5 Ways for a Perfect Movie Night

This is a sponsored movie night post on behalf of Frontier Latino.

It’s a good year for movies. We are just excited for the upcoming movies coming out on theaters, Frontier VOD and DVD. We are most excited for Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 2, Lego Batman Movie, Logan, Beauty and The Beast, Power Rangers, Alien Covenant, and Wonder Woman.

We plan on hosting a few movie night parties with friends and kids too. I have gathered five must haves when hosting a movie night party with adults. So put the kids to bed early, have a movie night with friends with the following ideas.


  1. Snack Appetizer Bar: Have a few appetizer options ready like these yummy pork rib tacos, mac and cheese bites or baked potato bites.
  2. Drinks: Have a punch ready so guest can self serve drinks when ever they are watching the movie. It’s easy for you and the guests.
  3. Alcoholic Ice Cream: What a treat with a little buzz. I’m loving this wine ice cream idea and could be the talk of the night.
  4. Popcorn Bar: Have a variety of popcorn with many topping options so guest can make their own popcorn mix. You can even have pre-make popcorn options like these 6 popcorn recipes.
  5. Movie Choices: You can never have many movie options to watch. From Action to thriller, have a list ready in Netflix, Vudu, Frontier Video On Demand, or DVDs.


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Gather your friends for your next movie night experience. Catch up with all the amazing movies you missed in theaters on VOD like Hacksaw Ridge on Frontier VOD.

What movie are you excited to watch next for movie night party?

Check out Frontier Latino VOD for movie inspiration and more.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Frontier Latino.






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