10 Clever Ways To Organize Your Kitchen Like A Pro

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Glad. All opinions and content are my own.

I like cleaning my kitchen, but I usually don’t have much time to deep cleaning. So every day I just tend to tidy up and clean counter space and load a dishwasher. Every other month, I declutter fridge and pantry, but it tends to clutter fast. So I’m looking to find better solutions to organize my kitchen like a pro!

I gathered ten genius ways to reduce your clutter in the kitchen just in time for spring/summer cleaning.

1. Organize those meal prep containers. We’ve been having meal prepping for the past few months, and this meal prep organization idea is something I plan to do to make our dinner meal preps and kid lunches efficient and easy.

2. Organize the pantry with roll out drawers. A new pantry organization system is my number one item to do in my kitchen re- model. I have a small pantry with deep shelves and is almost a pain to move everything around to get groceries from the back. Having to slide the shelf out, could be a life saver.

3. Organize those kitchen cleaning supplies with this clever solution for small spaces. Have everything ready to make cleaning easy.

4. Corner bench with storage. My dining area is tiny, and it’s on a corner. We placed a round table and a corner so Now we need a corner bench with storage underneath to place serving dishes, placemats, and even some big pots and small appliances.

5. Hidden appliance cabinet. I love the simplicity and minimal countertops. Having a cabinet to hide appliances is the genius way to save counter space.

6. Kitchen command center: I’ve had several magnetic boards on the refrigerator, but after several months, we stop using it. This command center is a genius idea that inspires me to make a similar one next to my fridge.

7. Use the bottom space of your cabinets wisely. It could be awesome to use empty spaces in between cabinets, and this idea could save you space for all those cookie sheets and cupcake pans.

8. Easy storage for your Glad Kitchen Pro trash bags. Can Glad Kitchen Pro trash bag look even more professional and organized with this easy idea? Have your Glad Kitchen Pro trash bags handy for all those clean up messes!

9. Genius way to store cooking utensils. If you have and empty and unused space next to your stove, then this solution is pure genius! You can store cooking utensils and condiments!

10. Pull out trash can. Having a small kitchen and an odd space to put a trash can, I think a pullout trash can drawer is the best solution for us. I will be decluttering and empty out a cabinet to add a trash can drawer. Everything looks better if trash cans are just nicely stored away. Using Glad Kitchen Pro trash bags with the power of Febreze  will be a big help with odor!

On our next post with Glad, we will be remodeling our pantry to be more efficient and less clutter. Stay tuned for a DIY kitchen project. How do you keep your kitchen more efficient and clutter free?

Share your ideas in a comment.  This is a sponsored post on behalf of Glad.

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