Layered Ice Cream Pops

The heat in Southern California makes us wish for a little cool weather, cool refreshments, ice cream and pool! Spring weather in Southern California was so short that we jumped straight to summer.
Ice cream is something we love all year round but we specially crave during this time of year. Inspired by this heat, I created these fun colored ice cream pops with my daughter and hope you enjoy and craft them with your kiddos.




To create these fun Ice Cream pops you will need:

– Vanilla Ice Cream
– Icing Colors
– 5 oz Dixie Cups
– Popsicle Sticks

– In a small mixing bowl, Mix in a scoop of ice cream with one drop of Icing Color of your choice and mix well until color is well combined and easy to mix.
-Add about one spoonful of the colored ice cream to the cups, tap on the cup to settle the ice cream mixture and freeze until a little firm, just firm enough to add a second layer. (about 10-20 mintues) Then add the second layer and freeze until ice cream is firm.
Finish with another layer of colored ice cream if desire and Place a Popsicle stick in the middle and freeze until ready to serve.
– To remove from the cup, simply run the frozen ice cream pop on running water for a few seconds until it’s released.

Notes: try to color ice cream, one color at a time.

Happy Summer, Enjoy!


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