DIY Stuffed Balloon Animals

I have been wanting to give balloon animals a try, ever since I bought a bag of balloon animal kit at Smart & Final. I watched some youtube videos on how to make balloon animals and the kids and I had fun making them! Aries went crazy with her balloon animals that I decided to make her a stuffed balloon animal. Seemed like a great idea that I have never seen before.

I bought some knit fabric at JoAnn’s and began coming out with a pattern. The end result was just amazing and was surprised how cute my balloon animals turned out. So here I am, showing you how to make these cute stuffed balloon animals so you can also give a try.

Go and grab yarn, sewing machine and hand needle to make these animals for your kiddos or kiddos at heart!





What you will need:
– 1/4 yard of knit fabric (37′ L by 6′ W).
– Hand Needle & thread
– Sewing Machine, Scissors
– Wood Dowel or any long stick
– Pillow Stuffing; good quality.



1. Cut your fabric: Fold over in half and pin together.
2. Sew on the edge with a .5′ seam allowance.
3.Turn the fabric inside over.

Forming the animal:


4. Sew & close the top part of the fabric to begin forming the parts of the balloon animal.
5. (Forming the Head) Stuff a small amount of stuffing. Push the filling with a dowel rod or a stick. Make sure you buy the premium quality, the softer and silky, for a better looking stuffed animal. Push the filling with a dowel rod or a stick.  Stuffed until about 3 inches. Sew tightly to hold in place.


7. (Forming the ears) Next, stuff and sew 2 parts of 2 inches each. Use the dowel stick to help push the filling. Bring the two ears together, and sew them tightly together.

8. (Forming the neck & front legs) Stuff and sew 3 parts of 3.5 inches each. Bring the last two parts together and sew tightly, these will form the front legs.

9. (Forming the body & back legs & tail)    Stuff and  sew 4  parts: One of 3 inches in length to form the body & three 0f 3.5 inches in length to form the back legs and tail. Bring the two legs together and sew tightly. Cut off excess fabric from the tail.


Hope you are inspired to get crafting and make your own stuffed balloon animals. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and will reply asap.


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