DIY Spider Pillow

I hate spiders, they just make shriek! I do not have a phobia but I rather them not be near me inside or outside my home. When I was living with my parents, I saw a big tarantula crawling so close to me, it freaked me out that I could sleep for days! 

My daughter loves cutesy pillow and stuffed animals now that Halloween is around the corner, I knew making a cute sleepy eye spider will make Halloween fun and cute for her. 

– (2) 15 inch diameter circle in black cotton fabric

– fiberfill or a round pillow

– Black and White Felt


Cut two 15 inch diameter circles out of black cotton fabric.  

Cut 8 legs out of black felt 

Using pins, pin the legs to the inner black circle. Then flip over and see the two black pieces together leaving an opening for the pillow or fiber fill. 

Turn inside over and fill or insert a round pillow. 

dsc_0364dsc_0001It turned out quite cute don’t you think? 


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