DIY Valentine’s Day Unicorn Mailbox

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Michael’s Stores.

Valentine’s Day is upon us, you should start seeing hearts, everything pink and red in celebration of Valentine’s Day! Got enough Candy conversations hearts?

Get those roses ready.. and buy all the kids classmates valentines treats ready for Cupid to deliver.

I can barely wait till my daughter brings out her box filled with things her classmates gives her, she will be excited to tell me who are they from. She loves Valentine’s Day!

In partnership with Michelle’s this month for Valentine’s Day, we created a simple unicorn Valentine’s Day box so you kiddos can take to school.

Michael’s has one of my favorite decors this upcoming celebration.


What you’ll need:

  1. Sticker/vinyl or hand-drawn eyelashes
  2. Make your horn out of paper. Cut a triangle slots slits on each side. Hot glue horn the horn to the middle of the box.
  3. Cut a petal shape out of foam sheets. Make a slit at the bottom. Overlap slit and hot glue, then hot glue to the box.
  4. Arrange and hot glue small flowers around the horn and in between ears.

Get your Valentine’s Day crafts ready. It’s almost February and love is in the air! From classroom – perfect projects to gifts for her galentines or her one-and-only, Michaels makes it happen!

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