Christmas Day Idea with Portable North Pole

Writing about Christmas this early? Yah, why not! I’m counting the days until Christmas and all I can do for now is to gather ideas for Christmas decorations, gift ideas and recipes!

Until then, I’d like to introduce you to Portable North Pole.

What is Portable North Pole? Portable North Pole is a website that sends personalized videos messages from Santa to your children. Amazing right!?

My daughter is still too small and she doesn’t really understand about Christmas and Santa Clause but I hope this year she will understand a little bit more.
With Portable North Pole, I will be able to show her a message from Santa Clause. I want her to experience the joy of and spirit of Christmas with a little video message from Santa. When I was young, I believed in Santa and I have great childhood memories of excitement when we opened our presents on Christmas Day thinking Santa brought our gifts! Even if we believed it or not, those memories are what made our Christmas special!

Portable North Pole is an awesome idea for Christmas Day and seems like children will really enjoy it.

You may want to stay tuned at their Facebook Page and via Email when the videos will be available for you to send one to your child.
Also, you may want to “like” them on Facebook. Portable North Pole’s Facebook Page is filled with Christmas spirit.. and I love that!

Getting a Portable North Pole letter from Santa to your children would be an unique and amazing gift!
I hope you have yourself a merry little Christmas!


Disclosure: This is a compensated post sponsored by Portable North Pole.

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