Creative Ways to Introduce New Foods to Kids

Introducing new foods to my Little Aries has always been an issue. She is very picky and would only eat familiar foods. We is time for lunch or dinner, we always have to make her own food. Little Aries is used to eating her usual food/snacks: cucumbers, tomatoes, noodle soup, peanut butter sandwich, fruits. If introduce her to a piece of meat or ask her to try my dish, she just won’t try it. I don’t force her to eat, I simply ask her again politely and if she says no again; I let it go. I’m just glad that she has no problem eating veggies & fruits because that is she mostly eat all day.

One tip I do share with parents on how to introduce new foods is to make food interesting to kids. Make food interesting by creating a fun shaped character out of the “new food” definitely helps and encourages children to try it. If kids love the way food is presented, they might give it a try. Be creative and shape something fun out of broccoli, peanut butter sandwich, fruits, cereals and anything your kids like. Add your children’s favorite food and introduce new foods in a creative & fun way.

Below you will find three of my daughters favorite foods I have created for her. The most recently craft food is the Crab Sandwich on a bed or Kellogg’s Rice Krispies. We used carrots as the legs, blueberries as the eyes, a piece of apple as the mouth and tomato as the claws.



Pancake Bear Instructions


Rice & Egg Bear Instructions

Team Kellogg’s is sharing 5 Ways to Introduce New Foods to Kids in an informative slideshow below:



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