Top 10 TV Shows to Watch this Summer

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This summer of 2015 is packed with many amazing new and returning TV Shows! When it’s too hot outside to even enjoy the sun, it’s better to stay inside an air conditioned home, binge-watching, maybe kid-free summer. I have gathered my top 10 shoes to watch this summer because this momma, is surely in need for some binge-watch marathon while kids maybe in summer camp, baby-sat by dad, kid-free kind of day!


We currently have subscribed to Hulu Plus, Netflix, HBO Now. I feel like we are using more internet and these networks more often than regular TV. Having the fastest internet possible like Verizon FiOS, has been a plus.

Hulu Plus recently launched the whole series of Seinfeld and we have been binge-watching it” almost” non-stop since it’s launch a week ago. It has been one of those shows we love having on, on the background with running kids, making dinner, and while the kids go to bed.

1. Seinfeld on Hulu Plus
When: June 24
Where: Hulu Plus
Why: I have never watch Seinfeld before until I met my hubs. Ever since I started watching the reruns, we had to buy the whole collection. Now it’s on Hulu Plus and we can watch it anytime and anywhere there is internet. Seinfeld is a classic TV show that will always be there to entertain you during the summer and every season!

2. Strain
When: July 13
Where: FX
Why: I’ll still be watching The Strain for one reason: Guillermo del Toro. I love Guillermo Del Toro’s past works in Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy, and Pacific Rim.  The man knows monsters and horror. The Strain is based on his novel trilogy about a vampire outbreak in New York City.

3. Game of Thrones
When:  All Seasons on HBO Now
Where: HBO & HBO Now
Why: We are big fans of Game of Thrones, and the last season ended so amazing I almost cried! Game of thrones is so unpredictable, packed with drama, and hate at the same time that your favorite characters die every season. It’s an amazing show and we cannot wait until the next season premiers. You can binge-watch and catch up on previous seasons of GOT via HBO Now.

4.The Last Ship
June 21st
Where: TNT
Why: Based on a novel by William Brenkley. Filled with drama, action and It takes places pre-apocalypse after a viral pandemic wipes out most of the world’s population, the crew from the last ship are alone and unaffected, they try to find a cure, stop the virus, and save humanity.

When: June 28th
Where: AMC
Why: AMC has been making great shows lately like Walking Dead and Breaking Band so we will definitely give Humans TV show a try. Humans is a British show, in which world’s technology has advance to synthetic humans and artificial intelliegence.

6. Tyrant
When: June 24
Where: FX
Why: After watching the first season, I immediately got hooked. I even got my hubs to watch this show and he loved it. Although, this show received mixed reviews as being boring and false deciped of the middle east, it is still a show to watch and make some sense of life in the middle east.

7. Bridge
When: July 9
Where: FX
Why: The award winner, U.S.-Mexico border drama returns this summer. I have yet to watch this show but it’s on my top list to watch this summer. Plus, it takes place in my hometown, El Paso, TX.

8. Orange is the New Black
When: June 6
Where: Netflix
Why: One of the best hit’s f Netflix’s original programming, Orange Is the New Black  is about the story about an upper-middle class white girl named Piper Chapman dealing with a prison sentence, that quickly became the sort of complicated characters that you rarely see on TV. In the second season, we return to a Piper Chapman who is far more adapted to Litchfield prison, and a show that’s even more willing to cast its gaze about the room for interesting subjects. Till this day, I have asked my hubs to watch the show with me and he has not been good with the idea of ever watdching the show, it maybe more appealing to women than  most guys.

9.Fear The Walking Dead
When: Not Released
Where: AMC
Why: If weren’t more obsessed with the Walking Dead, the new anticipated Fear the Walking Dead will be sure a top hi this summer. Fear the Walking Dead will take place on the west coast, following the beginning of the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse.

10. Wayward Pines
When:  May 14
Where: FOX
Why: If you like sci-fi shows, this new upcoming show has been receiving great posititive reviews. Secret service agent (Matt Dillon) travels to a small town to solve a disappeared case. He then finds out, however, is that he may never leave the town alive.


What upcoming shows are you excited to watch this summer?

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