Step2 #EasyTurnCoupe Review

I’m so thrilled to be showing you how awesome the new Easy Turn Coupe by Step2 is! Maybe you haven’t heardView full post »

KidKraft Toddler Bed Review

My little Aries is growing up so fast. Ever since she was a baby, she has slept in our bedroom.. always next to us orView full post »

Holiday Gift Guide: Schwinn Bikes, A Perfect Holiday Gift! @RideSchwinn

I love Schwinn bikes. I have my very one Network Women’s Bike in blue by Schwinn and couldn’t be anyView full post »

Children Educational Games: Kidaptive App Review #LeosPad #Spon

Leo’s Pad, brought to you by Kidaptive, is a beautiful, interactive preschool app designed by Stanford UniversityView full post »

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey & Donald Have A Farm

Little Aries is a big fan of Mickey & Donald Duck. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is certainly her favorite cartoon toView full post »

KidKraft Review | Vintage Play Kitchen

When I was little, I always wanted a kitchen similar to KidKraft’s Play Kitchens. I don’t remember havingView full post »

Kre-O Transformers Battle For Energon Review

Did I told you that my loved one is a mega fan of Transformers? He has a collection of more than 200 transformers fromView full post »

LeapFrog Ultra eBook Review

My daughter loves her new LeapPad2 that Leap Frog sent us a while back. It has become one of her favorite toys to playView full post »

Child To Cherish Review @childtocherish

Every child should have their own piggy bank.. not only its a good way to save some money for your child but toView full post »

Nuby Review | iMonster Feeding Set @nubyusa

I love Nuby Products and The iMonsterFeeding Set is perfect for the tots! The bold colors are perfect forView full post »

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Schwinn Bike Review

I have the amazing opportunity to get to review this gorgeous bike! This bike is called the Network by SchwinnView full post »

Fisher-Price Toy Review | Loving Family Dream Dollhouse

We had the amazing opportunity to be reviewing a Fisher-Price toy! My little one loves her new Loving Family DreamView full post »

Tegu | Toy Review & Giveaway

Have you heard of Tegu? You are gonna love this amazing invention! Tegu is a for-profit company based in Honduras.View full post »

Leap Frog LeapPad 2 Review

I’m so thrilled that I was given the opportunity to review the NEW Leap Frog LEAP PAD 2. It is now available forView full post »

Arthur Christmas Movie Review

The other day me and my little Aries were watching the new movie, Arthur Christmas! It was her first Christmas movieView full post »

Melissa & Doug Toy Review & Giveaway

My baby girl loves all kinds of toys, but we LOVE Melisa & Doug’s toys. Last year for Christmas, we boughtView full post »

Our favorite plush toy: Zoobies (Review & Giveaway)

My little Aries is a big, big fan of Curious George. We watch George every single day and every time she wakes up, theView full post »

#LegoDuplos Review & Win $100 LEGO DUPLO Products!

Nothing is better than to watch your child having the most fun ever with their favorite toy! My little Aries has lovedView full post »

Holiday Gift Guide: @Tegu Review

Tegu is one of my favorite toys! I can’t express how much I love their toys and how awesome Tegu is byView full post »

JCToys Review!

I want to introduce you the most cutest and so real baby doll! I wish I had one like this when I was a little girl! IView full post »

Star Wars Fighter Pods Series1 Review

We are big fans of Hasbro (My honey is the #1) ! Specially Transformers & Other Action Figures. You should see ourView full post »

Bop It XT Review & Giveaway!

I remember playing on recess on Elementary or with the neighbors friends with Bop IT! Great memories playing with BopView full post »

Splashimals Baby Bath Toy Review, Promotion & Giveaway!

Little Aries LOVES to play in the water all the time! She knows that when I tell here lets goView full post »

Green Toys Review & Giveaway!

My little girl loves to stack toys and organize them over and over again! When her Green Toy “Pita”View full post »


Mohawk Chevron Rug Review

Do you love chevron trend? I don’t think is ever going to get old, I gotta love those zip lines! Mohawk HomeView full post »

Home Organization with Trinity Products #TRINITYproducts #spon

I like having all my craft supplies in one place and before I had them all over the place because I had no place toView full post »

Panasonic Jetforce Vacuum Review

I have the amazing opportunity to review Panasonic’s Jetforce Vacuum. I have an old small vacuum thatView full post »

Scentsy Scent Trend: Pink Pepper | Giveaway! @scentsy

I have never tried Scentsy before and only recently discovered through the blogger world. I heard so many greatView full post »

Enhancing Your Home | Glade Expressions® Fragrance Mist

How do you enhance your home? Could it be simply fresh cut flowers, new pillows for the couch, a new rug, a freshView full post »

Mohawk Rug Review

Can I just tell you that my Mohawk Rug looks amazingly on my small living room?! I chose a Mohawk Home 5′ xView full post »

Clean Air Environment with Fellowes Air Purifier

My significant other, Victor suffers from bad allergies. He has always struggled with allergies all his life. He isView full post »

Sensitive Skin? | Arm & Hammer Detergent Review

Ever since Little Aries was born, she has had sensitive skin and suffered from Eczema. We have try different lotionsView full post »

Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler Review & Giveaway!

