DIY Pineapple & Watermelon Felt Bags (No Sew)

Let’s get on the bandwagon with the fruity trends this summer: Watermelon & Pineapple.  I create two cute bags for my little Aries so she could play around the house and she fell in love with them. Aries loves to carry a bag everywhere she goes to carry her favorite toys. Even at home, she wears the bags when playing around.

These bags are made out of just FELT and Hot Glue, nothing else. Easy craft project to craft with your little one. A great little gift or play accessory for your fashion forward gal!



It’s very easy to craft these little felt purses and in not time your little girl would be happy playing with them.


Materials Needed:

  • Large Felt Sheets (Not the Soft Single Felt Sheets) I found these at Hobby Lobby and the material is more sturdy than typical square felt sheets. $.79 each
  • Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Scissors

For the watermelon felt purse:
Cut out two half circles in red
Tiny black seeds out of black felt.
Then you need a 3.5 inch long rectangular felt piece out of green felt to serve as the outer part of the watermelon purse.


Glue the GREEN FELT PIECE along the edges of the red half circles.

Glue the black seeds out of felt.  Then Glue a long piece of green felt to serve as the handle/strap. DSC_0820

Instructions for Pineapple Purse:
Cut out two ovals out of the Yellow/Mustard felt.
Cut out one large and long stripe of yellow felt that measure about 4.5 inches in width.
Cut out one long thin strip of yellow felt to serve as the handle/strap.
Cut out thin strips of yellow felt to make the pattern of the outside of the purse.
Cut out a pineapple leave of green felt.
Glue the long stripe of yellow felt along the edges of the oval felts.
Glue the pieanpple leave inside the purse.
Glue the thin stripes of yellow felt to make a crisscross pattern.
Glue the straps inside of each edge of the pineapple bag.



Hope you enjoyed this little craft for the kiddos!

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