DIY Cloud & Rain Drops Nursery Mobile

Clouds, raindrops & umbrella prints seem to be a trend this year and I’m loving them on leggings, t-shirts and as wall paper.  Clouds and rain make me very happy specially because we are in Southern Cali where rain doesn’t come by often. So, I created this simple nursery mobile for our little guys room to show you how it turned out and I how I made it.


FOR THE CLOUD: The process of sewing this cloud mobile is very easy and suitable for beginners like me. I used the same process of making the cloud pillow just like my DIY Mini Heart Pillows tutorial. I hand drew the cloud silhouette in paper then I cut out two pieces in white cotton fabric. To make the cloud look tufted, I hand sow in between the pillow with a few stitches.

FOR THE RAINDROPS: The only trouble I had was with the raindrops. The raindrop fabric pieces are so tiny I had trouble sowing them on the sowing machine because the fabric material, so I decided to sew them by hand. That is why they look a little messy but I still love how they turned out.

To hang the mobile, I used thread and thumbtacks.


Hope you enjoyed this craft.

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