Instagram Project: How To Display Your Instagram Pictures

I love Instagram, is my favorite social media outlet. I love engaging with the people I follow and people that follow me. Its a little way to show my daily adventures of my love for food, children’s fashion, crafts and my daily life. Follow me via Instagram @blogali.

So, today I”m showing you a fun way I display my favorite Instagram pictures.

There are three options I like for printing my Instagram pictures

  • Option 1: Create a Photoshop Template to arrange photos and size. Save and upload to a usb drive then take to Office Depot to print out for $6.99 a sheet. It contains more than 24 prints in 2×2.
  • Option 2: Print Your Own Prints at home by creating a Photoshop Template and re-size them to your choice of size. I prefer 2 x 2.
  • Option 3:  Walgreen’s prints out Instagram Pictures via an iPhone App called Printicular  but the sizes are 4×4 not sure if they make any smaller than 4×4 (I have yet to try this app but it looks pretty interesting)

To re-create my Instagram Picture Display you will need the following:

– Frame ( I purchased this frame at Target in clearance for $7.98)
– Floral Wire
– Clips from Ikea $6.99 pack of 24 or you can use MINI CLOTHESPINS
– Thumb Tacks
– 2×2 Instagram Prints
– Glue Gun & Glue Stick

Remove Glass from frame. Wrap around the floral wire to one of the thumb tacks, add a little glue and attach wire to the back of the frame. (See Pics below).

Display your pictures using the clips or mini clothespins.

I’m in love with my Instagram Display and I love changing photos when ever I want too. I have it displayed on my entrance and everyone that visits, loves my Instagram Display. Hope you too.

Hope you liked this project of mine. Let me know if you have any questions.

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