and says “I’m your daddy”. Ugh, can I just fast forward to that day????ReplyCancel

  • Corrie

    While being pregnant…first time she moved (though I didn’t know if was a she!). As a new mom…daily giggles and discovering a dimple. So cute!ReplyCancel

  • April Brenay

    I love being a mom, my kids first steps, them getting potty trained, and the biggest…them sleeping through the night!ReplyCancel

  • Gricelda

    I’m a mother of 2 handsome boys and expecting another baby I love everything about my pregnancies especially feeling my baby moveReplyCancel

  • Hailee

    I am currently 21 weeks prego and I am so excited to finally be able to kiss and squeeze my baby girls face and toesies!!!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda j

    I just love watching her grow and learn. She has such a wonderful spirit!ReplyCancel

  • What an awesome giveaway!ReplyCancel
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  • Such an amazing giveaway!! Any mommy would be lucky to win!!ReplyCancel

  • meghan bruce

    My favorite baby milestone was her first smile.ReplyCancel

  • Adrianna Butler

    I’ve been a mommy for 2 weeks now and I just love watching my son “grow” each day he is more alert and has more facial expressions. I could stare at him all day 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Hannah B

    I love being a mom because a bad day is quickly turned around with a little one running to mommy when she gets home:)ReplyCancel

  • Kristy Thiel

    I love hearing baby giggles!ReplyCancel

  • Maria Reyes

    My baby is 17 months old and by far my favorite milestone has been him learning crawling. He learned that so young!ReplyCancel

  • Rizzo

    I love watching my daughter discover new things all around her.ReplyCancel

  • Ana I.

    I love the way my kids interact with one another, I’m a mom of five kiddos and honestly don’t know what my life would be without each and every one of them, the I love you’s the spontaneous hugs and even the cuddles when they’re sick, I would not want to be anything else but a mommy!ReplyCancel

  • robyn paris

    i am a mom of an adult child and so far the best milestone i have enjoyed is the day she graduated from college.ReplyCancel

  • Julia

    I’m due with my first in September and would love to win this fantastic giveaway!ReplyCancel

  • Veronica V

    I am not a mother yet, but hopefully will be soon 🙂 I have two nephews and they call me “Tia” which is aunt in Spanish. My favorite moment has been been they call me Tia for the first time.ReplyCancel

  • I am actually a pregnant mommy 🙂 I have a 2.5 year old daughter and am 5 months pregnant. What I love most about being a mom is getting to see the excitement and joy in my daughter’s eyes when she learns something new. She gets so happy and wants to show me over and over the new thing she had mastered or learned about.

    What I am most excited about while being pregnant is getting to experience having a baby boy since I have my daughter. I know there will be simulators but I also know he will be very different and I will have new things to learn about caring for a boy versus a girl.ReplyCancel

  • House

    I love when i’m sad my babies come and give me kisses and cheer me up.ReplyCancel

  • adina

    I love the hugs!ReplyCancel

  • Susan L

    love it when they start to smileReplyCancel

  • Deidra Tekavec

    I just had my third son.. I’ve just reached my one year mark in nursing him. It was a challenge in that he refused any and all bottles, and I’ve had to basically go through my BSN schooling from home, self teaching, so I can nurse him and wouldn’t have given up our goal. I made this beautiful decision, as exhausting as its been, it is an experience that changed me, empowered me and brought me so close to my son.ReplyCancel

  • Tara Peek

    My favorite thing about being a mom is the smile he gives me from his crib in the morning the first time he sees me. Melts my heart.ReplyCancel

  • Kristin

    I love watching my little guy grow and discover new things everyday! He’s only 9 weeks but has already changed my life and how I look at the world <3ReplyCancel

  • Seeing my 4 month old baby boy smile just melts my heart every time he does it! I just can’t get enough!ReplyCancel
    Serena recently posted..I Moved My Blog To WordPress.org!My Profile

  • My favorite thing about being a mom is that I’m constantly learning something new from my son, Finley. He’s only two but he’s so smart and loving.ReplyCancel

  • Sierra M.

