DIY Mini Flamingo Piñatas

I love flamingos, mostly because of their peachy pink color and how pretty they look when I’ve seen them at the Zoo. So, I knew it would be easy to make a flamingo piñata that is perfect for a cake topper or decoration because I mean, who doesn’t loves piñatas?! It’s easy to make flamingo piñatas, but it may take a little time of your day to make them; perfect to join the kiddos on the fun, now that they are  on summer vacations.

– old magazine
– Papier Mache mixture: one part water one part flour
– 5inch mini balloon
– tissue paper in three different pink/blush shades
– small piece of black vinyl
– Wire
– Yarn
– Two long candy sticks
– Pink acrylic paint
-School glue



– Start by forming the body. Blow up a small balloon to about 3.5 inches in diameter. Dip strips of newspaper or magazine in the paper mache mixture. Layer on the balloon in two layers. Let dry completely or overnight.
– Pop the balloon out.
– Cut out lots of tiny strips of tissue paper in variety of shades. Tissue paper in dark pink, make sure to cut the strips a bit longer to form the tail.
– Glue every little strip of tissue paper starting at the tail using dark shades of pink tissue paper.
– Cut some wire and form the neck of the flamingo. Roll the end and insert it to the body of the flamingo by making a hole. Add enough hot glue to make the neck stay firm.
– Wrap around yarn around the wire to make the neck a bit thicker to about two layers of yarn.  For the head area, add more layers of yarn.
– Glue strips of tissue paper from the neck down.
– Cut out tiny triangles of adhesive vinyl and place them on the beak of the flamingo. Cut a tiny eye line and place it on the head area.
– For the legs, make a hole at the bottom of the body of the flamingo using scissors, insert and hot glue the sticks. Paint them with pink paint.


You can use this flamingo piñata as a cake topper!


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