DIY Unicorn Headpiece

With the holidays almost just around the corner, its time to bust out the Halloween storage tubs and get crafting and inspired.

As soon as you enter Michael’s you will now see everything Halloween, Thanksgiving and even Christmas things you really need now.

This time around we will be making a unicorn headpiece no-sew because the unicorn in you needs it. My little part unicorn girl was amazed on how fast and easy I was able to make this unicorn headpiece. She loved it so much she wants to wear it all the time around the house.

Instructions below.

You will need the following from Michael’s Store:

  • white Hancock fabric remnant
  • small amount of fiber fill
  • gold metallic cord
  • glitter tulle
  • Bead Landing gold headband
  • faux fall flowers
  • hot glue and glue sticks

Step 1. Make a half circle in the corner of fabric and cut.

Step 2. Fold to form a cone and hot glue edge.

Step 3. Fill with fiber fill.

Step 4. Overlap ends and hot glue to close cone. Add a circle shape piece of fabric if necessary.

Step 5. Using some gold tulle of fabric, cover the horn and hot glue edge. Starting from the tip of the cone, hot glue metallic gold cord around the cone and cut off remaining edge.

Step 6. Hot glue now complete horn to the middle of the gold headband and hot glue small little detailed faux flowers.

Now your unicorn fan can have their own whimsical unicorn headpiece.

Did you know September is national sewing month?? Michaels Hancock Fabrics collection makes it easy to start a new project at the best value on quality fabric. Hancock Fabrics are also cut-to-order so you get exactly what you want!

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