Dulce De Leche Iced Coffee Recipe

Coffee lately has been my bff. Every morning, I wake up,  kids screaming bright and early, my eyes still sleepy but coffee makes my day go round. Cameron’s Coffee has been the one that gives me the energy to handle my two kiddos, house and work.

Have you ever heard of Cameron’s Coffee? It’s delicious, organic and a whole new way to brew your coffee with it’s own filter pod. Their BetterBrew Eco Coffee Pods are compostable and made of plant-based materials… delicious and good for the planet.

I love my coffee cold in the summer and hot during the winter. I also like them sweet and creamy during the day and strong in the morning. Making yummy recipes with my Cameron’s coffee has been a new way to drink my coffee in the mornings. It has been so hot here in SoCal and having our coffees iced, just makes it all refreshing.

Dulce De Leche Iced Coffee

– 8 oz of Cameron’s brewed coffee, chilled.
– 1 Cup of Milk

– 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream

– 2 1/2 Tablespoons of Cajeta
– 1 Cup of Ice
– Whipped Topping
– Powered Cinnamon for dusting

-In a blender, mix ice, coffee, milk, and cajeta and blend until Ice is crushed.

-Pour into a glass, add whipped topping on top. Drizzle some cajeta and sprinkle in some cinnamon.




How do you like drinking your coffee?

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Cameron’s Coffee

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