DIY Mini Valentine’s Day Piñatas

This is a sponsored DIY craft post on behalf of Amazon.

Just a week left for the most romantic day of the year. Everything is more pink, red, filled with flowers, candy and lots of love all around, what’s not to love? I’m here for the chocolate and the extra love of my kiddos.

My oldest loves Valentine’s Day and this year around she handpicked our gifts . She even handmade a special Valentine’s Day card, she then colored her own drawings on the gift bags and even picked our favorite chocolates. She is a total sweetheart and a keeper.

One of her favorite shows she watches for crafting inspiration, is Creative Galaxy on Amazon. For Valentine’s Day, Creative Galaxy special “Heart Day” episode will show that Epiphany is ready to show her love with a special performance on Groovopolis, but she accidently ruins her costume before the show! She and Arty fly into the Creative Galaxy for a solution and, together, they help all his friends along the way learn that everyone has their own special way of saying “I heart you!” Let your kiddos tune in for the special Valentine’s episode this Tuesday February 7 to spread the love.

Inspired by the upcoming Creative Galaxy Heart day episode, we created our own way to express ” I Heart You” by making mini heart shaped pinatas filed with candy and a special conversation message. These mini pinatas are great for giving away to your kid’s classmates and a great activity to do along together for a family night.

Check out the video below for the quick tutorial present by my girl. Instructions below for reference.

Materials needed:

– Mini Heart shaped paper mache boxes.

– Twine or string

– tissue paper in various colors

– candy to fill boxes

– school glue

– scissors

– mini sticker letter or vinyl cut outs


– attach a string to the middle top part of the box

– cut out strips of tissue paper and cut them into fringe.

– begin by gluing the tissue paper fringe from the bottom up using school glue and overlapping the next on top until the heart shaped box is all covered.

– trim excess tissue paper from all sides using scissors

– fill box with candy

– repeat steps for the sides of the heart shaped box.

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day with your kiddos?
Tune into Creative Galaxy on Amazon prime video.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Amazon.

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