5 Holiday Entertaining Shortcuts

This is a sponsored post on behalf of EVITE® and Harry & David.

Holiday Entertaining can be so stressful for me. I do not often host events, parties or even holiday parties but when I do, it’s stressful! I try not to stress but that rarely happens. In partnership with EVITE and Harry & David., we bring you 5 Holiday Entertaining shortcuts for a less stressful entertaining.

1. We start by using simple fruits to decorate the table setting. Use fresh fruits as place cards. Use seasonal fruits like pears or apples. Use a tiny piece of paper, write guests names, and glue to the stem. If the fruit has no stem, glue the place card into a toothpick. Use the fruit place cards for dessert by simple cutting them in half, use a melon baller to remove the inside of the fruit, add some ice cream and sprinkle with some sprinkles or whipped topping.


2. Buy a simple centerpiece. You can even get them online to make your life easier than going around store-to-store finding a centerpiece. A fresh holiday greenery garland, such as this Holiday Magnolia Garland from Harry & David pictured in the picture below. It features holiday berries, and beautiful winter greenery that will set the mood for your guests. I love the colors and how it goes well on a white dinner table with gold tableware.

HD-1-5953. My guests are wine lovers, so I like to stock up on various good quality of wines. Harry and David currently have an award wining wine, your guests will love. Do not let your guests down, order award wining wines online to save you time and stress. Check out the variety of Harry and David wines here.


4. Take notes, notes! I use my iPhone to quickly gather thoughts, shopping lists and ideas that pop in my head so I won’t forget. Make lists within lists to get you organized with all the mess. I love scratching things off my lists, so I constantly make lists for anything, specially when it comes to hosting a holiday party. Check out Evite’s Essential Holiday Checklist to get you on a great start when planning you party.


5. Give the room a more airy, clean and glow with candles. Candles set the mood, and its an easy way to decorate your Holiday party. Buy a bulk of unscented (or scented for an inviting scent) tea light candles. Place the candles along with jingle bells in glass votive, all around the dinner area.


How do you make holiday party prepping less stressful?

Visit Evite® for holiday entertaining tips, party ideas, invitations and more to make your life easier and creative.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Evite® and Harry and David®.


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