DIY Watercolor Tablecloth

The watercolor table cloth that Aries and I made for her birthday celebration was super easy to do and a great activity to do with kids. I simply used a white cotton fabric, empty spray bottles with watercolors and made her day by letting her paint the tablecloth. It was also fun to see her enjoy how two colors made another color! Pick your favorite watercolors that would look great together and let your kiddos enjoy painting.



DIY-Watercolor-TableclothDSC_0471DSC_0434DSC_0400DSC_0408Materials Needed:
Watercolors in your preferred colors.
Empty Spray Bottles
White Tablecloth
White Butcher Paper or newspaper to make the mess a bit easier to clean up.
Directions: Add a few drops of watercolors into an empty spray bottle. Fill with water and shake until color is well combined.

Lay butcher paper or newspapers on a flat surface on floor or table. Then place the tablecloth over.

Let kids spray the watercolor on the tablecloth. Let their imagination go wild.

Let dry.

Perfect little project to do on a rainy day with the kids or even outside in the shade!


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