DIY Giant Balloon Stuffed Animal

You must remember our balloon animal plush and the mini versions we did as Christmas ornaments? Well, I made another one but this time I made it even larger. I needed something whimsical to add to the kids room since I’m remodeling it again since they are now are sharing the bedroom.

Aries loves all the balloon animal plush I have made her, she even sleeps with them. When I finished with the giant balloon plush version, she squeaked and said she loved it. That day, everything she did, she had her new giant balloon animal beside her.

The process of making this giant balloon plush is exactly the same as my original Balloon Animal Plush. Although, you require a lot more fabric, fiber fill and yarn but it’s easier to stuff.

To make your own, visit my original blog post tutorial and familiarize yourself with it.

You will need a very long strip of knit fabric measured:  10.5 inches in width by 3.5yards long  For fiber fill you will need 24 ounces and a yarn of the choice of you fabric color.

TIP: When choosing your fabric, make sure its not too thick but also not easy to rip apart. When you are connecting the head to ears and neck, use the yarn instead of thread as well as for the legs and body.

Note: To make the balloon animal plush more sturdy, you will need to hand sew in between the neck and front legs. Then sew in between body and back legs.



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