DIY Piñata Ornaments With A Surprise Inside

I love making piñatas for any occasion. I thought of this fun idea while crafting with my little inspiration, Aries. Aries said, “mami, what’s inside this paper ball? Maybe we should add something inside.” And of course, I immediately thought we should make piñata ornaments with a gift inside.

You can add a small stocking stuffer inside the piñata or even candy to surprise the kids or gift to friends. They can be easily open by just squeezing and they will pop open!

Materials Needed:
– Paper Mache Ornament Balls (Found on Michael’s for 1.49 each.)
– Tissue Paper
– Confetti, Optional.
– Small Stocking Stuffer Presents, small enough to add to the ornament ball.
– School Glue
– Scissors, Small Wood Saw and Hot Glue

Begin by cutting (Almost in half) the ornament ball with a small saw. Its easy but make sure to use caution and cut around the ornament leaving a gap as shown in the picture. It doesn’t have to be in a perfect line.
Place the gift inside, and add some confetti if desired. Add a thin layer of hot glue around the opening to close the ornament. Christmas Ormanet DIY

Cut small squares of tissue paper. Start at the bottom of the ornament, and glue the tissue paper strips all around the ornament ball.

DSC_0716And your are done. To open, let kids simple squeeze and they will pop, even some confetti may pop as well! So fun! I let my daughter pop a few just for fun.

Hope you get inspired to create some of our piñata ornaments. Perfect little ornaments to add to the tree or stockings.


Pinata OrnamentsDSC_0748

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