20 Valentine’s Days Crafts

Ahh, the day of friendship and love is around the corner! I have seen a lot of awesome Valentine’s Day crafts already and I gathered 20 of my favorites!

I’m planning on decorating my mantel, a couple of desserts and some crafts in the next few weeks! Here are some inspirational ideas for you to craft something beautiful for Valentine’s Day.


 Valentine’s Mantel | Felt Fortune Cookies | Bar Soaps

Valentine’s Day Party Decor | Floating Hearts Frame | Burlap Banner

Lace Votive Doilies | Valentine’s Day Candy Wraps | DIY Tags | Crayon Hearts

Candle | Gift Wrap and Gift Idea for Valentine’s | Rosette Wreath

DIY Valentine’s Cards | Paper Heart Banner | Valentine’s Day Mason Project | Heart Flower Wreath

Valentine’s Day Soda | Valentine’s Day Coupons | Valentine’s Day Kisses Candy | Bannans Over You

XO Wreath



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