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Halloween is the second favorite time of year! We love the idea of cosplay, DIY costumes, trick or treating and candy! We started dressing up the kids since they were born, and not only for Halloween but for fun, inspiration and creativity. In partnership with Michael’s Stores, we are showing you how to make an inspired Edward Scissor Hands Costume you can do as well. It’s simple and very detailed. I had a lot of fun making this costume using mostly products you can find at Michael’s.Edward Scissorhands Costume DIY


We have been meaning to do an Edward Scissor Hands costume as of last year, but we never got around to do it. Junius has the hair and he does look like a mini Depp. So here is how you can re-create our costume.


You will need the following:
– Old belts or Used belts from any thrift store. I bough 4 different belts at $2each.
– Various shapes and sizes of studs. Michael’s, has may great iron-on, jewelry studs & more.
– Michael’s Black Pleather Fabric 1yrd for a 2-4 year old. (Or the easy way: a black turtle neck and black leggings)
– Gray Plastic Knifes
– Black Gloves
– Face Paint & Hairspray

First let me tell you that I’m not an expert at sewing, in fact I only sew basic things like pillow cases and such. So this time around, I decided to sew my own long sleeve tee and pants using Michael’s Fabric by The Yard online. I only used 1 yard of the black pleather fabric. I used my own pattern for creating baggy pants from this previous tutorial. Use my tutorial to sew your own easy black pants for the costume.

For the tee I simple traced and cut the pattern from a baseball tee that Junius had just like the tutorial of the pants.

Once you have your, tee & pants. Start prepping the belts. This costume consist in lots and lots of belts, wrist and knee bands. Cut the ends of the belt if it’s too long for you little one. Use the ends of the belts as wrists bands, or knee bands and glue some studs. Make a hole in the belt ends and tie with some black string. If you are lucky to find studded belts at the thrift store, even better!

Michael’s has iron on stud strap belts, like these spike stud straps that are perfect to tie around the knee. Michael’s also has leather belt straps.

To make the scissor hands: You need some black plain gloves which I found at a Halloween party supply store. They were still a bit big on my guy so I had to flip over and sew them to make them smaller.

Cut the teeth of the plastic knifes with some sharp scissors. Cut about 2 inches of the end of the knife. Trace the scissor handles on black felt and cut several of them. (Make sure you buy the felt that is more stiffer than regular felt, they are usually the bigger size felt sheets). Glue the scissor handle to a knife. Using a piece of felt, glue the scissor half to middle of one of the glove fingers. Re peat until you have several scissor halfs.

The scissor hands may become heavy and may fall off but you put them on your little one, add a studded strap to secure.

Once you have added the belts on your little one, paint their face in light layer of white paint. Add a little dark eye shadow on the eyes are and the tip of the lips.

Add plenty of hairspray on the hair.

There you have it.

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