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Potty Training Made Easy with Pull-Ups and Walmart

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Pull-Ups® Training Pants. Our little guy is in the process of leaving diapers for good. As soon as he turned two we tried potty training but it seemed like he wasn’t ready to give up his diapers. We were ready to use all the help we could…

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  • James Robert

    I found it easier if I set a timer for every 1/2 hour to remind me to take the baby and so there were no accidents.ReplyCancel

  • Anel

    I’ll be potty training my first child in the next year or so!ReplyCancel

  • Sonya Morris

    So far we have been lucky and my kids have done well with wearing undies at home and pull ups when we go out.ReplyCancel

  • Mallory Aranda

    I turlly believe you can try things to help make it Easier on your self but They will potty train when they are ready!! I started potty train alil after my X was two. He wanted to wear chonies an seemed like he was into it!! NO!! He wasnt then after trying again he wouldnt even wear his chonies over his Diaper It was getting closer an closer to him be Three. And All i kept hearing is he should be potty trained oh hes Not My —– is!! I tired one more time this Jan an failed Horriblly. Tears from both of us!! But after having a crappy Day where it seemed like All I was doing was changing Diapers ( i have Two boys 16mons apart) i Took all the diapers an Hid them tight before bed time an told him in the Morning he was gonna be a big Boy an go in the potty. Leaving some New chonies for him to choose .. Longer story short it worked!! He does have pee accidents maybe twice a month at Bed time but since my hubby disnt wanna do the pulls up route He went straight from diapers to Chonies day and night .. Now we have an Almost 2 yr an He is trying to Potty train Himself. I am so Over Diapers 😩😩. This would be Amzing to and I do use these pull-ups to help with the potty training experience Not Just for me. But for him. ( yay for Big Boys )ReplyCancel

  • We haven’t had to potty train yet,but I heard pull ups are 100% the way to go.ReplyCancel

  • Cindy

    Make sure their pants are easy to unbutton. I had a pair of pants that was hard to unbutton but luckily we could slide his pants down.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Hayes

    its definitely had its up and downs. we just work on being consistentReplyCancel

  • I’m actually in the middle of potty training my youngest and getting my oldest ready for his HS graduation I know CRAZY moments happening in here (w/2 more in between too) for me what has been working for our Isy is being her ULT cheer squad she LOOOVESS it even when she jumps up from her crib at 5:30 in the AM and is screaming MAMA Peeeeee PEEEEEEE PEEEEE (she has a pull up on but she’s doing SO awesome at it) I get her to her potty and cheer her half asleep and we sing the song we made up just for her lol… I also learned with all my kids do NOT push them. It will scare them and you will have to wait. All 4 of my kids as it looks were all potty trained before 3 yrs old and I’m ok with that. They grow WAAAYYY to fast and what I have learned even with potty training and it “interesting” stories that can come from it… Just take their lead 🙂ReplyCancel

  • carol clark

    mine went ok you know a few messes none that bad well i had to get a new mattress about after 4 times of wetting himself but after he picked up his number 2 and smelt it and said whoooooo this stinks i had no more messes on the floor that happend about a month or so i was so relieved and he would pee on my sofa cause he didnt want to go to the bathroom but i trained my son at a year and a half by the time he was two no bottle no more and no messesReplyCancel

  • Judith Pride

    My three children were born about 2 years apart. My older son wore “big boy” pants with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on them when he chose to switch from diapers at the age of 19 months. I had bought several pairs and hung one in the bathroom when he was 15 months old. At 21 months, my second child, a girl, chose to wear the fancy ruffle-butt panties I had left hanging in the bathroom since she was a year old. And my youngest, a boy, started wearing his Sesame Street underwear at 18 months. The boys each had a couple of instances of bed-wetting, then learned to stay dry. My daughter never wet her panties at all. They trained themselves.ReplyCancel

Yay for Potty Training Breaks! @PullUpsBigKid

Since our last update on our potty training phase, things are going slowly but surely. We are conquering potty training. Have you taken breaks during potty training and has it help you and your toddler and has it helped you? Overall, our progress has been great. She is getting used to the idea of potty…

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Our Progress | Potty Training

I have been on and off potty training with my little girl. We took brakes but she is also on the terrible two’s stage that she sometimes she doesn’t even want to take the Pull-Ups off or on. So dealing with her attitude and potty training; is not going so well but at least we…

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Potty Training Breaks @PullUpsBigKid

I’m super excited to be participating in the Pull-Ups Potty Breaks Ambassador Program. I’m grateful for this opportunity because we are in the Potty Training phase with my toddler. So far potty training has been great! My strategy was literally living in the bathroom one complete day w/ snacks, toys, stickers and lots; lots of…

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