DIY Unicorn Piñata

My birthday girl is now 6 and we planned her special day with anything she wanted to do like going to eat breakfast at restaurant. After a delicous breakfast meal at The Broken Yolk she wanted to visit Pretend City Children’s  Musuem. She had a blast pretend playing along with her little brother.

In the morning of her birthday I surprised her with lots of balloons, a table ready with her cake, more balloons, and birthday presents.

She loved it all and was most excited when she saw her pretty unicorn piñata.

I turned a grocery store piñata into my own piñata creation to make it special.


To make your own piñata you will need the following:

  • A piñata like My Little Pony Pull String Piñata I found at Walmart for $18. You can definitely buy them online.
  • White Tissue Paper
  • Tissue paper for tail and hair
  • School Glue
  • Scissors
  • A piece of white cardstock paper for the horn
  • two pieces of cardboard to form the wings

Like my other pinatas tutorials, the process is by making many fringe strips of white pieces of tissue paper. To speed the process, I simply fold all the tissue paper and cut fringe in many layers.

First of all, remove and scrape all the tissue paper from the piñata. My daughter had much fun helping in this process.


Begin by gluing the fringe pieces of paper from the bottom up. Starting in the legs, then move to the bottom and side body of the piñata.

Making the wings: I freehand the wings by drawing them on cardboard. Then fold 1/2 inch of the edge and taped down on top of the body of the piñata.

Making the horn: Fold a piece of cardstock paper to form a small cone. Then tape on top of the head.

Is best to tape down the wings and horn before adding all the stripes of fringe.

The final tough is the eyes and the hair & tail. I used a piece of black vynil and cut out a eyelid and four tiny pieces to form the eyelashes. 

I used thin strips of teal, pink and shiny white paper rolled and inserted into the piñata. 



Are you planning to make your own piñata?


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