Ombre & Gilded Pumkins #MichaelsMakers

DIY-Ombre-and-Gilded-PumpkinsI can not wait for the summer heat to be over and for the leaves to fall. We are already crafting for fall and we are starting with craft pumpkins. This month, our Michael’s Makers craft challenge involves pumkins and I’m excited to show you two ways to DIY a pumpkin.

I’m not a big fan of the fall décor colors so I tend to go with non traditional colors like pink, teal, gold or black and white. I felt inspired by my own past craft tutorials like these gold leaf eggs and decided to make one into a pumpkin.

Pink is always a good idea when it comes to decorating and why no turn a pumpkin into a pink ombre pumpkin.

You can pick all these materials at Michael’s and let’s begin fall crafting.


To make gilded pumpkins:
– Gold Leaf
– Spray Paint
– School Glue

Directions: Paint your craft pumpkin with your desired color. Let dry completely.
once dried, brush on white school glue to the pumpkin. Place a gold leaf sheet and press against the pumpkin. Add more gold leaf sheets to cover the whole pumpkin. Let pumpkin dry for at least a few hours before removing excess gold leafs.

I used the same steps like our Gold Leaf Easter Eggs.


To make the Ombre Pumpkin:

– White Spray Paint
– Pink Acrylic Paint
– White Acrylic Paint
– Gold Acrylic Paint
– Sponge

Spray paint the pumpkin with white spray paint. Let dry completely. Brush on the darkest color on the top of the pumpkin in two coats. Mix some white into the dark pink to make the color lighter then paint a second ombre layer. Continue with the same steps with the third ombre layer. Once dried, soak the sponge in water and remove excess water. Blend the layers of ombre by pressing down with the sponge.


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