Cucumber & Lime Ice Pops

In our home, making popsicles is a must in order to cool off during the summer weather. So today, I’m sharing this refreshing recipe using cucumbers. The following easy recipe is a perfect refreshing treat that you and your family will love. My little Aries is obsessed with cucumber so I thought of making her these fun ice pops with fresh cucumbers I also made some of these cucumber and lime ice pops with a little bit of salt for me and some with sugar for my husband.



– Fresh Cucumber Slices
– A few Limes
– Water
– For a sweet taste: add sugar, For a tangy salty taste: add salt
– Popsicle Molds (I used paper dixi cups)

In a large pitcher, add water, cucumber slices and squueze a large lime. Stir and let the flavors fuze together in the refrigerator for about 1hr. If you would like to add a sweet taste: add a few teaspoons of sugar. For a tangy flavor, add a 1/4 teaspoon of salt.
– Align a few slices of cucumber around the popsicle mold and fill up with the fuzed water.
– Freeze and serve when ready.
– To remove the ice pop from the mold, simply run in water for a few seconds..


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