    Pregnant with our first so excited! Hope I win:)ReplyCancel

  • I’ve just reached the 1/2 way point (21 weeks) in my first pregnancy and love feeling our little boy move around! I am SO excited to see my husband become a father. He is a wonderful partner and I know he will be an incredible dad!ReplyCancel
    Jen recently posted..Attack from the South. Mad dash from Wellington to Auckland on the North Island.My Profile

  • Chelsea

    Raising my little one!ReplyCancel

  • Heather

    I have a 9 month old son & motherhood is just the best ever. The best part of my day is when he falls asleep so peacefully in my arms . The love you have for your child is indescribableReplyCancel

  • Liat lasry

    Great products! I already have the orbit system, but the old model, would love the new one!ReplyCancel

  • Steve Fuller

    When they finally walk.ReplyCancel

  • Karen

    My favorite first milestone is when they take that first step, the happiness and joy in their face means the world to me.ReplyCancel

  • Megan McClintock

    I love my new baby girls coo’s when she is sleeping. They melt my heart!ReplyCancel

  • I love nursing my littles. Favorite moments come from those quiet times together.ReplyCancel

  • I’m due with our third little boy in two short weeks and I’m most excited to just have him here in my arms already!!ReplyCancel
    AP recently posted..36 And A Half Weeks And As Whiny As They Come. But Also… BUNNIES!My Profile

  • Rhi

    I love seeing the world through my son’s eyes.ReplyCancel

  • Brenda

    I love that our daughter is starting to give real hugs and stops what she’s doing to come give us one!ReplyCancel

  • Laura

    Im a mother of three (soon to be 4) and my favorite milestone is seeing them learn to speak in two languages so smoothly and carelessly. It’s amazing how they go from words to suddenly creating long sentences in MONTHS if not weeksReplyCancel

  • I am expecting in June and still need some big items. This would be fabulous!!ReplyCancel

  • Diana Cote

    I had a problem subscribing to the rss, its not working for me and just reloads back to the same option… i hit the button like i completed it because usually i have no problem with it but its not letting me, I’m sorry… could you remove that entry for me please? i would hate to be disqualified for it. Thank you so much! 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Diana Cote

      nvm i got it to work now so i subscribed via the yahoo option. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Taylor Rogers

    I absolutely love everything about being a mom! My daughter is so precious. My favorite part is watching her grow, it is just so amazing and incredible. Pregnancy and mothering is the most special and beautiful thing.ReplyCancel

  • Rachel Rich-Shea

    My favorite milestone is when your baby starts talking! To hear their little voice is so sweet.ReplyCancel

  • I love every single product in this giveaway, and even though my last bundle of joy is one year old, I know some future mommas to be soon! Would love to win!ReplyCancel

  • Hazel

    I am currently pregnant with my first and is excited to meet my baby girl! I look forward to all of her first. Her first smile, her first steps….. Thank you for this awesome giveaway. Crossing my fingers and toes!ReplyCancel

  • Kimberly

    Our new little guy will be here any day. I’m excited for newborn, milk-drunk baby cuddles.ReplyCancel

  • I love that my kids are really, truly, funny people. Motherhood is always an adventure and at the end of the day, I’m glad I jumped on for the ride.ReplyCancel
    Kathryn recently posted..7 Quick Takes: Growing our own food, a little pretty and a room full of t-sipsMy Profile

  • Brenna

    I’m due in 5 weeks and would LOVE to win!!ReplyCancel

    • Brenna

      I’m excited to have a newborn again and to see my other “baby” become a big brother!ReplyCancel

  • Angie Ukena

    I love it when babies start to walk, they are so cuteReplyCancel

  • jamilah

    I will be a first time mom in November 2014 and I look forward to seeing our little one and their personality. It is so exciting. I am blessed beyond words and this pregnancy has been beautiful! I am loving every minute of it! 2 months and 2 days!ReplyCancel

  • Harmony

    I am 19 weeks pregnant and super excited about being a first-time mom! I look forward to seeing my baby grow and develop!ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth

    There are so many things to love! With my 3 year old, each day we are amazed by his thoughtful questions and humorous comments. With my younger one I love watching each step of development as he moves further from “infant”, which is also sad!ReplyCancel

  • Courtney Messick

    By far the most amazing experience of my life was giving birth to my daughter Novella. My experience was great and words can not describe how special moments were. I can’t wait to experience it again 🙂 thanks for the opportunity!ReplyCancel

  • rachel

    I can’t wait to meet our baby in just 2 short months!ReplyCancel

  • My favorite milestone is the first Smile!ReplyCancel

  • Silvana

    Mom of four. What I most like about being a mom is too see they go through the milestones, specially when they are just born. It’s such an wonderful thing to see a little human being growing up, becoming his own little person. I love it.ReplyCancel

  • Becca F

    I most look forward to being able to love and care for another human being while watching them grow up and teaching them how to being contributing members of societyReplyCancel

