6 Free Printables For Kids Room

We gave a refresh to our little girls room, with a fresh coat of paint, new rug, a toy chest to minimize clutter and fun grid pattern on the focus wall.

All we needed were some posters or frames to complete the room. I designed the following prints for you to print yourself and decorate your kids room.

To print out simple choose your prints, click on the link below, then right click and Save to your computer. Each image prints up to 18 x 20 inches.

To print size 18x 20: visit your local staples and bring your files in a usb drive. Ask the associate to print your pdf files into engenieer prints size 18 x 20. It only costs about $2 each print. So cheap and easy way to decorate a kids room or play room.


DSC_0254DSC_0199FILES: Kawaii Sleepy Eyes | Play All Day | Best Kid Ever | You Are | White Neon Heart | Don’t Grow Up



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