DIY Ombré Floral Christmas Tree

This time around, I decided to get a white Christmas tree, tall and skinny. It certainly looks like my Christmas tree went on a diet and slimmed down just in time for Christmas season. My tree and I have the same goal.. trim down! (Insert laughing crying emoji here)

So we combined my love for our Christmas floral tree and ombré and we bring you this simple but gorgeous way to decorate your tree this year.

Faux flowers in light to dark pink colors. All flowers are mostly bought from Michael’s, but keep in mind this time around Michael’s doesn’t carry spring colors, mostly Christmas colors like reds, whites and silver.

You don’t need any string to arrange your flowers, simply cut to about 5 inches off the stem and and insert to your tree, the fluffiness of the tree holds up the flowers pretty well.

Remember to add the lights first, then all your flowers. This white pencil tree is from Michael’s Store and it was only $50 and it’s about 7ft. The Mirror Star is from Target and cost $10.

This year, we will be having three trees! One in the kids room, this floral for my bedroom and the last one for our living room!

When do you start decorating for Christmas and putting up your tree?

You can get inspired by our original Ombre Tree, Floral Tree or of Little alphabet tree.

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