Almost 85% of our trash is recyclable and sometimes it doesn’t fit on my outside recycle trash can so we haveView full post »

Zoku Review | Jello Popsicles!

With this heat, a popsicle is very much appreciated! I had the opportunity to review Zoku. What is ZOKU? Zoku is aView full post »

Diamond Candles Review

Mother’s day is around the corner and I found a wonderful gift idea- Diamond Candle! Diamond Candles is anView full post »

Sodastream Review & Sweepstake! (Giveaway Closed)

It’s certainly a smarter way to drink soda! We don’t drink as much soda because is just not healthy butView full post »

Vizardz #Review and #Sweepstakes

I’m super excited to show and review for YOU a memorable item that YOU can BUY for yourself or for theView full post »


Nature Box | @naturebox Review & Sweeps!

I’m on a journey to a healthier life. Since I join the #cinchspiration team; I have decided to buy healthierView full post »

Mexican Lettuce Wraps | Recipe | Review | Giveaway #foodfunhop

Today I bring you an awesome recipe & giveaway! Food Fun Hop has been created by Shy Babies and myself  (LittleView full post »

Newman’s Own Organics Review & Giveaway!

We received a BOX full of yummy organic products from Newman’s Own Organic; that we are still working our wayView full post »

Children’s Fashion

Wittlebee Review & Giveaway | Children’s Clothing

Just recently I found out about Wittlebee. Wittlebee is a monthly subscription to children’s clothes delivered toView full post »

Small Concept Review & $50 Certificate Sweeps!

I love maxi dresses specially how they look on little girls! Small Concept gave me the opportunity to review theirView full post »

My Little Jules Review

My Little Jules is an adorable online boutique store with the most cutest children’s clothes I have seen! TheyView full post »

Pediped Review!

My little Aries is very active little girl.. she loves to run, walk and tries to jump!  We have tried so many shoes onView full post »

Happy Future Organic Baby Bath Products Review & Giveaway!

Mommas? Do you buy organic products for your baby’s skin?! Happy Future organic baby products are just perfectView full post »

Huggabeans Review! Super CUTE #Crochet Beanies!

I must say I LOVE HANDMADE ITEMS!! Don’t you?! These handmade crochet beannies are just plainView full post »


Kelly Moore Bag Review

I”m super excited to be showing you my favorite bag, a Kelly Moore Camera bag called “The Chapel”. IView full post »

Kaboo Bag Review

Wouldn’t you love a fashionable purses that can protect your gadgets like iPad, iPhone or even your DSLR? I hadView full post »

Macy’s Heart of Haiti

Unique, handmade, recycled & helping those in need is what Heart of Haiti is all about. About Heart of Haiti:View full post »

Total Beauty Collection Review & Sweeps! @totalbeauty

I love beauty samples because I’m always looking for a new exciting beauty product for me to try out first inView full post »

Unique Accessories |

What is Boticca? Boticca is an online boutique for unique jewelry and fashion accessories by top emerging designersView full post »

A New You with Active by Old Navy #GetYourActiveON

This post is sponsored by Old Navy. Check out Old Navy’s Active wear in stores orView full post »


Mickey’s Halloween Party

Are you planning on attending Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland Resort? We are and I can’t wait!View full post »

Disneyland & Disney California Adventure

This was our first trip as a little family to Disneyland. I haven’t been to Disneyland in more than 12 years andView full post »

Our Trip to LegoLand California!

We had an amazing time at LegoLand California! It was our first time at Lego Land and we couldn’t be any happier.View full post »

Our Trip to Sea World San Diego

San Diego is my favorite city. I wish I could live there by the sea. We recently attended Sea World in San Diego andView full post »

Paul Frank “Mommy and Me” Event #paulfrankbabiesrus

I was so thrilled and excited to be invited to Paul Frank “Mommy and Me” Event in Beverly Hills, CA onView full post »


Geek Squad Soluction Central at Best Buy

Have you visited the Geek Squad at Best Buy for help? I visited the Geek Squad at Best Buy to get some help with myView full post »

YP Saves The Day! #YPcrave #spon

I always search on my iphone or iPad for nearby restaurants to try out or even the phone number to call. I like toView full post »

Unique Accessories |

What is Boticca? Boticca is an online boutique for unique jewelry and fashion accessories by top emerging designersView full post »

You Never Lose! Review and Giveaway! Ends Feb 6th

Have you heard of You Never Lose?!  Its an awesome website where you can win gift cards at up to 90% OFF!! How awesomeView full post »


Silhouette Portrait Review | Holiday Gift Guide @silhouetteam

I have never had a cutting tool like Silhouette Portrait and I used to cut my own crafts by hand. It was a pain butView full post »

Blog Design | ProPhoto 4 @prophotoblogs

Today I want to talk about my blog design, all thanks to the genius Prophoto 4! What is ProPhoto? A genius bloggerView full post »

Lightscoop Review!

As a blogger and a DSLR Photographer enthusiast… I know one basic rule for great shots: Natural Lighting! I neverView full post »

Photojojo Lenses Review & Giveaway!

The first time I knew about these lenses was on Pinterest.. I said to myself  “wow those lensesView full post »

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet Review!

I’m really excited to review this amazing product for YOU: Boogie Board 8.5 LCD Writing Tablet! I wasView full post »



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