Top Toys for 2017

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! We are just two months away for Christmas, can you believe it?

We Christmas shopped early and went toy hunting for our kids favorite toys this year. Believe me, these popular toys are mostly all sold out, so it’s best to hit the stores early and checked them off your kids Christmas wishlist. Scalpers this time around, are buying in bulk and re-selling for three times the retail price. They are morning persons who are the first in line on stores re-stock days and buy all the hot toys this season all to resell on eBay or Facebook Groups.

I will never buy from a scalper and neither should you, simply investigate what day each stores like Target & ToysRUS restock their toys and shop early on those days. I also checked what stores have the specific item in stock via before arriving in store. I would also call my local toysrus to check on an item in stock and they can even put a hold on the item. October and early November is the best days to shop early for the hot toys this season.

I remember last years fiasco with the Hatchimlas, I bought my daughter a Hatchimal last year on October never knowing it was going to be a hot toy and it would sold out everywhere.

Now this year, there will be a lot of counterfeits selling the hottest Toys like LOL Dolls and Fingerlings. China sellers are selling through Amazon and even their own websites, so be careful when shopping LOL dolls & Fingerlings because they even use real logos and images. Is best to shop for them directly on store or via authorized sites.

Get your Christmas wishlist done early and you will save money and your sanity. Here are some of our favorite hottest toys this season:

1. LOL Big Surprise. Retail $69.99 my daughter absolutely loved the Big Surprise by MGA. it contains over 50 surprises and an exclusive limited edition LOL dolls inspired by David Bowie & Prince! You can see our video review below:

2. Fingerlings. Retail $14.99 These robotic monkeys are the cutest and my kids were excited to play with them. The ToysRUS exclusive Gigi Unicorn is almost impossible to find, so if you see one in stock, grab it.  You can see our video review below:

3.Cutie Cars by Shopkins $4.99: Little Cars with kawaii inspired faces and metal die-cast style mini cars are to die for! My little Aries loves playing along with my little guys Hot Wheels and these Cutie Cars are just the perfect car for little girls who are Shopkins obsessed. There are about 20 to collect and three special edition cars which are almost impossible to find! We were lucky to have found two special editions at Target. Next time you’re st Walmart or Target, buy some Cutie Cars for your cutie! Here is our video below:

4. Super Nintendo Classic $79.99. We just bought our Super Nintendo just last week at Target stores. I heard about the new wave re-stock and checked brickseek using the Target DCPI number (207-29-0180) to find where it was in stock. I was able to snag the last one from a Target that is 15 minutes away.  This time around, Nintendo will be releasing more and supply in demand won’t be that much compare to last year, NES release.

5. Smaschings $39.99. We haven’t reviewed this toy by MGA but my daughter saw a YouTube video about it and now wants it so we were able to snag this item with a Target coupon. From what I can tell, you make your own squishy toy. I can’t wait to try it out with my little Aries.

6. Pikimi Pops: $5.99 – $19.99 Mini & jumbo scented bean plush animals are super lasting scented like marshmallow, cotton candy, mint, chocolate & more! There are even limited edition s to collect and the big jumbo Pikmi Pops! Once you smell one, you’ll never stop collecting them. Check the video review below:

7. LOL Surprise Glitter Series $10.99 at ToysRUS stores only: We have finished collection the Glitter Series LOLs and they don’t disappoint, they are just so cute with lots of glitter! They are really hard to find, and many Toysrus sell them out so quickly in the first day they are restocked. I suggest to check before heading out hunting for these LOL Glitter Series and search by DCPI #086-027017 in your nearestTarget. Check out our video below:

8. Playskool B.B. 8 $79.99. We just found this new BB8 Playskool player at Target and my guy loves all Star Wars Playskool so this set is perfect for him. We have yet to review and open since it’s going to be his birthday present.

9. LOL Surprise The Game $14.99. MGA will be releasing many new exciting LOL toys and this Game is one of the newer LOL merchandise being released. MGA has also released an LoL surprise Puzzle, Book & IPhone App Game. You can find yours at Target & Walmart.

10. Num Noms Special Edition Mega Pack $39.99 Num Noms are mystery blind bags with a squishy top cover that contain scented nail polish, lip gloss and or even stamps! This mega pack contain never seen before Num Noms. My daughter loves num Noms and when I saw this Mega Pack, I knew she would love it for Christmas.

Other hot toys this season are the new Hatchimal Surprise, Luvabella Doll, Fisher-Price Zoom Crawl Monster  & Teddy Ruxbin Toys that are going to be very popular this season so if these are on your kids wishlist, hurry and grab them early.

My daughter really was creeped out by the Luvabella Doll and didn’t liked her at all (thank god!) as well as the Teddy Rubixin. My little guy wasn’t even a bit interested in the Tedddy Rubxin. The new Hatchimal craze is about three different versions exclusive to Walmart and Target. We got the original Hatchimal last year on October,  which was a waste of money because my daughter played with her for a day. Aries did love the idea of the new Harchimals for this season but I told her no. Not happening. She understood and wished for another toy.


Get on with your shipping early. Let me know if you have any questions or need any more tips on scoring these items before it’s too late.

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