DIY Water Blob for Summer

The past week, we’ve had a lot of fun playing in the sun in kiddie pools, water toy guys, water balloons, and now a water blob. Making a water blob is easier than you think. It’s a great new way to entertain the kids during the summer.

Supplies needed:

– Freezer Paper
– 4mm thickness painter’s plastic sheeting
– Food Coloring
– Scissors
– Iron
Directions: Roll out the plastic sheeting on a flat surface. Measure and cut your desired blob size.

Cut strips of freezer paper.  Fold the strips (plastic coating on the inside) to the edge of the plastic sheeting and iron over it, making sure not to iron the plastic sheeting   Make sure to leave an opening with out freezer paper, big enough to fit the water hose. Once done ironing all the sides of the plastic, fill the water blob with water, add food coloring. Once filled, seal the opening with duck tape.

Sprinkle in some water on top of the water blog and let the kids enjoy the blob.

The water blob may last up to a few days.





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