9 Month Pregnancy & Update


My due date is around the corner. It’s exciting and I’m nervous at the same time. My due date from December 20th was moved to December 23rd and with only 5 days left, my doctor told me it could be sooner since I was about 5-6 cm dilated at last week’s check up.

As I’m witting this blog post, I’m having very slightly contractions and back pain so and I”m thinking this is the day. We have been waiting for our little man for what it seems like forever but time flew so by so fast I wish I had a pause button to finish all the things I wanted to to do before the baby arrives. It will sure be my most precious Christmas gift a mother could ask for. Keeps us on your prayers and positive thoughts as I go through the painful but rewarding labor.

As soon as the baby arrives, I’ll be having a fantastic giveaway & some great baby reviews and we are calling it a Dream Newborn Gift Guide; stay tune.

If you would love to see baby Junius first picture when he is born, I’ll be sharing them via  my Instagram and our birth story to follow on the blog.


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