Turning Your Kids’ Closet into a Reading Nook Area PT1

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Valspar paint.

We recently remodeled our kids’ room. That was just half of the remodel of the room that we had planned. Since the kids are now sharing the little bedroom, the room is now split for both of them and their personalities. Their closet was changed about 2 years ago, when we decided to use it as more of a storage and book-reading nook.  The whole room is white, but now the closet needs a little color and this was the right time to finish the closet project. We are adding a little desk area and a reading area, while moving all the storage space up high in the closet to maximize the space but also give both of the kids a little space of their own.


We are using Valspar’s line of Zero VOC* interior paints. We visited Lowe’s to select our color options, and that is where I saw their Perfect White paint and two color combinations that we are going to use on the wall. All three paints contain Zero VOC*. I didn’t know what zero VOC was until just recently. VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds that can impact indoor air quality. Concentrations of many VOCs are consistently higher indoors than outdoors due to their presence in many common household items, like cleaning products, adhesives, cosmetics, and disinfectants.

When it comes to paint in my home, I always use Valspar. Valspar Zero VOC* is safer for my kids because they are not breathing harsh fumes—and why not help the environment in the process? Valspar announced the first complete line of Zero VOC* interior paints, sold exclusively at Lowe’s. There are so many great color options to choose from, and Valspar does its job by providing quality paint that is safer to breath around you and your children.

IMG_0485 (1)

Now, I’m off to start the painting process of this play and craft area that will be revealed next month.  We are planning to give a fresh coat of Valspar Perfect White paint to the entire closet area, and add a geometric design for the focus wall. I will be using one or two different colors from the Valspar Signature Zero VOC* paint line. The colors that I will be choosing from are Camille Pink, Warm Pink, Pink Wink, Dark Kettle Black, Golden Promise or Aqua Glow. Find out what color (or colors) I chose for this project next month.

Do you have any painting plans? Don’t forget to visit your local Lowe’s to find a color you’ll love.

*This product contains 0 g/L VOC as calculated within the margin of error by EPA Method 24.

Valspar helps you breathe easy.



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