Monster High DIY Draculaura Handbag

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Monster High.

My little girl just recently started to love more and more Monster High dolls. Ever since I saw Monster High back when they first were released in 2010, I knew that my itty bitty newborn would one day be in love with these freaky-fab Monster High dolls.

If you’re new to Monster High, one thing I love as a parent is their partnership with the Born This Way Foundation (BTWF) and Lady Gaga to create a more inclusive world, where young people celebrate individuality. Each month Monster High and the BTWF recognize a #KindMonster who makes a difference in their community, and encourages kids to make a kindness pledge to support this mission. You can learn more about the #KindMonsters movement and spreading compassion each day here.


I’m excited that we’re able to support this mission at home. We teach our kids about being kind. We teach our kids that no matter who we are, our color or race, we all deserve the same kindness. We partnered with Monster High to help spread the word about #KindMonsters and create a fun craft inspired by the Monster High dolls. Since my little girl’s favorite Monster High doll is Draculaura, we decided to make a no-sew purse to match her favorite monster. Draculaura has the cutest bat-inspired handbag, and I knew it would be easy to replicate into a kid version.


Materials needed:

•Half of yard of hot pink cotton fabric
•Instant heat bond tape
•Two hot pink felt sheets
•One white felt sheet
•Spray fabric stiffener
•Hot glue


•Cut out two 20-by-9-inch rectangles out of pink cotton fabric. On both pieces of fabric, cut a triangle tip at one end of the cut-out rectangle in the form of an envelope.

•Spray fabric stiffener on both fabric cut-outs and let dry completely.
•Heat bond with the fabric tape or sew together your two fabric pieces using a 1/4 inch hem on the border of the cut-outs, leaving a small gap. Turn inside over and heat bond or hand-sew the small gap to close it and make one piece.
•Fold your attached fabric to form an envelope-like clutch. Heat bond or sew together the two outer seams to form a pocket, using a 1/4 inch hem on the edge. Next, fold the pointed tip of the fabric down to close the clutch.
•Cut out two bat wings from the hot pink felt and two fangs out of the white felt.
•Finally, attach the wings and fangs using hot glue. Let cool and dry.
•Fill with Monster High minis!


If only I were 20 years younger, I would totally play with and collect all these amazing Monster High dolls. Lucky for me, I have my daughter.

Take the #KindMonsters pledge and spread a little kindness around you, so your kiddos follow in the same footsteps. And follow Monster High for all things Kind Monster!
This is a sponsored post on behalf of Monster High.

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