DIY No-Sew Bat Wings

Halloween is getting closer and closer and we couldn’t be more excited because it is so fun to dress up! Ever since our little guy arrived, I have been creating cosplays costumes and sharing them on Instagram. If I only had more time to make more cosplay costume I would absolutely craft more every day.

Today, I bring you an easy no-sew bat wings for you or your little ones! Super easy and fun to make. These wings are perfect for a batman costume, inexpensive and kids would love to pretend-play any day!

These batwings are so darn cute for little crawlers, my little guy looks adorable crawling with this bat wings attached, and flapping them over and over.


You will need:

  • Medium elastic (for the arms) and thin elastic (for the hands or finger)
  • 1 yard of Felt
  • Glue Gun & Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Dressmarking Pencil for marking/tracingDSC_0486

First Step: Trace out the bat wings with a water based pencil (I used my dressmarking pencils). Let your kids lay down on the felt and trace/hand draw the batwings. Cut out the bat wings.


Second Step: Measure and cut the elastic accordingly to fit your kid’s arms wrapped around like a backpack. Glue both ends to the felt wings to about 5 inches below the edge of the center of the wings; not like I pictured below. It was a trial error and its much better if the elastic is glued a few inches below my first trail error.  (Picture Below)


Measure your kid’s middle or ring finger and cut the elastic accordingly. Hot glue to the felt in the position where the finger reach out on the felt.

For babies & toddlers, It’s better to attach the wings with elastic wrapped around their wrist instead of finger. (Pictured below). Measure the baby’s wrist and cut the elastic accordingly, then hot glue the elastic to the felt wings in the position where the arms reach.







Hope you and your kiddos enjoy this fun craft!

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  • Such a cute little idea, they look adorable 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Thanks you very much for posting this idea. My son 6th birthdays is in 2 months and I have been looking for an easy way to make Dragon wings (as it’s the theme of his party) and you just save my day!… I will twist the design to make it look as dragon ones and I’m sure that is going to be the “difficult part” because the rest it’s going to be sooo easy… I know all the boys will have tons of fun wearing them. Thank you a million.ReplyCancel

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  • Hey there! I love these wings. Can you tell me about how many of the larger wings you can make with a yard of felt? I’m looking to make them for a halloween party!ReplyCancel

    • Hi! I would definitely buy an extra yard just to make sure you have enough.ReplyCancel

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