St Patrick’s Day Party Ideas!

 Ahh, I remember going out every year for St Patty’s Day! This year, I will be at home with the little one.. baking some St Patrick’s Day desserts and having some green beer with the honey! I gather for you some of my favorite St Patrick’s Day Party Ideas!

For the Kiddos and Children at Heart!

Surprise your kids in the morning with your some green pancakes and some green eggs?!
How about some special breakfast! Super cute and fun!
Craft away with the kiddos using colorful tissue paper
Make a leprechaun trap!

DIY Party Decor!

 Easy, simple banner!
Make a mobile rainbow! Super easy idea!

Free Printables

Oh my! St Patrick’s Day Desserts!

 Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes!

Alcoholic Drinks

 I’m definitely doing these jello shots with and w/out alcohol!
Green Beer- Simply add green coloring to your favorite beer or Irish Beer!
Martini with rainbow sugar rim! Awesome!
xylophone shots anyone?!
I’ll have a Kiss Me Mojito!
Check this out green pumps! Perfect of a St. Patrick’s Day Party!

And remember…


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