  • Noelle

    Would love to win this awesome giveaway!ReplyCancel

  • Noelle McKaig

    I LOVE being a mom. I was always very anti children and one day that changed and we had our first who is a little boy with big blue eyes and he changed my whole world! I love that he needs me and that he wants me and at the end of the day no matter how exhausted I am he is there with a big grin on his face! He is almost 4 months old and what a big personality for such a small guy!ReplyCancel

  • Kelsi L

    Pregnant with my first right now – I love how it brings me and my husband closer together through the whole process.ReplyCancel

  • Diana H

    I’m expecting our first in just 18 short weeks!! I’m so excited and anxious to hold my little boy and share so many giggles and snuggles!!ReplyCancel

  • Victoria Farinas

    Right now, my favorite thing is seeing how much my 2 year old loves my newborn. It melts my heart when they are togetherReplyCancel

  • Anne Marie

    I am pregnant and a mom to a little 2 year old boy. I am looking forward to seeing how my beloved first born welcomes him little brother into the world and how we will develop as a family of four.ReplyCancel

  • Jordan Martin

    There is too much to love, I loved being pregnant and knowing I was creating this incredible miracle. Now that she is here I love everything about being a mom, it has it’s trying time but it’s so worth it! I love her smiles, bath time, nursing her, and kissing her all day long! It’s such an amazing love that can’t be described!!ReplyCancel

  • As a New mom of a 4mo. It Has been the greatest 4 months of my life. As I’ve seen her grow my love has become greater and greater that not even words can explain. becoming a mom was definitely the greatest Gift god has given me.ReplyCancel

  • Erin C

    We have hoped for this baby for such a long time. This will be our first child and I absolutely cannot wait to see his or her face!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Clark

    I love when they start to laugh! Makes sleepless nights more enjoyable (;ReplyCancel

  • Macye

    The thing I love most about being a mom is — everything! What’s not to love? Having a baby is the most rewarding thing in the world. (:ReplyCancel

  • Tami C.

    I loved being pregnant and I love being a mother. I am now a grandmother to two little girls, a grandson that was due 8 days ago and another due in October. Sweet baby kisses and snuggles never get old.ReplyCancel

  • Mary McDonald

    I’m excited about having our baby at home, finding out what gender it is and those precious newborn snuggles.ReplyCancel

  • I am excited for baby snuggles again, and to see the baby’s big brother grow into his new role.ReplyCancel

  • I’m hoping it’s a little girl. I just want to share all my girly stuff I had when I was younger.ReplyCancel

  • I’m currently 22 weeks. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs with a lot of stress. I’m just looking forward to meeting this baby. He/she has been worth it all.ReplyCancel

  • margarita

    This is a really amazing giveaway!! i would love to win!!! i am pregnant with our first baby. due in june!!! we are super excited!! preparing for the baby takes up most of the finacial stuff can get difficult but if i win would be nice to cross off few things off my list for baby!!!!ReplyCancel

  • theresa j

    I love all the little moments that make me smile and laugh.ReplyCancel

  • Julie

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE my little three so much. We have so much fun, although my days are completely exhausting and spent!ReplyCancel

  • Melanie Morin

    I love discovering something new everyday with my 15 week-old baby girl. That’s my favorite thing about being a mom, the constant learning. And of course unconditional love.ReplyCancel

  • nickie

    I love it when my son discovers something new. He just jumps up and down with joy. It’s a wonderful sight.ReplyCancel

  • Curretly preggo and what I’m looking forward to is 1×1 time with the baby. I am also looking forward to seeing The Wife hold his baby for the first time.ReplyCancel
    Chris – What I Run Into recently posted..Fitness Update: Pregnancy Workout Jersey Shore-StyleMy Profile

  • Liz B

    I am 18 weeks pregnant with our first, a baby boy. I am most excited about experiencing life, my husband and myself in a whole new way!ReplyCancel

  • Dejah morris

    I just became a mom 2 months ago. I love watching this girl learn and develop. My favorite milestone happened yesterday, when she kept smiling as my hair brushed her cheek!ReplyCancel

  • Chelsea

    I have a 5 year old 14 month old and a 5 week old. I am so in love with watching each stage of development from cooing to walking to asking why about everything! I love being a mom and am so blessed to have the privilege of being a mommy to these wonderful kids! : )ReplyCancel

  • Jaime

    Amazing giveaway! I have a 3 year old and newborn, so I could definitely use these goodies!!ReplyCancel

  • Kate N.

