Little Bow Dress

This past Christmas I sewed my first project; a little bow dress for Aries.

I received a Brother sewing machine for my 25th birthday from my handsome DH.  The first thing I sewed with my sewing machine was to fix the seams some of my hubs’ jeans.

Since I was little, I loved the aspect of creating and sewing my own clothes. I had a dream to become a fashion designer, but I never acted on that dream when I was in college. Now after seeing all those reality shows like Project Runway, it inspired me to learn about sewing. It was so frustrating sewing by hand and now with my own sewing machine I can basically do anything! So I knew I wanted to start by make a simple dress for Aries but I really have no idea on how to start. I had a picture of my head of the design so I hand drew how I wanted it to look.

Fabric: I used 1 yd remnant Rayon fabric I found at Walmart for $3. Total Cost of dress: $3

If you ask how I did it, well, I can honestly say I’m not even sure how I did it. I just measured Aries chest and length, cut up some pieces and began sewing seams. It has some imperfections but I love learning through my mistakes and I think  it’s not bad for being my first sewing project, don’t you think?

Aries enjoyed the dress and I was so happy to see her looking beautiful on a dress I made for her. I can’t wait to make dresses in different colors, sew some pillow cases and re-create my Stuffed Robot tutorial.

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