Our Trip to LegoLand California!

We had an amazing time at LegoLand California! It was our first time at Lego Land and we couldn’t be any happier. Lots and lots of fun! Aries had the best time specially on the Duplo Activity Area; where there was hundreds of duplo legos to explore and build things.

Lego Land is very close to us so it was so convenient. I was amazed of their customer service and how organized the park was. The food courts were so convenient; they had a cafe with many dishes to choose from and even an organic and natural cafe at the entrance.

Its so worth it take the kids for vacation or just for fun… specially on the summer because the water park its fantastic! My little one is a scary cat and didn’t enjoyed the water park as much as we hoped. Just watching all the little kids having so much fun at the splash area; it made me want to be a kid again!

We also visited the Sea Life Aquarium. It was amazing; like the rest of LegoLand. We enjoyed it, learned about new sea life species and loved seeing those amazing Giant Spider Crabs! Wow, they were so creepy!

The Tiny Town was very interesting! It was so amazing seeing replicas of well-known cities and monuments like the Eiffel Tower, The White House, Las Vegas Strip, and many more.

If you are planing on visiting soon, LegoLand California website has a special with 20% off admission plus a second day free. Another special offer is, buy 3 resort memberships you get a child membership for free!

I took some amazing shots at LegoLand, check them out below.

We had an amazing experience and we are definitely going back soon! Have you been to LegoLand? How was your experience like?

Currently, Lego Land is building a hotel and it will open on Summer 2013. I can’t wait to visit and enjoy an nice hotel stay at Lego Land. I imagine how their rooms would be like? Beds made out of Legos?

Here are some things I do recommend to bring with you to LegoLand: extra pair of clothes, sunblock, swimsuit, towel, sunglasses, snacks, spray bottle to refresh while waiting in line, umbrella, camera and stroller.

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