DIY Mini Boho Fringe Purse

Little to no sewing skills required for this little project. Fringe is one of my favorite trends, and decided to make a little purse for Aries using faux leather we bought at a flea market in San Diego. JoAnn’s always have faux leather at a great price.


What you will need:

  • A sewing machine, scissors, thread, cutting mat & rotary scissors
  • Faux leather ( less than half a yard).

I hand drew the base of the purse by making an oval shape. Or you can make a square shape purse.

Draw & cut out two pieces out of faux leather. Sew the two pieces on the reverse side, leaving about 3 inches form the opening.
Cut out two large rectangles in the same width (and about 3 inches longer from the top for a seam allowance) of the base of the purse. This two pieces will make the fringe.


Sew one fringe piece on the reverse side to the base of the purse. See below image for reference.


Cut a thin strip to make the strap of the purse. Then sew it on the inside of the purse.


Turn inside over.


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