DIY Spring Balloon & Flower Garland

Springtime is my second favorite season. I love winter the most, but spring definitely has my heart. With the fresh air, cool breeze, blooming flowers, bright colors, my anniversary, and the birth date of my little girl, it’s easy to see why it’s so dear to me! Spring may be a very short season around here in Southern California, but we plan to make the most of it by spending lots of time outdoors.

Inspired by spring and the birthday month of my girl, we have created a spring flower balloon garland for SJC. Visit SCJ for the full tutorial.





I have been obsessing with balloons and flowers so, making this type of Garland has been my favorite craft so far. It’s a perfect decoration for parties, special ocassions and to welcome a new season each year. Get your favorite shades of balloons, spring floral and glue gun and get crafting.


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