Introducing Distroller World

It was just not along that we were introduced to Distroller World and we immediately fell in love even more when I found out that Distroller World is actually from Mexico! Distroller World is magical and all pretend play that all kids should experience. 

We visited Distroller World in San Diego CA just before the holidays for the very fiirst time and my daughter was completely amazed! I was too! My husband as well, he loved it and we all can’t wait to go back and adopt a new Nerlie baby. The whole experience in adopting a Nerlie is simply adorable, one of a kind and memorable. See more of our adventure adopting a new Nerlie in the following video: 

What are Nerlies? The Nerlie babies are defined as a newborn baby and the early stage of development from all Neonate Babies. Nerlies require the most precious attention from adoptive parents. 

All Neonate Babies are from outer space. During a flight around their planet, Neonatopia, they started to fight over who was going to fly the spaceship. This made their spaceship out of control and it crashed on Earth only to be discovered by Tania, a young nursing student who was on her way to school. Tania fell in love with neonate babies that she decided to take care of them and find adoptive parents all over planet earth. All neonate babies arrive via Distroller World Adoption Center & Clinic in San Diego & Houston Tx. 

It is all pretend and we love all the imagination and creativity of the process of Distroller! 
Visit: to adopt your new Nerlie baby! 

 You check out the video Unboxing my grandkids below: 

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