DIY Watercolor Art Hanging

It is time for another Michael’s Maker Challenge and this time it involves paint. Watercolor paints from Martha Stewart line at Michael’s Stores are amazing and had to stock up on my favorite colors like Cayenne Pepper, Black, Gold, and more.

My daughter had a blast helping me with this project, she loved how the water moved on the fabric absorbing the watercolors. Remember our watercolor tablecloth and backdrop? Well we used almost the same technique.

I have always loved the watercolor texture, the mixing of colors and adding water to watch the paint bleed through the pages. It’s actually mesmerizing and relaxing using watercolors!

What you will need to recreate these watercolor art hangings.

– cheap white cotton fabric scraps
– Martha Stewart Watercolor Paints
– brushes
– small water bottle
– craft wood
– string
– xacto knife and hot glue

Lay your white fabric in a table. It’s going to get a little messy. So make sure to protect your surface with some wax paper.
– Apply a drop of paint of your choice, squirt some water over the paint and then use a brush to dab around the fabric. Use more water to spread the watercolor. Have fun with it and use water to dilute and make the color lighter. Water is the key!

– Hang outside and let dry.
– To make the frame, I used craft wood from Michael’s. It so easy to cut with just the xacto knife. Cut to about 1 inch in height. Cut four pieces per watercolor fabric.
– I painted my wood to white.
– Using hot glue. Glue the fabric in between the wood. Hot glue a string to hang.

With over 800 new styles of craft paint, Michaels has more paints for more surfaces! Check out some of their new finishes including ultra-metallic & watercolor and get started on your next DIY!

Looking for even more inspiration? Make sure you visit Michaels’ blog, The Glue String, to see the rest of the Michaels Makers’ DIY projects!

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