DIY Mini Orange Pillows

This is a sponsored post on behalf of McDonald’s.

My kiddos love Cuties; it’s a staple in our home. We love that Cuties are so juicy, perfect for little hands and easy to peel. My kiddos can easily grab a Cutie whenever they feel like having a snack and peel it themselves.

Guess what? As part of McDonald’s ongoing commitment to help make better nutrition choices as fun and easy for families, Cuties are back at McDonald’s in Happy Meals and à la carte as a seasonal, fresh fruit side choice for a limited time only.

As a busy mom, stopping by McDonald’s makes my kiddos happy. I’m so glad for drive-through and how McDonald’s has wholesome options for my kiddos. As soon as we get home, we love gathering at the table to eat dinner and make most of our dinner together as a family. We often craft and eat when my kiddos help me craft. We went out for Happy Meals, and they couldn’t be happier.  

For our craft night, we made mini orange pillows inspired by McDonald’s Happy Meal + Cuties.

To make your own, you will need the following:

  • 1/2 yard of orange cotton fabric
  • Orange thread and needle
  • Fibber fill about half a small bag
  • Green and black felt 
  • Pattern


  • First you’ll need to make a pattern out of paper. Make a petal-like pattern as shown below. It’s about 2 inches width and 6 inches in length. Cut seven pieces out of the orange fabric.
  • Sew the first two pieces of orange fabric together on the other side. For the following pieces sew them on the inside of the previous fabric piece.
  • When sewing the last piece, leave an opening and turn inside over. Then fill with fibber-fill.
  • Sew the opening using an invisible stitch.
  • Cut a tiny long strip of felt to shape the stem of the orange. Then cut out a petal shape out of green felt to form the orange leaves and hot glue together.
  • Cut out tiny kawaii inspired eyes to make a cute face for the orange. I cut different shapes, and the kids decided what face should look like on the orange pillow.

I live for me moments like these. Moments of happiness surrounded by my little family that share the love for crafting, sharing a Happy Meal and enjoying wholesome treats like fresh Cuties.

How do you create Happy Family Moments? Share in a comment below.

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