    Endless hugs and snuggles are the best part of being a mom. And the smell of a new baby, fresh out of the bath. It’s the best smell ever.ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Flores

    I love watching my child grow everyday, everyday he does something new!ReplyCancel

  • So intrigued by the Mamaroo! Would love the Orbit G3!!ReplyCancel

    • Briana C

      Doh! I commented before clicking to enter and seeing the prompt… As a mom (yet pregnant) I love the unpredictability in kids observations and reactions. How the mundane can be simply mesmerizing!ReplyCancel

  • I’m pregnant with baby #2 and am most excited to see my daughter become a big sister!ReplyCancel
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  • Yolie

    I love all these!!ReplyCancel

  • Kelsey

    I am pregnant currently. I’m mostly looking forward to meeting our little man!!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what he looks like, see how his little personality is, and to experience being his mom!ReplyCancel

  • Carissa Joslyn

    My favorite part about being a mom is see my child learn things from what I have Taught them.
    My oldest had strokes when he was 3, and he had a lot of set backs, now he sees specialists all the times. but since he was 1 I worked with him with numbers & letters. So his teachers and specialists make me feel good about that because he wouldn’t be where he is if i hadn’t done that!

    & I love seeing my youngest interact and learn from his brother!ReplyCancel

  • Ryan Origon

    I have a 2 year old daughter and will be having a little boy in 2 months. I can’t wait to see her loving her brother!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Claire McCabe

    Having our first – a baby boy – I can’t wait to hold him and see his little face for the first time!ReplyCancel

  • polly kranz

    As an expecting mom, I am most excited about meeting my baby for the first time!! She kicks constantly and I can already tell she’s going to be an incredibly special little person. I love her so much it hurts, and I haven’t even gotten to meet her yet!! I can’t wait to learn about her personality and see the woman she will become!ReplyCancel

  • I love that all of my children have different personalities, very different spirits. It keeps things new, everyday.ReplyCancel

  • Yvette T

    I’m pregnant so I’m most excited to just meet our baby and watch them grow upReplyCancel

  • I’m a mom to two and there isn’t anything I dislike about being a mom! There I’d never a dull day and I’m never alone, I loved all the firsts and I love the little people my kids have become. Both completely unique. I absolutely love being a mommy!!ReplyCancel

  • Mike

    My wife is 4 months pregnant and all of these items are on our “dream list.” I am eager to see what challenges being a new dad will bring!ReplyCancel

  • meredith

    im pregnant and im excited to figure out what this peanut looks like!ReplyCancel

  • Lauren S

    I love the newborn baby smell. I mean, I love everything about being a mom but that smell is something i will never forget. I have 2, and a 3rd one on the way. My first 2 were close together, and it’s taken us 4 years to get pregnant again. I am so excited to experience it all over again.ReplyCancel

  • I’m expecting my second baby in September! We are so excited! That orbit g3 that you can get the add ons for is dreamy! I love being a mom! My favorite thing is watching them learn andgrow!ReplyCancel

  • Becky Downs

    I’m pregnant with our 3rd but it’s our first girl! I’m most excited to see how the big brothers react as she gets older.ReplyCancel

  • angelica

    I am pregnant with my fourth and my favorite milestone is when baby can play with his feet or just talk non stop without me knowing what they are saying. As a Mom, the best moments is watching your child laugh or smile or even mimic you.ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie Galbraith

    I am a mom, but my kids are older. The most exciting moments were the first moments, the first word, the first walk, the first time going to the bathroom on their own, the first school day… etc. My future sister in law is pregnant and I’m excited for her. I would love to win this for her.ReplyCancel

  • Erica C.

    Just excited for someone who is a combination of both of us.ReplyCancel

  • Mercedes

    Im newly pregnant after trying to conceive for over a year, my husband and i have suffered through loss and surgery and are finally pregnant. we are so excited to meet our little miracle and I would be so happy if I was lucky enough to win this give away 🙂 thank youReplyCancel

  • I love the smiles on my little ones’ faces!ReplyCancel
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  • marissa

    Momma of three and counting….I love love love being pregnant…and love love love being a momma..I practice attachment parenting from the beginning all the way from breastfeeding baby wearing and co-sleeping to being in the classroom w my older babes! Crafting and cuddling makes for the best family time!!! Amazing giveaway for all mommas and mommas to be!! Good Luck everyone…kissesReplyCancel

  • jules m.

    i love watching the kids grow into their own individual personalities- they are so funny and i love themReplyCancel

  • Erica Pallutch

    I love being a mom to my 20 month old little girl and I love every little milestone that she has. She is going to be a BIG sister in Sept. & I can not wait to see her in action!ReplyCancel

  • Latisha

    Being a mom of a 2 yr old I love watching her explore and learn new things. Her smile when she discovers and conquers a new challenge is amazing. And being pregnant with my second, there is nothing like the kicks and hiccups of you’re growing little one!!ReplyCancel

  • Nikkie Myall

    If pregnant, what are you most excited about of becoming a mom?

