Favorite Family Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet Activities

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Amazon.

Busy life as a family of four can be very hectic sometimes and now that school is almost over I may be needing some help. My kiddos will need plenty of things to keep them occupied. I have always loved the Amazon Fire Kids Edition tablet and it’s the perfect to entertain and play with my kiddos during our summer break.


We are able to pull up e-books from Amazon FreeTime Unlimited to read together and use it to read during her homework out loud. She loves her Amazon Kids Edition tablet 8 and I couldn’t be happier to let her use her tablet for reading everyday.

Amazon FreeTime is a feature my husband and I love that is specially catered to kids, with safety and control features. Amazon also has a  Parent Dashboard that includes Discussion Cards. Discussion cards helps parents have a more constructive conversations about what your kiddo is engaging with and prompts parents to be more creative and create a more bonding experience. You can ask them questions, then make it a fun day based on what they discover new in the Amazon Kids Edition tablet.

Here are some ideas on how we love using our Amazon Kids Edition tablet.

  1. Read e-books together every day for 20 minutes. My daughter loves reading, and she has trouble a little with some words but we are working on it. We read everyday for at least twenty minutes and having a whole new e-library with the touch of your hand is incredible and easy to manage. She reads to her brother, while he also learns to read their about their favorite characters.
  2. Search for an easy kids recipe to bake or cook together. My kiddos and I love baking cakes and making tortillas so when I tell them, let’s bake something different tims time. They love helping me specially when they browse and select a recipe on their Amazon Kid Edition tablet. Once the dessert is selected, we read over it, we prepare ingredients and start baking.
  3. Make a craft together, pull up a kid craft on the Amazon Kids Edition tablet  and the kids would be up for it anytime of the day. Get creative and messy while creating memories all around a favorite app, story or anything inspired by Amazon FreeTime Unlimited.

We then find new favorite educational apps to play together as a family or even in road trips. I love that with the Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, all apps are included for free the first year. You as a parent can even use the Amazon Kids Edition tablet  by switching to the parent account to have full access to web browsing, social media and content blocked by FreeTime Unlimited. Talk about a two for one!

How do you and your kiddos love your Amazon Kids Edition tablet? Do you have any favorite activity with the Amazon Kids Edition tablet? Let us know what you think in a comment below.

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