DIY Animal Frosted Cookie Costume

In our home we love Mother’s Circus Frosted animal cookies. We can’t just have one. So we turned one of our favorite cookies into an easy costume the includes Pom poms all over and a no-sew purse. 

We picked out a pink long sleeve dress from Old Navy, white tights from Target and white knee high boots from  

Then we bought lots of pom poms in the smallest to medium size pom poms Michael’s Store had. 


– sew or hot glue Pom poms in random order to all over the dress. 

– hot glue Pom poms to boots

– to glue Pom poms to hair, I used itty bitty Pom poms and use water-based school glue.

To make the no-sew frosted animal cookie purse: 

– 2 white & pink stiff felt sheets

– tony pom poms 

– cord 
Instructions: This tutorial is similar to our pineapple and watermelons purse blog post here. 

I hand draw the pattern of a Silhoutte elephant. Cut out two elephant Silhoutte patterns. Then cut a two inch by around 16 inches long piece of felt. In between the two elephant Silhoutte hot glue the white long felt piece. 

Make a hole on each side in between the two repainted Silhoutte and insert cord and tie a knot at both ends. 

What are your kids dressing up as on Halloween Day? 

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