    I think the most exciting thing that has just recently happened was when we found out we were having a BOY! I mean prior to that I knew I was pregnant, but it just didn’t feel real until they told us what the gender was. Right now I’m just head over heels in LOVE with him! I can’t wait to hold him, and rock him to sleep every night. I get the chills just thinking about it! <3ReplyCancel

  • Jelisa

    I love being a momma to my sweet Zoey because a smile from her cures my mommy blues. She’s just the sweetest baby and has brought so much joy into our lives. She’s our miracle baby after trying for some many years and being told we wouldn’t be able to get pregnant. She’s my little heaven here on earth.ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Wise

    I am pregnant and a mom to a three year old son. I am very excited to be bringing a sibling and lifelong friend into the world for him. It’s hard to choose a favorite baby stage, but I would say breastfeeding, through any age is my favorite and I am so excited to be able to do that again soon!ReplyCancel

  • Mama to be and would LOVE TO WIN!ReplyCancel

  • I love love love being a mommy. Love all the milestones my little cookie is reaching each time it makes my heart burst!! Never would have believed a love like this could exist its out of this world. Don’t get me wrong there are trying times, sleepless nights, and growing pains but at the end of the day no matter what it is always worth it!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Jordan Martin

    While I was pregnant I loved feeling my sweet little baby kicking, I loved the confidence of the bump and knowing I was creating a little human! Now that she’s here (2 months) I am so in love with watching her grow and having her smile at me and my husband! Nothing compares to it!ReplyCancel

  • Yvette CHavez

    I would love to win the all the prizes I enjoy being a mother and looking forward to my new bundle of joyReplyCancel

  • Gonca Soyer

    I have an orbit g2 and a mamaroo! We didn’t get a chance to use mamaroo with my daughter (she is 2) but my son is enjoying bothReplyCancel

  • Maricris

    Seeing our baby’s first smile is definitely my favorite milestone. It was so beautiful and heartwarming -We would do just about anything to make him smile. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Jessi B

    I am a Mama of three boys-with an 8 (&10) year gap between “Big” and Baby. I LOVE that the third time around, I GET what seasoned moms were telling me when I was in my 20’s-carpe diem. The days seem long-but they truly rush past like a gust of wind in a thunderstorm and before you realize it they’re 10 (or 18!! Sob!) and the baby years are gone. I LOVE being able to sit and BE IN THE MOMENT so much more now than what I did 8-10 years ago!ReplyCancel

  • Avary

    I’m a mom now and we plan on trying for a second little one so winning this would be more then amazing! It would help so much! I’ve always wanted to try the orbit stroller and honest diapers! That swing looks adorable and I love all the little shops included. I don’t know what I’d do if we won!ReplyCancel

  • Karen Drake

    I am a grandmother and every milestone my grandson reaches is wonderful, he just recently started to talk and calls me “Na, Na”, it is so adorable.ReplyCancel

  • Rachel

    I am so excited to become a mom and see what our little baby is like!ReplyCancel

  • What do I love about being a mom?

    What DON’T I love about being a mom?

    I love taking care of my sweet baby and truely find it a blessing to be able to stay home with her each day. She is the light of my life and I love every second I have to watch her learn and grow.

    Being a mom is such a fulfilling job. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my own baby reach mile stones and seeing her giggle and smile.ReplyCancel

  • Caitlin G

    I’m a new mom (9 weeks today!) and so far my favorite milestone has been her sweet smile. I melt every time she smiles up at me!ReplyCancel

  • MARIA simon

    I love my babies so much..there is nothing like being a mother..everything they do is precious and priceless…I cant just say one thing..every day is a blessing with themReplyCancel

  • Karrie Millheim

    Seeing their beautiful faces and loving foreverReplyCancel

  • Jena-Christine

    I absolutely LOVE looking back at pictures of my LO and reminiscing on how much she’s learned/accomplished in her 9 months earthside! Love my baby girl!ReplyCancel

  • Samantha Riesland

    I’m a new mom to Emma. She is 5 months old and I love her to death! My favorite milestone so far was the first time she smiled. And she has just started to grab my face. I love it!ReplyCancel

