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I get many questions and requests as to how I get such pretty clear photos. So that brings me to this post to show you what apps I use and how I edit all my Instagram photos before I post them. Even though, I use my DSLR more often than my iPhone to take photos, I still use my iPhone constantly because is convenient. The iPhone camera does a decent job on taking a photo but to better you photo, I suggest following the steps I gathered for you.

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment and will get back to you as soon as possible.



My Favorite photo editing apps: (in the order I use the most)
photo 5


First Step: Open up your desired photo on Pic Tap Go Costs $1.99 but so worth it!
Second Step: if you are familiar with pic tap go, Increase the Brightside Filter to about 60%, Increase Contrast & Cripsity Filters by 50%. Never use the filters to 100% at one time. I sometimes use another brightside layer to make the photo more clean and bright but it all depends how dark the photo is. What I love about Pic Tap Go is that you can simply tap on one side of the photo and see how the photo previously looked. If you sent familiar with the app, practice… It’s ver fun and easy to use. Brightside, Contrast, Crispity & Cool It Down are the ones I use the most. Pic Tap Go only “fixes” a photo perfectly but if you would love a different soft filter on top of Pic Tap Go, I would recommend VSCOcam.

Third Step: Save to your camera roll.

Fourth Step: Open up PicFrame and select the photo you just edited. Insert a “label” and add your preferred watermark name. I like to reduce the opacity of the font to about 30% and the background label to zero.
Fifth Step: Save to your camera and/or open in Instagram to post.



  1. Try to only photograph during the day at a very well lit place, next to windows, doors or outside in the shade. Open up all you curtains and let the natural light go through.
  2. VERY IMPORTANT! Clean your iPhone camera lens every time you take a photo. You are not going to believe the difference when you clean the lens and see how much clear the the image looks. I use a mini microfiber cloth and sometimes I even my soft cotton shirt- as long as it doesn’t scratch the lens.
  3. Think before you take a photo: Do you think that is a good background? Is the background messy? Too much background distraction can ruin the photo. But remember this, sometimes the messiness can tell a story!
  4. Having a very active toddler can be so hard when photographing them. I get so many blurry photos but all I do is snap, snap and snap. Even sometimes the blurry photos are best, edit them anyways and they will look so much better! Use their favorite toys so they can look to the camera. My 4 year old likes to be photograph but sometimes she is in a bad mood. So I may have to bribe her with ice cream, a new toy from our “reward stash” and she is more happier than ever.
  5. If you are taking a picture at night, I always edit my photos to Black & White. Practice taking a photo with flash and non-flash, then edit the photos with PicTapGo, turn them into black and white and bump up the contrast and brightness. The Black and White makes the photo more professional, less noisy and cleaner.
  6. Always watermark your children’s photos! ALWAYS! If you’re profile is public, I highly recommend to take that extra minute to add a watermark to your photos. There are many creepy people out there that steal your photos and impersonate you. I’ve had many people steal my photos of my children for “role play” accounts. It’s very creepy and Instagram does nothing to help you.


Thanks for visiting. Hope you find this post helpful to better your iphone photos.

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  • Maria

    Thanks for the great tips! I thought your watermark was because you were a blogger, makes total sense now. I’m doing it now too…ReplyCancel

  • I follow you on Instagram and LOVE your pictures! Thanks so much for writing this and sharing some great tips! I am horrible at watermarking my Instagram photos but you are so right, creepy people out there have taken photos, at least not from me but they are not as great as yours. 🙂ReplyCancel
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  • Elie

    In love with this post and the helpful tips! One of my many favorites! I love all your instagram posts too!ReplyCancel

  • Quinn Pletcher

    I found this post on Pinterest awhile back and have referred to it multiple times! Thanks for the tips!ReplyCancel

  • Shanail

    This blog post was one of the best that I’ve read. Thanks for your input and I’m going to place watermarks on all of my photos now!ReplyCancel

  • Heather Edrington

    I never thought to turn night time pics to B&W! Great idea! Can’t wait to try it!!ReplyCancel

  • Mirianthi

    Love this post! My pictures look so much better thanks to you!! ReplyCancel