Top 10 Favorite Apps for Preschoolers

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I do believe that hands-on experience is a top priority for young children to learn but sometimes is necessary to entertain kids with an iPad or cell phone while in Dr office, travel, airplane, or road trip. A good educational app game and TV apps can not only entertain but help preschoolers with their writing, vocabulary and motor skills.  Our Little Aries loves using the iPad to watch TV &  play educational games so that is why Verizon FiOS and I teamed up to bring you my favorite apps for the young ones because after all, you need a good reliable internet service like FiOS Internet for these fun educational apps.

After a few hours of testing these apps with our little girl, I compiled a list of  our favorite iPhone/iPad educational Apps for preschoolers! Please note that most of these are FREE and some require a charge.


Here are our favorite TOP Apps for Preschoolers Ages 5 & Under.

1. Petting Zoo Funny and Quirky animals kids can virtually pet and have fun. My girl loves often gets a laugh attack when playing with Petting Zoo. This app is fun and entertaining for all ages. $2.99

2. Sesame Street Family Play.  Not a game but a collection of fun family game ideas to have fun with the kiddos depending on your location: home, bathrrom, living room etc. $.99

3. Endless Alphabet : Alpahabet recognition, vocabulary expansion, and fun quirky noises that makes kids laugh out loud while learning their alphabet. I love that the words are described and reinforced by fun cute monsters. $6.99

4. Doc McStuffins: Time for Your Checkup: The Doc is in..  I’m pretty sure we all parents of a little girl have the song in our heads all the time, am I right? This app is just as fun as the TV series that is filled with sorting, exploring and caring for toys, dolls and more. $3.99

5. Disney Jr: We watch it with our FiOS TV but when we are on a long roadtrip, LA Traffic, on a waiting room, or even at home; Aries loves wathcing Disney Jr live or on demand. FREE

6. The Wheels on the Bus is a fun, interactive that helps with motor skills , language and cognitive skills via the classic Wheels on the Bus song. Even though the song is a bit short, our Little Aries adores this app. $1.99

7. PBS Kids Video: Another fun TV app that is safe and easy for kids to browse their favorite character TV shows. FREE

8. Articulation: Fun interactive app to help preschoolers learn how to pronounce and practice the consonantal sounds in the English language in 6 fun  activities like matching games & flash cards. I love that was designed by a speech pathologist to help families speak and pronounce the English vocabulary more clearly, just perfect for preschoolers. FREE

9. Little Writer: Our little girl is starting to learn tracing and writing her name. Having this app is helpful for her to practice writing skills. FREE

10. Monkey Preschool: Super easy to use. It comes with 7 different games that teach kids about colors, letters, puzzles, counting, shapes, sizes, and matching by a lovable monkey. $1.99

11. Letter School: Having as many fun apps to learn the alphabet, the better. With the Letter School app, preschoolers can learn to write letters and numbers, count to 10, sounds and fine motor skills. $2.99

Other apps we love:

Pocoyo Season 1 & 2 Little Aries is a big fan of Pocoyo, a spanish children’s tv series about a lovable 3 yr old boy called Pocoyo and his friends Pato (a duck), Elly (an elephant) and Loula (a dog). The app contains a series of unlocked episodes to watch with an Internet connection, more episodes can be unlocked by a $5.99 charge. You can also save up to 15 episodes on your device to watch later with out an internet connection. FREE / $5.99

Learn Spanish for Kids is a fun interactive app that helps preschoolers learn Spanish in a game-play format.We are a bilingual family, and Aries doesn’t really speak Spanish but she does understand it when I speak to her. Having fun Spanish speaking apps will help her develop her Spanish speaking skills.  FREE


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Verizon Fios (Somos Fios) as our Brand Ambassador partnership.

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