40 Family Outdoor Activities To Try This Summer

I can all ready hear the “I’m Bored” on a hot summer day when kids are out of school. Days are now getting hotter and hotter, and it’s time to cool off outside while having fun. I have gathered 40 of the best activities for this summer to have fun with the kids!



1. Make your on mini water blobs or even a giant one to make it look like a water slide.



2. PLay Water Play Sponge Bullseye.



3. Play with water beads. I have never tried them but I’m excited to try them with my 5 year old. I would not recommend for babies or toddlers 2 or younger.

Water-beads-for-summer-sensory-play4. Make Liquid Sidewalk Chalk! Always fun to play!

Rainbow Erupting Sidewalk Chalk Paint (2)

5. Using an old bed sheet, grab some paint, and make art in the lawn.

6. Make homemade ornament bird feeders
Birdseed Craft
7. Set up your own outdoor Glow-In-The-Dark Bowling.
8. Make you own game of sticks.
 9. Make a water balloon piñata.5da63a27081edb3e8ff20f941db7552449396b27
10. Play a fun game of Drip Drip Splash! (Think Duck Duck Goose with water!)
11. Make some fun obstacle courses or games.
13. Make your own PVC Pipe Sprinkler.
14. Make some Pet Rocks.
15. Play a game of Bossy Ball.
17. Go on a nature scavenger hunt.
18. Make Domino Rocks
19. Buy some spray bottles at the dollar store and fill with water add some liquid water colors. Spray large poster boards to make awesome art!
20. Make your own Marble Launch with a fun noodle from the dollar store.
21. Make your own simple wind chimes with old cans.
22. Make ice boats.
23. Make a Lemonade Stand.
24. Make a Giant Jenga.
25. Make Pool Noodle Games.
27. Play outdoor Scrabble.
28.DIY Ring Toss
29. Have a Backyard Car Wash (my kids love to wash their bikes and scooters).
30. Make some Ice Volcanoes!
31.Bobbing for donuts. TOtal fun and hilarious. So grab the video camera and have fun playing with the family.
32. Create your own outdoor movie theater (don’t forget the concessions stand!).
 33. Play backyard Memory game.
34. Play “parachute” with a large sheet (like they do in elementary school!).
35. Make your own “stomp rocket”.
36. Make some Ice Chalk
38. Make Ice Blocks and hide treasures so kids can excavate.
Have a happy summer filled with water fun!
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