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Christmas is just around the corner, and Im not even close to finishing shopping for holiday gifts. I’m only 12 days away frommy due date and, well, shopping all day at this stage of my pregnancy is almost impossible. Since baby love will be born around Christmas, I’m making homemade gifts for my neighbors andschool teachers inspired by the scent of Glade®PlugIns® Scented Oil Warmer Customizables in Pure Vanilla Joy and Frosted Berry Kiss. If you haven’t tried the new Pure Vanilla Joy and Frosted Berry Kiss scents from their Limited Edition Winter Collection; you are definitely missing out. The Glade®PlugIns® Scented Oil Warmer Customizables™ alternates between the two scents daily, leavingour living room smelling like the holidays.



Apart from building the anticipation for upcoming holiday festivities, both scents remind me of why I love this time of year. The scent of Pure Vanilla Joy leaves me craving my mom’s delicious holiday treats (the pregnancy only intensifies these!) and inspires me to bake some of my own with my daughter, whileFrosted Berry Kissreminds me of the cheers and laughter the holidays bring and leave me yearning for the first snowfall of winter to arrive. It just may be the hormones, but let me tell you, they smell fantastic and leave me with the #bestfeelings of the holiday season, and ready for the New Year.  

Each December, I inevitably think back over the past year and reminisce. What are your best moments of 2013? Between now and NYE, tweet your best moments from 2013 with the hashtag #bestfeelings and be sure to tag @gladeI’d love to see your responses, and Glade® will be posting select tweets to their Tumblr page every hour on December 31st. 

DIY Holiday Gift Sets


 As I previously mentioned, this year I will be making my holiday gifts instead of purchasing them. Below, I’ve created two types of gift sets – one is perfect for a teacher and other for our neighbors. So gather up your children to help, brew up some hot chocolate, turn on some carols to get you in the holiday spirit– I recommend checking out this new one by Glade® and Jordin Sparks called “This is My Wish” (available for a free download until December 31stat– and get crafting! 

The firstgiftset, which was inspired by the Pure Vanilla Joy scent,is aDIY Gift Box in a crafty, chalkboard container filled with homemade vanilla cookies.




  • Small plastic containers (I found these small containers at Target for  $1 each in the party supplies section) 

  • Chalkboard paint 

  • Sponge brush 

  • Ribbon 

  • Chalk  

  • Parchment paper to separate cookies, if desired 


Paint the outside of the containers with the chalkboard paint in two coats; letting each coat dry completely. Add cookies, decorate with a ribbon & use chalk to write the name of the person you are giving the present to.



The second giftset is a DIY Gift Box made of Scrap Fabric. If you, like me, have piles of fabric quarters laying around, this is the perfect time to put them to use!




  • Fat quarter28″ x 28″ (71 x 71cm) fabric 

  • 6 x 6 x 4 (15 x 15 x 10cm) box 

  • Small cardboard boxes (I found these boxes at Walmart for $3 for a set of 6) 

  • Scissors 

  • Homemade cookies like cranberry bliss bars inspired by the Glade®Frosted Berry Kiss fragrance  


Place your baked goods inside the cardboard box. 

On a flat surface, lay the fabric scrap in a diagonal angle, placing thebox in the center on of the fabric, as shown in the picture below.


Pull up two corners of the fabric (Corners B & D, if referencing below photo) and center above the box while arranging gathers evenly. Tie with a knot.



Grab the two other ends of the fabric (Corners A&C, if referencing above photo) by gathering layers evenly. Tie a knot above the first knot and you are done. 

Both of these DIY Gift Boxes are inexpensive, easy and shouldonly take you a fewminutes to re-create.


Both of these DIY Gift Boxes are perfect for small and homemade baking gifts that will only take you a couple of minutes to re-create yourself.




Hope you enjoyed this fun craft inspired by Glade®PlugIns® Scented Oil Warmer Customizablesin Pure Vanilla Joy and Frosted Berry Kiss. Don’t forget to follow Glade® via TwitterandFacebook for scent inspirations, promotions andmore, and enjoy the new “This is My Wish” holiday song featuring Jordin Sparks on YouTube! 

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Glade®. All opinions and content is 100% my own.  

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