  • Bethany

    I love the first laugh. My son has an infectious laugh!!ReplyCancel

  • Amaris Pyland

    I love everything about being a mom to my silly daughter! I’m a stay at home mom/photographer so we get to spend LOTS of time together. I love watching her learn new things and hearing her laugh is the most amazing sound in the world! I am also pregnant with our first son. He is due May 9th. I can’t wait to meet him and see how my daughter reacts to having a baby brother!ReplyCancel

  • tina reynolds

    I have three children right now and hope to have a fourth soon. I would say just watching them grow seeing how unique way they grow I love the smiles, laughs and noting ever comes close to the I love yous.ReplyCancel

  • Katherine

    I truly enjoy spending time with my children. Listening to their conversations with each other is always enlightening, and usually hilarious! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Felton

    I love watching them learn and grow. It’s an amazing journeyReplyCancel

  • Mihaela Day

    I Love the sweetness and kindness of my little guy 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Sabrina Trujillo

    I am a first time mommy to a now 3 month old baby blue! The best thing about being a mom is the cuddles, the kisses (even though he doesn’t really like them), and being able to love someone from the very beginning or life to the very end. I love watching him grow in both size and milestones. At 3 months he talks a lot, mimics facial expressions a little, and can sit with lower back support. I am very proud to be a mother!ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie Marcus

    I just love cuddles on the couch and kisses and hugs I get from my little man. I can’t wait to experience that with my little guy on the way.ReplyCancel

  • Anne Marie

    I can’t wait to see my two year old begin bonding with his brother due in August!ReplyCancel

  • Zhar

    Due in August and a mom of 3 beautiful children. What I love the most about pregnancy and motherhood are sharing memories. I love documenting firsts and keeping even the silliest memories of my children. I now have an 11 and 9 year old girls and we go through their scrapbook of memories every night and watch their milestone videos. It’s so much fun sharing my experiences with them. To laugh at it and relive the moment over and over and over. Wouldn’t change it for the world.ReplyCancel

  • Hillary Hewitt

    I love the excitement and pure joy each day when they discover something new!!! All of this woul be amazing for baby #2ReplyCancel

  • What an amaaaazing giveaway! I’d probably die if I won this!!!!!!ReplyCancel

    • As a mom to a 15 month old {and expecting #2 in November} I think every milestone has been wonderful. My son is such an amazing kid but this pregnancy is SO different already! If it’s a girl; she’s already a diva and I’m looking forward to seeing all her milestones!ReplyCancel

  • baby arriving in august! FTM! would love to win 🙂ReplyCancel
    janetha recently posted..weekly check in!My Profile

  • I am most excited about EVERYTHING because I have no idea what’s in store!ReplyCancel
    janetha recently posted..weekly check in!My Profile

  • Chelsey

    I’m not currently pregnant or a mom, but we are in the process of adopting a young child with special needs! I’m most excited about all the growth that happens from joining a family and having a positive environment.ReplyCancel

  • susan smoaks

    i am excited to be a mom because it is the most fulfilling thing in life.ReplyCancel

  • Christy

    I love the smiles!ReplyCancel

  • nicole brenay

    I look forward to seeing what my baby looks like. I am excited to expand my family.ReplyCancel

  • Angela Ash

    My favorite baby milestone is when they start walking. You don’t have to worry about carrying them all of the time.ReplyCancel

  • Marissa Moreno

    I love watching my son’s eyes light up when he learns something new! I love how he is the one teaching me what this world is all about.ReplyCancel

  • Amber S

    I m pregnant and a mom and honestly what isn’t there to love about it? I adore everything about it from the kisses to the hugs to even the dirty diapers.ReplyCancel

  • Nielsen

    I loved every stage if their development.ReplyCancel

  • Vanessa Diaz

    First time mommy expecting a princess ReplyCancel

  • Kelsey M

    I would love to win! I am a new mom!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda Johnson

    I’m currently pregnant with baby number 4. Hubby works 2 jobs and goes to school. This would be amazeballs to win! My favorite milestone would have to be when babies sit up by themselves. I’m not sure why that’s my favorite. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • I love being a mom and seeing my little guy change and grow!ReplyCancel

  • Breanne

    We’re currently TTC our first. Fingers crossed!ReplyCancel

  • Christina Strapp

    There are so many things I love about being a mom! I love when my daughter runs up to me to give me a hug and kiss and tells me she loves me 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Jeanette E.

    I had this bookmarked and was just checking to see if there was a winner 🙂ReplyCancel